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Accurately Validate Phone Numbers - US & INTL Coverage

IPQS phone number validation service can instantly verify phone numbers and identify suspicious numbers in real-time with phone number reputation scores. Confidently identify fraudulent users and invalid user information with accurate phone number risk scores. IPQS phone validation API analyzes data in real-time as users sign up, submit an application, make a purchase, & perform similar actions. IPQS data scientists maintain over 99% accuracy for analyzing user data including USA, Canada, & INTL phone numbers.

Confidently validate phone numbers and analyze extensive phone number reputation for user risk analysis in any region.

Phone Validation Trusted by Thousands

International Phone Validation With Phone Risk Scoring

Tap into the most accurate user reputation scoring with IPQualityScore's phone number verification. Perform hundreds of syntax & reputation checks to verify phone numbers in any country.

  • Determine if a phone number has proper syntax and is formatted correctly by country with accurate phone number intelligence.
  • Check if phone number has an active connection with the carrier using HLR lookups or if the number been ported or disconnected.
  • Analyze risk reputation and abusive behavior history. Detect disposable phone numbers and VOIP lines such as Google Voice and temporary SMS services.
  • Bundle other user data for additional reputation checks such as email validation, email risk scoring and proxy and VPN detection. Benefit from using one solution provider for all types of user screening including address verification.

Phone Validation API JSON Example

							"phone_carrier":"AT&T Mobility",
							"reverse_name_lookup": "Braddley Pitt",
							"active_status":"Active Line",
							"city":"Las Vegas",

Validate phone numbers and detect VOIP, Landline, Wireless, and Toll-Free Numbers. Worldwide coverage.

Check any number to see line status, carrier provider, and if the phone number is active or disconnected with our free phone validator lookup. All countries and carriers are supported.

Expert Phone Number Verification

Validating phone numbers has never been more accurate. IPQS phone number verification tools can enrich a phone number with detailed line activity status, country code, porting history, name & identity details, risk scores, and similar signals that indicate phone number quality. Easily identify invalid phone numbers, risky or suspicious lines, and disconnected numbers. Deploy the phone verification tool using bulk phone number validation, which supports uploading a list through our dashboard — or using our phone verification API which supports real-time phone lookups.

Detect Disconnected, Disposable, & Invalid Phone Numbers

Validating user data with a phone number is a very simple, yet effective method for quickly determining user or transaction quality. In fact, phone verification is widely considered a first line of defense to reduce fraudulent activity by fake users as well as suspicious payments. Query our phone number validation API for real-time analysis and phone number reputation. Filter out invalid phone numbers or those associated with low quality users and abusive behavior. Our partnerships with leading carriers around the world make it easy to detect active phone numbers with enterprise-grade data quality.

Validate all lines types and countries with IPQS phone number verification, such as VOIP, toll-free, mobile, landlines, and even virtual phone numbers. IPQS provides coverage for all carriers including direct telecom phone data from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint PCS, T-Mobile, Metro, Vonage, Vodafone, Orange, Bharti, MTN, Telefonica, and more. Additionally perform reputation scoring for any carrier to view recent abusive history associated with the phone number.

Sign Up & Start Scoring User Data

Phone Carrier Lookup API

Obtain the phone carrier provider for any number worldwide. The phone carrier is the Telecom provider registered to the phone number, for example "Vodafone", "AT&T", "T-Mobile", "Orange", etc. Our phone data has excellent coverage rates for all countries including US, Canada, India, Europe, South America, Asia, and other regions. The carrier line type can also be obtained to identify if the line is wireless, landline, VOIP, or toll free. Need to check a few numbers? Check our free carrier lookup tool to retrieve the current carrier or service provider for any phone number.

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Better Phone Validation Accuracy

Improve user scoring and lead prospecting with precise phone number validation technology to analyze phone data direct from the carrier for any country with greater accuracy than other leading services.

Expert Phone Validation With Affordable Pricing

Global Phone Number Validator

IPQS phone validation is optimized to produce the best results from phone line carriers anywhere in the world. Receive accurate results for any carrier and line type. Our team vigorously monitors validation rates by providers to ensure the best level of service.

Bulk Phone Number Validation

Batch process bulk phone number validation by uploading user or subscriber data files to quickly verify phone numbers with reputation analysis. Our phone number validation tools also support additional user data such as email address, IP address, physical address, and more. Access over 15 data points. Bulk lists typically process in just a few minutes and also provide reputation analysis for advanced phone number risk scoring. Easy determine which entries have a valid phone number.

Less Costs With Greater Accuracy

Ensure better data hygiene and phone reputation analysis without expensive budgets. IPQS pricing is over 10x less than similar leading provider that offer less flexible scoring settings and even worse accuracy. No contracts required.

Ensure User Data Hygiene

Never worry about false-positives or inaccurate results. IPQS machine learning algorithms and team of data scientists ensure your users are scored with the best methods that enhance accuracy and data quality using our phone number validation tool.

