Reverse Phone Lookup to Find Who Owns a Phone Number

Reverse phone number lookups provide an easy way to search a number and find the owner's name of a phone number.

Reverse Phone Lookup With Name to Find who Owns a Phone Number

Reverse phone lookup is a search against consumer records of a cell or landline number to find the owner of a phone number. With our free reverse phone lookup tool, you can not only find who owns a number by searching mobile and landline numbers but VOIP numbers too, positioning us as the best reverse phone lookup tool for those that want to verify users and registrations, check payment quality to prevent chargebacks, or identify SPAM and telemarketing calls.

IPQS searches billions of white pages, consumer records, and phone directory listings to summarize the data into an easy-to-read report that makes it easier than ever to enrich a phone number with a name or email.

Our reverse phone lookup gives you a range of useful data on numbers you search, so you can lookup:

  • If the number is real.

  • The carrier and country.

  • If it is a mobile, landline, or VOIP number.

  • Associated owner names and email addresses

  • Riks score and quality metrics powered by our phone number fraud detection.

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What Are Reverse Phone Lookup

As the name implies, reverse phone lookup is a method to search important details about a phone number including who a phone number belongs to. Use our free tool to run a reverse phone lookup which will pull data from open and public sources as well as messenger apps and social media sites, making us the best reverse number lookup tool that ensures all bases are covered.

Our reverse phone lookup tool offers a data-rich experience as it not only lets you find out who owns a phone number but enables you to extract multiple data points from a single phone number.

Whether for personal or business use, using a reverse phone lookup to find phone number owner will help you identify calls and those that are placing them, and since we gather data from online retailers, phone carriers, companies, and public record resources, we offer reliable and accurate search results your business and peace of mind can rely on.

How Do Reverse Phone Lookups Work?

Reverse Phone Lookup

Pesky and unwanted calls from unknown numbers are a nuisance millions of Americans and businesses face daily but fortunately, with our reverse number lookup tool at your side, you can search all numbers that dial your way to gather insight on who is calling your line as we search public sources, social media profiles, and hundreds of millions of phone number records to show you who is behind your phone calls.

How does reverse phone lookup work is a trending search as the many receiving unwanted calls each day have put reverse phone lookup tools in high demand, and our tool is just as easy to use as it is fast to show accurate results with support for all U.S. carriers, including Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

Why Use Reverse Phone Lookup Tools?

Our reverse phone lookup is a tool you’ll be glad to use as it will not only help you identify spam callers but will enable you to avoid scams and fraudulent users as you can search the owner of any number that calls you while being able to see the line type, call location, and owner details.

Our phone call validation service enables access to data on hundreds of millions of phone numbers due to our robust, industry-defining technologies that let us access more records than our competitors so if you want to see who is calling a phone or want to run a free reverse phone lookup, give us a try today.

Benefits of Our Reverse Phone Lookup Tool

The best reverse phone lookup tool is one that gives reliable and accurate data, and as a reverse phone lookup tool that sets standards as opposed to meeting them, you can try us in confidence as we provide:

  • API Access - Seamlessly integrates into XML or JSON format with the help of CNAM Lookup.

  • Scalability – Enjoy Enterprise-level solutions and run large-batch reports for your business.

  • Great Pricing – Users can check a number for free with the option to search more at rates that put peace of mind and affordable solutions within reach for all users.

  • Data-Rich Insight – See who calls your line and leverage access to millions of records and phone numbers to see who owns a number with ease and speed.

Enrich Real-Time Phone Number Intelligence

Data you can find Using our Reverse Phone Lookup Tool

Using our reverse phone lookup gives a range of data you will find useful and insightful, including the:

  • Validity - Check to see if a phone number is active or disabled.

  • Carrier Country - Learn the geo-location of a caller or number.

  • Carrier Type - See if the number comes from a mobile, landline, or virtual sim device.

  • Digital Footprint - See which names or emails (if any) are linked to a number.

Why Reverse Phone Lookups Are Important

Reverse phone lookup tools let you learn who owns a number so you can accurately identify SPAM calls and fraudulent users. Our reverse number lookup service also gives multiple, data-rich points of insight from just a single number, making us the best reverse phone lookup tool for both consumers and businesses alike. Completely solve issues like account creation fraud and fraudulent payments that affect websites of all sizes.

Numbers are costlier than emails to acquire and is why most scammers do not go through the trouble of creating new or real numbers. Although there are many virtual numbers including temporary and disposable phone number services, most numbers are owned by real people so when you use our reverse phone lookup service, we find accurate data on the number or user you would like to learn more about.

How to Spot a Fake Phone Number

Spotting fake phone numbers is most easily done by keeping an eye out on the:

  • CNAM (Caller Name Delivery) - This check is made with the phone carrier lookup, that compares the caller ID to the name of the person registered on the phone plan.

  • HLR (Home Location Register) - Checks a database of information that verifies carrier names, this also sees if the phone is routed and sees if the number is from a virtual or traditional line, through a live phone number lookup.

  • IMSI and MSISDN Lookup - Each number should be unique to each other, if many users share the same IMSI or MSISDN number, those calling you are likely doing so from virtual numbers.

Find out if a phone number is fake and give IPQS a try today, we put your privacy and security first, and go above and beyond to offer a call validation service and a reverse phone lookup solution like no other. Services like our phone number verifier can validate numbers in real-time to detect disconnected lines.

Reverse Phone Number Search Using IPQS

There are many reverse phone lookup tools to choose from but none like ours that gathers data from multiple sources to give swift and accurate results users can rely on. With IPQS on your side, you can:

  • Know who is calling - We browse public records and social media sites to show profiles that are linked to the searched number.

  • Block fraudulent users - We monitor social signals and assess digital fingerprints so users can detect fraud, avoid scams, and negate preventable threats with ease.

From reducing fraud to minimizing account takeovers to streamlining onboarding and more, our phone validation service and reverse phone lookup tool is just what you need to secure you and your business from scammers and spammers. Get started, and give us a try with a free reverse number lookup today.

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