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Mitigate Bot Traffic and Protect Against Bot Attacks

Bot Mitigation from the experts at IPQS provides real-time bot protection against unwanted bot traffic. Protect your sites, apps, APIs, and ad campaigns from abusive behavior caused by bot traffic. Companies of all sizes are affected by bot traffic, with our latest research showing a 17% increase in malicious bots in 2023 alone. That figure translates into billions of dollars in lost revenue for companies worldwide without bot protection. Prevent malicious bots and prevent unwanted bot traffic with just one API request to query the reputation for an IP address or device.

Advanced bot protection is a much needed solution for any business as automated, non-human behavior can automatically place orders with stolen credit cards, deplete ad campaign budgets, create fake or duplicate accounts, scrape sensitive data, and even facilitate account takeover attacks.

Bad bots are also becoming more sophisticated every year, with new software available to cybercriminals that makes it harder to detect bots, such as using residential proxies with virtual devices, spoofing, and emulators. While most services cannot detect compromised devices or location spoofing, IPQS has developed leading technology to mitigate bots and sophisticated abuse.

Bot Protection Solution For Evolving Threats

IPQS uses an agile approach for real-time bot mitigation with a variety of overlapping checks that can stop bot attacks and unwanted traffic on websites and forms. Identify suspicious users and fraudulent behavior:

  • Device Fingerprinting - Analyze over 300 data points about a user's device to identify hijacked or fake virtual devices (emulators) by matching against millions of fraudulent device IDs.
  • IP Reputation - Compare the IP address against the Internet's leading provider is IP Intelligence data. Identify suspicious and bot IP addresses with a history of abuse.
  • Machine Learning - Connect the dots between millions of devices per day scored by IPQS. Our algorithms quickly identify new trends from bot traffic.
  • Behavioral Analysis - Identify suspicious behavior in real-time that would indicate non-human actions, headless browsers, and similar bot behavior.

Take your site's bot protection to the next level with thousands of detection tests performed in under a few hundred milliseconds using our most rigorous checks to block bots. For even faster performance, our bot detection API can provide near instant risk analysis for your traffic, clicks, users, and purchases.

Detect bots with 99.97% accuracy and less false-positives then leading bot management solutions. Each device that visits your site or apps is analyzed in real-time with browser validation. For example, if the user's browser (user agent) displays as Windows 10 Chrome 90, our system will perform very specific tests for Chrome and Windows platforms to validate this device. This model is highly accurate and helps mitigate sophisticated bots and abuse.

Test our live lookup tool for detecting bot IP addresses. Enable real-time scores on your site with advanced bot protection by IPQS.

Start Filtering Your Traffic from Bad Bots

IPQS provides leading bot detection at affordable prices. 10x more cost-effective protection from bad bots, fake clicks, and fraudulent users.

Solve Any Issue For Bad Bots & Abusive Users

Account Takeover (ATO)

Prevent account takeover fraud and suspicious logins with deep checks for location spoofing, residential proxies, high risk VPNs, and non-human actions. Instantly protect end points such as logins with advanced IP address reputation to prevent account takeovers.

Advanced Bot Protection

Easily defeat fraudsters that may submit fake listings, classifieds, auctions, and similar user generated content (UGC). Scan the user's behavior with advanced bot protection during registration and as they interact with your website or app.

Fake & Duplicate User Accounts

Automate quality control for user registrations with quick detection for duplicate accounts and prevention for fake account details. Identify invalid and disposable email addresses, disconnected or temporary phone numbers, and other high risk behavior during the registration process. IPQS supports worldwide user data.

Fraudulent Payments

Screen payments in real-time to prevent credit card stuffing and stolen card usage. IPQS tracks compromised card number and similar user data to identify suspicious payments in real-time during the checkout process. Limit chargebacks and lost inventory fees.

Fraudulent Ad Traffic

Protect your ad budgets from being depleted by competitors or fraudulent affiliates looking to take advantage of incentivized cost per lead programs. Filter ad traffic in real-time to prevent PPC fraud and even the most advanced affiliate fraud methods.

Content & Data Scraping

Protect your site's data from falling into the hands of your competitors or unruly users that may scrape content to get around memberships and data licenses. Limit bad bots from loading hundreds of pages at once and only allow access for human visitors. DDOS attacks and similar abuse from excessive page requests can also be prevented.

Bot Protection Powered By Big Data

IPQS analyzes over 1 billion impressions per day, a huge amount of data for our machine learning bot mitigation algorithms. This level of volume allows our threat researchers and automated bot behavior analysis models deep insight into the latest trends of cybercriminals and abusive users. By analyzing discrepancies in behavior patterns and detecting new botnets, our clients are always protected from emerging threats. Our advanced bot protection solution also pairs with other fraud detection tools like chargeback detection and click fraud prevention services.

