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Plans & Pricing FAQs

What is Fraud Fusion™?

Fraud Fusion™ enables your account to access exclusive reputation checks to identify fraudulent clicks, users, and transactions with greater accuracy than any other service. Hundreds of Fortunes 500s and Fortune 5000s report data back into our system, alerting us when a user has engaged in fraudulent behavior across the Internet's most popular websites.

How Does Abuse Shield™ & Dark Data™ Work?

Abuse Shield™ provides comprehensive protection for your account from fraudulent, fake, and duplicate users. This feature also enhances screening for fraudulent registrations, applications, and high risk transactions, such as credit card chargeback abuse. Dark Data™ cultivates the worst data breaches online, including data sold on the dark web, into a refined blocklist. Tap into exclusive data sources of known cybercriminals, stolen user information, compromised credit cards, and other valuable dark web data.

Are Plans Per Month?

Yes, plans are priced per month and do not require a contract or any long-term commitments. You can cancel your plan any time as well as upgrade or downgrade your plan at anytime. Please contact us if you are interested in annual plan options. Each plan requires a minimum monthly commitment.

What Counts as a Lookup?

Any valid request sent to our Proxy Detection, Email Verification, or Device Fingerprinting services including lookups performed through a batch CSV file check will consume a lookup credit. Stats, postback, and reporting data retrieved through our APIs do not require a lookup credit.

Can I Upgrade to Another Plan at Any Time?

Yes, upgrades are very easy. You can upgrade to a larger plan at any time and receive a pro-rated discount based on the unused credits of your account's previous plan. Similarly, you can downgrade at anytime.

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