Mobile Device Fingerprinting SDK Documentation

Device Fingerprinting SDK For Android & iOS Apps

IPQualityScore's Mobile Device Fingerprinting SDK allows your Android or iOS app to easily integrate our machine learning algorithms that prevent fraud, bots, and abusive users. Assign users unique Device IDs to track their movement and prevent duplicate accounts, free trial abuse, and other risky behavior. Implement in-app, mobile device fingerprinting with just a few lines of code.

The IPQS Device Fingerprinting SDK can quickly be integrated into existing apps and provides a customizable framework for device fingerprinting based on existing app permissions, so you don't have to request new or expanded permissions from your audience.

Mobile Device Fingerprinting SDK Use Cases:
  • Android Emulators and iOS Device Spoofing - Detect even the most human-like bots and the most sophisticated mobile emulators. The IPQS SDK can accurately pinpoint emulators and device spoofing for Android and iOS devices. It's also possible to detect risky behavior like location spoofing, device ID restting, and duplicate users.
  • Mobile App Install Fraud - Prevent mobile app install fraud by detecting non-human actions, bot installs, and fake traffic all in real-time.
  • User Validation - Accurately validate user accounts and applications with reverse identity checks and deep device integrity checks.
  • Fraudulent Payments - Perform real-time scoring during checkout to stop chargebacks and identify high risk purchases for further verification.
  • Account Takeover (ATO) - IPQS maintains an extensive library on hundreds of millions of unique device IDs so your app can easily identify compromised devices and device IDs associated with hijacking and ATO.
  • Abusive Behavior - IPQS is the perfect solution for full coverage against fraud. Prevent nearly every type of abusive behavior from financial transactions to user registration.
Getting Started with Android Device Fingerprinting

To get started using the IPQS Device Fingerprinting SDK for Android simply login to your IPQualityScore account and create a new app by clicking here or click the "Create App" button from inside the Mobile Fingerprint SDK dashboard once logged in.

After logging in, please click "Manage" next to any app and we'll present you with customized directions for setting up and using the IPQS Fingerprinting SDK.

Each Android app is assigned its own unique API key that can be used to make requests to our Proxy and VPN Detection API, Email Validation API, and the Mobile Fingerprint SDK.