Expert Bot Mitigation for Malicious Traffic

IPQS provides flexible settings to adjust thresholds and tolerances for preventing bots on your live traffic. The user dashboard provides over 25 customizable settings to ensure our bot detection software is perfectly adapting to your audience and limiting false-positives. Rather than a one size fits all approach to bot prevention, our algorithms adapt to your audience and understand the behavior of an average user on your site or app. Only true bot traffic is filtered so the user experience for legitimate visitors is never interrupted.

Bot Mitigation To Stop The Latest Threats

Accurately filter bot traffic and abusive users in real-time.

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Detect Pay Per Click Fraud

Advanced Bot Protection Solution

Advanced bot protection by IPQS can integrate with any website or app to stop unwanted bot traffic and fraudulent activity such as credential stuffing attacks, account takeovers, automated threats, and malicious botnets. Block bots and accurately identify legitimate traffic without causing friction for legitimate customers. Smart machine learning models use advanced behavior analysis signals to prevent bad bot traffic such as web scraping bots, DDOS attacks, and similar suspicious traffic. IP address reputation scoring can be enhanced with device behavior signals like location, operating system, user agent, mouse movement, and other configuration settings. Bad bots are always advancing which is why IPQS bot management tools are always being updated to support new threat intelligence patterns.

Fraudulent Ad Traffic Detection

Over 40% of today's PPC ad traffic can be generated by bot traffic, which is why it is so important to have a good solution for bot management. Even respectable platforms like Google AdWords and Bing Ads can attract bot clicks from sophisticated emulators, often due to overly aggressive competitors. IPQS uses advanced bot detection methods to accurately detect PPC bot traffic, fake clicks, and location spoofing while monitoring your ads to prevent invalid traffic. These solutions also extend to performance marketing and affiliate marketing models where fraudulent leads are quite common.

Easy Bot Protection Setup, Quick Install

Mitigate malicious activity across your site in just a few minutes. If you're ready to prevent bots and filter bot traffic then only a few minutes of your time is needed. Create a free account and explore our fraud prevention tools. Affiliate tracking platforms such as HasOffers, Affise, Voluum, Cake, Everflow, and TUNE can typically be integrated with 1 click setups. eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WHMCS, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Konnektive, and Limelight also have integrations available. Users on the Shopify platform can deploy our shopify bot detection.

Start Filtering Bots

IPQS provides one simple solution for bot protection and ad traffic filtering. Solve all of your fraud issues with just one suite of tools.

Bot Protection FAQ

"Bot protection" reduces abuse and fraud by mitigating bots and non-human behavior on a website, app, or API. Prevent fraudulent signups, purchase, and form submissions on your website by screening IP addresses and device data to detect bots. Bot protection solutions proactively limit abuse by bad actors and automated behavior.

"Bot mitigation" can deployed through an API call that can scan a user's device, user agent, and IP address to identify bad bot traffic. Real-time risk scoring classifies an IP address or device as a high risk bot or legitimate user. Mitigating bots helps prevent abusive behavior such as spam submitted on forms, fake accounts, and fraudulent purchases.

Bot attack protection is the best way to mitigate abusive behavior from malicious bots. Real-time bot protection can be integrated via API to score traffic on a website or app. Filtering abusive IPs and virtual devices or emulators can stop bots from submitting contact form spam, fake accounts, and risky payments.

Real-time bot protection prevents attacks on websites, forms, and the scraping of sensitive data. Mitigating bots in real-time prevents bad actors from website scraping and similar abuse where sensitive content is extracted without permission. Patterns of bot scraping include very short page loading periods, limited mouse movement, and excessive page hits. These malicious bot traffic patterns are common across all types of automated attacks. Block bots as they load your website or app to prevent web scraping.

Detect bots with real-time device analysis and IP address reputation. Deploying the IPQS bot detection API will provide comprehensive protection against bot attacks and high risk behavior. An application programming interface (API) will help mitigate malicious bots in real-time as they interact with your website or app.

Automated attacks can plague a website with frequent bot attacks for scraping, account takeovers, new account fraud, DDOS attacks, and more. The best way to mitigate malicious bots is to integrate a bot management solution which can identify unwanted bot traffic while still allowing legitimate traffic from real users. Bad bot traffic will always try to blend in as human-like traffic, so it's important for your bot protection system to not cause additional friction for real users.

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