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Ultimate Account Takeover Protection • Credential Stuffing Mitigation

IPQS account takeover fraud prevention shields your customers from losing access to their accounts, saving your team hours in unraveling fraudulent activity. Protect against credential stuffing attacks and advanced password stuffing & spraying techniques, including the latest trends for ATO attacks.

Automate ATO fraud protection with a real-time API request each time an unrecognized user attempts to login. Advanced device behavior patterns can also identify credential stuffing during registration or login. Check IP reputation and device behavior for comprehensive account takeover protection that identifies suspicious activity.

IPQS protects your users from account takeovers with advanced credential stuffing mitigation to prevent unauthorized users from logging into valid accounts. IP address reputation and device behavior analysis by IPQS can successfully prevent credential stuffing by restricting logins that have a high confidence of suspicious activity, such as location spoofing, emulation, virtual devices, proxy & VPN usage, and stolen credentials.

Detect Suspicious Logins & ATO Fraud

Identity theft is growing year over year, with even more sophisticated methods being developed by cybercriminals. Account Takeover (ATO) fraud is just one form of identity theft — but it can have devastating impacts on the companies it affects. A proactive approach to mitigating compromised accounts is the best solution to prevent account takeover. This typically involves monitoring logins to identify suspicious behavior signals based on historical data from past logins.

Using a simple API request, your entire company can prevent account takeover in just a few minutes with our credential stuffing solution to secure new user registrations and logins from new devices. IPQS monitors millions of compromised data points daily to detect at risk accounts before they are breached on your platform.

Deploy ATO Detection

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Better Account Takeover Prevention

Detect account takeover fraud in real-time by analyzing a user's IP address, behavior, and device fingerprint data with precision accuracy.

Adaptive Account Takeover Fraud Detection

Target Suspicious Account Logins

Tap into the best historical user data from past ATO attacks to easily determine when account details exhibit irregular behavior inconsistent with their typical routines. Also identify high risk connections such as residential proxies and bots commonly used with ATO fraud during account takeovers.

Reliable API Service

IPQS API services offer 99.9% uptime to ensure your users never have interruptions due to our service. Our primary goal is to avoid interrupting the user experience for your clients. Failover protection and load balanced data centers provide extreme reliability.

Affordable Pricing, Without Contracts

Use all of IPQS comprehensive fraud prevention tools to protect your site with 1 simple plan. Beyond account takeover monitoring, IPQS also provides chargeback protection, bot filtering, and advanced data validation. Pricing is as low as $0.0004 per lookup.

10+ Years of Technology

IPQS uses a combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence, behavior analysis, and deep data gained by analyzing hundreds of millions of transactions per day, many of which experience ATO attacks. Tap into mature technology that produces accurate results without inconsistencies.

Improve User Confidence In Your Security

Mitigate ATO account breaches for your users and even alert them when their password and account access has been compromised to account theft. Avoid costly outcomes such as cybercriminals that transfer money out of an account or gain access to sensitive data.

Comprehensive Support

Get help from our fraud prevention experts. The IPQS support team is available 7 days per week to assist with integration and best practices. Our documentation and FAQs can get you up to speed in just a few minutes.

Account Takeover Fraud Explained

What is Account Takeover? Account takeover (ATO) fraud occurs when an account owner's credentials are compromised by phishing, malware, or a data breach in which an attacker gains unauthorized access. Accounts frequently targeted by account takeover breaches occur on financial platforms such as banks and credit card institutions — but can also affect other platforms with sensitive user data.

2023 has already shown a 9% increase in account takeover fraud — causing over $17 billion in losses. Platforms will continue to be breached and every day new data is compromised online. This exposes millions of users per day to increased risk for losing access to their accounts through credential stuffing attacks. Bank account takeover is especially popular as cybercriminals prefer financial incentives as they breach accounts.

Stop Credential Stuffing Attacks

Confidently detect credential stuffing attacks without impacting the user experience for legitimate user accounts. IPQS scores over 300 data points about a user's behavior to identify when stolen user data or unauthorized access is attempted for any account on your network. IPQS provides account takeover protection by detecting geolocation issues, such as when a user spoofing their location or in a different location than an account typically is active in. Instantly screen users during registration or login with live credential stuffing attack prevention.

Credential Stuffing Mitigation

Prevent credential stuffing with real-time monitoring powered by IPQS account takeover fraud detection. Personal data for thousands of accounts are being leaked and sold on the dark web everyday. Quicky deploy industry leading credential stuffing mitigation across your site to detect "cred stuffing" attacks which could allow bad actors to gain access to legitimate user accounts. Expert bot management combined with dark web monitoring, completely protects against credential stuffing attacks for banking, dating, gaming, travel, and similar niches.

Account Takeover Prevention

IPQS uses a mixture of our malicious URL scanner technology and advanced domain reputation to accurately prevent credential stuffing attacks. Once a user has gained access to an account through account takeover attacks, they will quickly take advantage of the credentials to execute financial transfers, asset sales, and attempt to charge unauthorized purchases. Time is key here as the hacker typically has limited time before a client recognizes a suspicious login. Cybercriminals will quickly initiate the transfers, while doing their best to blend with a normal user's behavior patterns.

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Intelligently Prevent Account Takeover Fraud

Detect suspicious logins, credential stuffing, & compromised accounts in real-time.

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Monitor Bank & Financial Account Takeover

IPQS provides complete ATO fraud detection and cred stuffing protection across any industry. Our account takeover fraud detection technology strongly excels in the financial sector, providing ATO prevention for US, CA, and Europe's top financial institutions, including advanced detection for password spraying, password stuffing, phishing, and credential stuffing attacks. Enterprise grade IP reputation analysis is a proven solution for identifying high risk devices infected by botnets & malware. Deploy a comprehensive fraud detection suite to monitor bank accounts, fraudulent transactions, stolen credentials, and prevent vulnerable access points that could allow fraudsters to gain unauthorized access.

IPQS enables your team to activate a full suite of fraud protection tools — all with 1 monthly plan to detect bots, screen new user applications, and accurately prevent account takeovers. Working with just one security provider to fit all of your risk analysis needs simplifies integration to prevent abusive behavior across all aspects of your company.

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