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Check any mobile or landline number with our free phone number lookup tool. Lookup any phone number on this page, upload a list of numbers, or use our phone number lookup API. IPQS support phone number intelligence for any number worldwide.

Enrich any phone number with accurate carrier data, line type, location, and more using our free phone number lookup — powered by the IPQS phone validation service. Lookup subscriber status and the name associated with any number.

Free Phone Number Lookup

Perform a free phone number lookup to check the service provider, location, spam score, and line type.

Looking for more number data? Use our phone number validator.

Phone Number Lookup Tool & Phone Number Lookup API

Phone number lookups are an easy way to gain more insight into the quality of a user or payment. Quickly identify a number's owner name or business name, carrier, location, spam & risk score, and much more. Number lookups give your team more confidence to prevent fake accounts and detect chargebacks before they occur.

Lookup landline or mobile numbers using the IPQS phone number lookup API which easily integrates with any website or app. Number lookups can also be performed through our user dashboard or by uploading your existing lists. If you are interested in determining if a phone number is active or disconnected, please use the phone number validator.

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What Is a Phone Number Lookup?

Phone number lookups provide more details about a phone number. This can include the phone number subscriber's name as well as the carrier, location, and line type of the number. Distinguishing between a landline and a mobile or cellular number can be useful to check if the phone number is a personal or business number.

Number lookups can also determine if the phone number is associated with a virtual number such as VOIPs. These numbers usually represent a higher risk user or transaction, since they are not the user's real phone number. The IPQS phone lookup can also identify spam scores and risk scores associated with phone numbers reported for abuse. More details about the carrier network can be checked using our free carrier lookup tool.

Phone Number Search Lookup

Check a phone number using our phone number search tool. Lookup a number associated with a user or payment to gain additional insight into quality. This phone lookup tool also performs unique risk scoring which identifies high risk phone numbers and suspicious user behavior. Search other phone number details like carrier, owner name, line type, location, and much more.

How Do Free Phone Number Lookups Work?

Phone number lookups typically connect directly to a telecom's network to retrieve details from the carrier about the subscriber's name, location, active status, line type, and similar details. IPQS also maintains reputation data to identify numbers associated with risky behavior, spam, and similar abuse. Additional phone details about the user's number can be checked with a free reverse phone number lookup. To identify if a phone number is currently active or disconnected, please use the home location registry (HLR) service, which can directly communicate with phone carrier's to detect the subscriber line status.

Can I Check Phones With a Number Lookup API?

The IPQS phone number lookup API allows for on-demand lookups in real-time. Check any number in over 150 countries to determine if the number is currently active and in service or disconnected. Access the industry's leading phone number fraud detection solution with advanced risk scoring. Retrieve real-time data such as carrier, line type, VOIP status, validation, and much more directly into your website or app.

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