Phone Reputation & Risk Analysis

Easily detect numbers that have engaged in high risk behavior with real-time fraud prevention for chargebacks, fake accounts, fake user details, and similar suspicious behavior. Everyday, we score millions of user data points while quickly blacklisting abusive phone numbers across the IPQS threat network. Retrieve HLR lookup and LRN carrier details to view the actual billing subscriber's first and last name.

Integration Assistance & Support

Need help with integrating the phone verification API or uploading a file? Contact our support team 7 days per week for fast assistance with any issue. Quickly get setup and instantly score users or payments. Response times are typically within a few minutes.

Disposable Phone Number Detection

Stop fraudulent users and reduce chargebacks by flagging accounts with disposable phone numbers commonly used by cybercriminals. Fraudsters like to use temporary phone numbers as well as VOIP numbers to bypass access points that require a valid number. IPQS is able to outperform standard phone validators with advanced phone number reputation analysis that identifies high risk user data. How does this work? As our clients report data back to the IPQS threat network, our system automatically blacklists user data points with multiple confirmations of abusive behavior. Accurate VOIP number detection can also identify abusive phone numbers associated with disposable SMS services.

Easier User Approvals With Phone Verification

Improve your fraud prevention tools with phone number risk scores. Validate new accounts to prevent fraudulent registrations without adding friction to the sign up process. Trust scores provide an easy way to understand user quality with phone number reputation scoring. Phone number validation can quickly determine user quality for payments and new accounts. Worldwide coverage rates ensures complete protection from abuse in any region. Enhance user validation even further with email risk scoring to gain even more insight into user reputation.

Phone Number Validator API

Filter live actions on your site using the phone number validation API to automatically prevent high risk behavior and suspicious users. Perform real-time API queries to analyze any number as user's sign up, submit applications, and purchase products. Flexible API requests provide data in JSON or XML format. Retrieve risk analysis and validation data points using a simple Phone Validation API request that can also score IP & email addresses.

Phone Validation API Docs

Next-Generation Phone Validation

Verify Phone Number Data with the Highest Degree of Accuracy and Precision

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Global Carrier Data

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Accurate Validation

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Reputation Analysis

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Easy API Integration

Check Any Phone Number

Score users in the US & Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, and any region in the world. Regardless of line type, IPQS can verify the phone number is active and analyze the reputation to prevent abusive user data. Use real-time risk scoring for validating phone numbers to identify suspicious users, applications, or payments — and perform additional verification for high risk accounts.

While many services charge different rates for tier 1 and tier 2 countries — IPQS utilities an easy pricing model with tiered flat rate pricing across all countries that reduces as your monthly volume increases. Score phone numbers on average from $0.0005 per user with no monthly contracts. Additional lookup data is also available such as DNC scrubbing and TCPA litigator checks.

HLR Lookups & Carrier Checks

HLR lookups use data directly from the carrier to access the most to update information for any phone number worldwide. Check if a phone number is active and retrieve the latest carrier details including number porting and roaming data. HLR lookups can also check if a phone number is real and determine if the number is currently connected or disconnected with the carrier.

Reverse Phone Lookups

Reverse phone number lookups can improve lead scoring and improve fraud prevention for fake accounts. Take phone validation a step further with reverse phone lookups that reveal the subscriber's first and last name or business name associated with a phone number. This data is accurately available for most US/CA phone numbers with around 90% hit rates. Using reverse phone checks can enhance fraud detection and identity verification to match up phone numbers with a person's name. Lookup this data on-demand with our phone validation API.

Phone Number Reputation Scoring

Validating phone numbers is not enough. IPQS takes validation a step further with real-time phone number risk scoring and live identity verification. Today's sophisticated hackers can quickly obtain valid phone numbers or access compromised devices. Quickly perform accurate phone number reputation analysis for any number along with additional user data points to confidently score users, transactions, and similar actions. Detect phone lines with abusive behavior or mobile devices compromised by cybercriminals, recently used for malicious activity.

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Pin point phone number verification by IPQS detects invalid, disposable, and abusive numbers for any country.

Features and Benefits

  • Check Phone Numbers for Any Country
  • Great For Lead Prospecting and Lead Scoring
  • Verify Any Phone Line is Active
  • Populate Country Code & Line Details
  • Batch Process Numbers or Use Our API
  • Block Fraudulent Users & Abusive Behavior
  • Easy API Integration with Documentation & Examples
  • Simple Quality Control & User Scoring

Who Uses This Service?

  • Lead Generation & Sign Up Forms
  • Marketers & Call Centers
  • Data Providers & SaaS Services
  • Gift Card Providers, Marketplaces, and Digital Goods
  • eCommerce & Online Retailers
  • Web & App Developers
  • User Onboarding & Application Screening
  • Financial Institutions ... and many more!
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