Fraud Prevention Integrations & Plugins

Add leading fraud prevention services to your favorite apps and third party platforms. Connect lead scoring, email validation, and phone validation to CRMs like Hubspot, Salesforce, and Outreach. Instantly enable chargeback protection for eCommerce shopping carts like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and more. Activate intelligent filtering with bot detection and accurate IP address reputation scoring for the most popular CMS platforms and ad tracking software.

Developers can also create apps to work with IPQS using the integration API endpoints. If you do not see a plugin listed for your current platform, please contact our support team to see if the plugin is currently in development or on our future roadmap.

IPQS Apps & Plugins


Wordpress is the most popular CMS platform online. IPQS' fraud prevention plugin for WordPress also supports Woocommerce, built for stores and accepting payments.

Stop WordPress bots and WooCommerce chargebacks with live scoring.
Shopify Bot Detection
Stop Shopify bots with the most advanced Shopify bot prevention service that filters clicks and bad actors in real-time.

Avoid fake orders and harassment from competitors with accurate bot management for Shopify. Instantly block bad actors, proxies, and non-human bots.
Shopify Chargeback Protection
Protect your Shopify store with complete Shopify chargeback detection that identifies suspicious payments and stolen credit cards. Lower your dispute rates and reduce friction for accepting Shopify payments.

Accurately validate payments and orders directly in Shopify.
WHMCS is a popular e-commerce billing platform. Prevent fraudulent payments and credit card chargebacks with IPQS add-on WHMCS module.

The completion solution for WHMCS fraud prevention and managing WHMCS chargebacks.
Protect your Magento store from payment fraud and stolen credit cards. Stop Magento chargebacks before they happen with live transaction scoring.

Verify new users as they register on Magento, block bots, and verify orders with expert precision.
Konnektive CRM
Konnektive CRM is a leading Customer Relationship Management platform built for eCommerce.

Live payment scoring prevents Konnektive chargebacks and suspicious billing details.
Easily enable BigCommerce fraud prevention with real-time order validation for chargebacks and high risk user data.

Verify BigCommerce orders and purchases during checkout.
Process OpenCart orders without worrying about chargebacks. Stop fraudulent payments and abusive users with live payment verification for OpenCart purchases.

Real-time fraud protection for OpenCart.
Connect IPQS email validation and Active Campaign lead scoring directly in your Active Campaign dashboard. Quickly identify quality prospects and remove bad leads with real-time scoring. Unsubscribe spam traps, bounces, and invalid emails.
Integrate IPQS fraud protection with HostBill for easy billing with web hosting and client management products.

Prevent fake orders and abusive customers with stolen payment methods.
Manage fraudulent affiliate traffic and click fraud through the tracking platform. Stop proxies and bots with intelligent Everflow fraud prevention.
Stop fraudulent leads and abusive affiliate traffic with 1-click direct integration into the LinkTrust affiliate tracking platform. Expert LinkTrust fraud detection can be enabled in minutes.
Add IP Reputation filtering, bot detection, and all around fraud prevention to your Joomla sites with this convenient plugin.
Filter your Drupal's site traffic and orders made through the Ubercart shopping cart with fraud detection by IPQualityScore.
Protect your websites built with Squarespace Website Builder from bots, proxies, and unwanted traffic.
Screen PrestaShop orders and identify fraudulent purchases during the checkout process with PrestaShop for ecommerce.
Enterprise grade lead scoring, email validation, and phone validation for clients using Salesforce CRM.

