Custom Integrations - Making Email Validity Checks Documentation

This API endpoint allows you to perform Email Validation and email reputation checks on behalf of your users in an almost identical fashion to our standard user API structure.

Calling Email Validation & Email Reputation

Request Parameters
Parameter Description Example Value / Format
key Your site's domain or the domain that requested this integration. REQUIRED
secret Your user's current secret created during the authentication process. REQUIRED char(128)
email The email you wish to validate for your user. REQUIRED email address, must contain @
fast When this parameter is enabled our API will not perform an SMTP check with the mail service provider, which greatly increases the API speed. Syntax and DNS checks are still performed on the email address as well as our disposable email detection service. This option is intended for services that require decision making in a time sensitive manner. boolean
timeout Maximum number of seconds to wait for a reply from a mail service provider. If your implementation requirements do not need an immediate response, we recommend bumping this value to 20. Any results which experience a connection timeout will return the "timed_out" variable as true. Default value is 7 seconds. integer (1-60)
suggest_domain Force analyze if the email address's domain has a typo and should be corrected to a popular mail service. By default, this test is currently only performed when the email is invalid or if the "recent abuse" status is true. boolean


Note: Only JSON responses are available from this API and this API should ONLY be called server side for security reasons.
Parameter Description Example Value / Format
valid Does this email address appear valid? boolean
disposable Is this email suspected of belonging to a temporary or disposable mail service? Usually associated with fraudsters and scammers. boolean
timed_out Did the connection to the mail service provider timeout during the verification? If so, we recommend increasing the "timeout" variable above the default 7 second value. Lookups that timeout with a "valid" result as false are most likely false-positives and should be not be trusted. boolean
deliverability How likely is this email to be delivered to the user and land in their mailbox. Values can be "high", "medium", or "low". string
suspect Is this email likely to be a "catch all" where the mail server verifies all emails tested against it as valid? If this value is true, then we suspect the "valid" result may be tainted and there is not a guarantee that the email address is truly valid. This value can also be true when the mail server is returning a temporary error. string
smtp_score Validity score of email server's SMTP setup. Range: "-1" - "3". Scores above "-1" can be associated with a valid email.
  • -1 = invalid email address
  • 0 = mail server exists, but is rejecting all mail
  • 1 = mail server exists, but is showing a temporary error
  • 2 = mail server exists, but accepts all email
  • 3 = mail server exists and has verified the email address
overall_score Overall email validity score. Range: "0" - "4". Scores above "1" can be associated with a valid email.
  • 0 = invalid email address
  • 1 = dns valid, unreachable mail server
  • 2 = dns valid, temporary mail rejection error
  • 3 = dns valid, accepts all mail
  • 4 = dns valid, verified email exists
first_name Suspected first name based on email. Returns "CORPORATE" if the email is suspected of being a generic company email. Returns "UNKNOWN" if the first name was not determinable. string
common Is this email from a common email provider? ("", "", "", etc.) boolean
generic Is this email suspected as being a catch all or shared email for a domain? ("admin@", "webmaster@", "newsletter@", "sales@", "contact@", etc.) boolean
dns_valid Does the email's hostname have valid DNS entries? Partial indication of a valid email. boolean
honeypot Is this email believed to be a "honeypot" or "SPAM trap"? Bulk mail sent to these emails increases your risk of being blacklisted by large ISPs & ending up in the spam folder. boolean
recent_abuse This value will indicate if there has been any recently verified abuse across our network for this email address. Abuse could be a confirmed chargeback, fake signup, compromised device, fake app install, or similar malicious behavior within the past few days. boolean
frequent_complainer Indicates if this email frequently unsubscribes from marketing lists or reports email as SPAM. boolean
suggested_domain Default value is "N/A". Indicates if this email's domain should in fact be corrected to a popular mail service. This field is useful for catching user typos. For example, an email address with "", would display a suggested domain of "". This feature supports all major mail service providers. string
request_id A unique identifier for this request that can be used to lookup the request details or send a postback conversion notice. string
success Was the request successful? boolean
message A generic status message, either success or some form of an error notice. string
errors Array of errors which occurred while attempting to process this request. array of strings
Example Code