Score your Salesforce contacts with expert email validation and spam trap removal.
Eliminate bounces and remove spam traps and complainers from your Mailchimp marketing lists. Improve email deliverability with Mailchimp email validation by IPQS for better inboxing.
Improve Hubspot lead scoring with IPQS user validation. Quickly assess the quality of email addresses, phone numbers, and similar user data. Prioritize which leads your sales team should focus or avoid emailing to maintain healthy sender scores.
Optimize Klaviyo email validation to improve deliverability and sender score reputations. Remove emails from your Klaviyo marketing lists that would cause bounces or blacklisting. Also score phone numbers to identify carrier, line type, and valid status. Stop bogus SMS numbers from entering your lists.
Add IPQS click fraud prevention to your affiliate network on the CAKE tracking platform. Stop human-like bots, emulators, spoofing, VPNs, residential proxies and much more with built-in CAKE fraud prevention by IPQS. Easily view stats by campaign, affiliate, and other detailed reporting views.
Verify user data with ClickFunnels email validation. Instantly alert users with typos or misspelled emails. Avoid bounces and spam traps that could hurt your domain or IP's inboxing rates. Real-time email verification and phone validation for leads processed with ClickFunnels makes it easy to maintain good quality leads.
Gravity Forms
Validate email addresses through Gravity Forms. This popular WordPress plugin can be used to gather lead generation data and is an easy method to deploy contact forms. Score user data such as emails and phone numbers while also blocking bots. Easy integration prevents contact form submissions by bots and proxies.
Filter invalid user data and fake survey submissions on the popular SurveyMonkey platform. IPQS services are the perfect solution to combat market research fraud and fraudulent survey entries. Block bots, proxies, VPNs, and fake survey submissions. Protect your SurveyMonkey surveys from being tainted by bad data.
Screen purchases and orders with enhanced PayPal Fraud Protection. Eliminate chargebacks, stolen cards, and high risk billing details with live scoring during checkout. Connect IPQS to your PayPal merchant account to detect chargebacks and risky orders.
Stripe chargeback prevention by IPQS is the most efficient way to prevent chargebacks and avoid hefty credit card processing fees. Automatically block high risk payments or set them for manual review within Stripe. Check additional blacklists with advanced reputation checks that outperform Stripe Radar. Activate stripe fraud prevention in just a few clicks.
Enable Braintree fraud prevention for e-commerce transactions processed with Braintree. Identify high risk credit cards likely to be stolen and suspicious behavior during checkout. IPQS can protect your Braintree payments in just a few clicks with live chargeback protection.
Live eCommerce fraud prevention for managing your subscriptions and recurring billing with Chargebee. Detect bad credit cards that would likely chargeback the purchase. Automatically filter new subscriptions in Chargebee to identify stolen billing details and suspicious payments.
Integrate IPQS with your Chargify recurring billing platform B2B SaaS solutions. Stop chargebacks and suspicious payments directly in Chargify as you accept new payments. Integration takes less than a few minutes and can screen all existing and new recurring revenue profiles.
Connect Phone Validation, lead scoring, and phone number reputation checks directly to your Twilio account. Filter numbers by carrier, geographic region, line type, VOIP status, and risk score. Identify invalid numbers and deactivated phone numbers before they are dialed on Twilio. Reduce your dialing and operational costs with cost-effective phone validation.
Fraud detection built for Volusion. Prevent Volusion chargebacks and abusive users from negatively impacting your ecommmerce store. Pair Volusion shopping cart software with the most accurate solution for payment fraud prevention. Install in seconds.
Leadpages email validation by IPQS filters form submissions from bots, invalid user details, and bounced emails. Remove low quality user data in real-time and allow the user to correct typos and spelling errors. Identify spam traps, spam complainers, invalid emails with a simple integration approach. Leadpages bot protection can completely eliminate headaches from bad form submissions.
AWeber email verification removes invalid emails, bounces, and spam traps. Scrub your AWeber contact lists against inactive emails that would hurt deliverability and increase the chance for reaching the spam folder. Ensure proper inboxing with AWeber email validation that cleans emails which could bounce or result in blacklisting. Connect your AWeber account to IPQS in just a few steps.
Improve your Unbounce landing pages with email address validation and lead scoring by IPQS. Block bot traffic and unwanted clicks from submitting contact forms. Verify user's lead data live as it's submitted on your Unbounce landing pages such as verifying emails are legitimate and currently active.
IPQS enhances Marketo email validation with real-time scoring for your Marketo contact lists. Score leads directly in the Marketo platform and connect to our email validation API to cleanse bad emails such as bounces, invalids, and disposable addresses. Identify junk leads and prioritize good quality lead data so your sales team can efficient target prospective clients.
IPQS Slack bot allows you to validate IP addresses and email addresses directly inside Slack.

Query IP reputation and email address reputation data from any Slack workspace.
Stop bots and proxies from submitting Jotform contact forms with invalid user data. Enable Jotform email validation directly in their native app as the user is submitting the contact form. Say goodbye to bounces and unreachable contact details. Jotform bot protection can also be useful to prevent contact form SPAM.
Revolut Business
Filter transactions for fraudulent behavior directly through your Revolut Business account. Score individual transactions and automatically monitor suspicious behavior and payments. IPQS easily connects to your Revolut Business bank account.
AppsFlyer CPI Fraud
Protect against Cost-Per-Install (CPI) fraud and abusive mobile affiliate traffic with mobile attribution risk scores. Safely accept cost-per-lead (CPL) traffic sources while identifying fraudulent affiliate traffic and suspicious publishers. IPQS fraud protection for AppsFlyer protects all of your apps from bot traffic and fake installs.
Use Zapier to setup GetResponse email validation in just a few minutes. Remove spam complainers, disposable emails, and invalid emails that hurt sender score reputation. Improve your inboxing rates and email deliverability with easy email verification.
Constant Contact
Setup Constant Contact email address validation to verify new subscribers and existing contact lists. Validate that emails are active, can receive new email, and will not penalize your sender reputation by hitting spamtraps or honeypots. Quickly scrub bad emails to prevent bounces and blacklisting.
Square Chargeback Protection
Verify Square payments with real-time Square chargeback protection against friendly fraud and stolen credit cards. Minimize dispute rates to safely accept payments with Square.
Maltego is a software used for open-source intelligence and forensics, powering millions of investigations worldwide. Enrich email addresses and IP addresses with real-time threat intel.
Add IPQS to your FireEye threat intelligence products for expanded detection against high risk threats and risky IP addresses. Improve your cyber security protection with detection for botnets, VPNs, and low footprint proxies.
Enhance your Splunk instance with live intelligence thread feeds to block suspicious logins, bad actors, cyber attacks, and much more. Illuminate abusive behavior directly in your SIEM to protect against cyber criminals on compromised devices and stolen identity theft. Lookup accurate IP reputation details to block high risk user actions.
Improve threat hunting and threat enrichment for your SpiderFoot deployment. SpiderFoot automates OSINT collection to enrich artifacts with the latest threat data. Automatically connect to the IPQualityScore APIs to increase detection rates for high risk email addresses, IP addresses, phone numbers, and URLs/domains.
Enrich data within Palo Alto's CORTEX XSOAR platform with risk scoring details and threat hunting tools. Analyze logs and user actions in real-time with enterprise grade reputation checks and zero-day detection for phishing, malware, and high risk behavior. Detect advanced botnets and prevent abusive IP addresses from accessing critical parts of your network or site.
CrowdStrike is an American cybersecurity technology company based in Sunnyvale, California. It provides cloud workload and endpoint security, threat intelligence, and cyberattack response services, featuring a sophisticated platform for SOC teams.
Make, Formerly Integromat
Make allows you to visually create, build, and automate workflows. Use the playful drag-and-drop interface to connect IPQS with thousands of integrated apps, or any API just in a few clicks - without coding.
Score leads and user details collected with ActiveProspect products like LeadConduit, TrustedForm, and more. Identify fraudulent submissions from stolen user data, bots, and similar abuse.
ThreatQuotient is a data-driven security operations and orchestration platform that fuses together data sources, tools, and teams to provide comprehensive cyber security and rich insight into attacks, bad actors, and cyber vulnerabilities. Connect ThreatQ's security platform with over 300 data sources.
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