Ecommerce Fraud Prevention

Chargeback Prevention & eCommerce Fraud Protection

Are chargebacks and payment fraud affecting your ecommerce business? Ecommerce fraud prevention by IPQS is a trusted solution for chargeback fraud prevention with real-time fraud protection to automate payment screening for online purchases, credit card processing, money transfers, subscriptions, and similar transactions.

Trusted ecommerce fraud detection by IPQS identifies bad actors and suspicious behavior to prevent chargebacks and fraudulent payments. Confidently score transactions with user reputation checks and intelligent pattern recognition powered by AI & machine learning.

Accurately Prevent Ecommerce Fraud

Detect fraudulent transactions, high risk users, and other forms of ecommerce fraud by tapping into the IPQS network of known abusers. Search against thousands of patterns of fraud which are continuously learning from the latest threats. Each day, IPQS scores hundreds of millions of transactions that improve our ability to prevent chargebacks and fraudulent payments for your ecommerce business. Intelligent email risk scores are just one of many angles IPQS uses to analyze transactions.

Minimize Lost Revenue & Chargeback Costs

Ecommerce fraud prevention is critical to any business that needs to streamline operations. There's nothing more frustrating than realizing a product or service you delivered was purchased with a stolen credit card. It is even more frustrating when a chargeback fee is applied to your account, sinking you further into negative ROI. With IPQS anti-fraud tools, score transaction data to prevent chargebacks before they are reported to your payment processor. Once a high risk transaction is detected, you can instantly block or refund the payment, request additional verification from the customers, or perform similar actions that allow you to efficiently manage your business.

Detect Stolen Credit Cards & Billing Details

Plug IPQS directly into your order system to score payments in real-time. Detect stolen credit card numbers, leaked user data, and fake user data using our simple payment scoring API solutions. IPQS also features easy ecommerce fraud prevention integration with shopping carts like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, WHMCS, Blesta, Wix, PrestaShop, OpenCart, X-Cart, 3dcart, Konnektive CRM, Limelight CRM among many other CMS platforms.

Complete Ecommerce Fraud Protection

Score every available detail about your users and payments with deep transaction analysis powered by Fraud Fusion™ and over 10 years of proven technology in fighting ecommerce fraud. From email reputation to phone validation and many other data points, fraudsters are unable to remain undetected. Instantly compare user and transaction data to IPQS threat and high risk user databases. This data is always fresh and continues to grow as hundreds of new fraudsters are blacklisted every minute.

Prevent Chargeback Fraud

Intuitive Chargeback Protection & Transaction Scoring

Proactive Payment Fraud Detection Adapted To Your Audience

Prevent chargebacks with the experience over 10 years of fraud prevention technology. IPQS is quick to recognize emerging patterns of payment fraud so your ecommerce store is protected from the latest threats in addition to the usual suspects. All of our algorithms operate with your audience in mind, to provide the best experience for your users and a smooth checkout for the customer.

Real-Time Detection for High Risk Users & Payments

IPQS transaction scoring algorithms look deeper than the transaction and also analyze the user quality, so any unusual or high risk activity will be detected in real-time and isolated. Set appropriate behavior rules depending on the event, such as blocking a transaction, canceling an order, requiring additional user validation, or similar actions.

10x Less Costs, 40% Greater Accuracy

It's the best of both worlds: better accuracy with better pricing. Similar services require hefty onboarding fees, yearly contracts, and 10x greater monthly costs while providing a less accurate service and inferior fraud protection. We're proud to offer the least expensive ecommerce fraud prevention with scoring you can trust.

Automate Quality Control For Payments & Transaction

Set it and forget it! Once you deploy IPQS anti-fraud tools, your transactions will automatically be scored & filtered without requiring human interaction. Our risk analysis data can also supplement any existing filters or rules that you currently use to manage fraud, allowing them to operate with greater accuracy and more confidence.

Flexible Settings & Pattern Recognition

Adjust over 30 settings and manage custom rules to personalize scoring for your audience. This allows your legitimate users to never be impacted by false-positives and ensure high risk transactions are successfully flagged. Machine learning algorithms that monitor your transactions ensures that risky patterns of behavior are properly identified.

Intelligent Data Fusion

We learn a lot from the hundreds of millions of transactions scored daily by IPQS. Tap into IPQS network of fraud monitoring and prevent fraudsters that have previously engaged in malicious behavior. Machine learning algorithms and AI extract trends and behavioral patterns from this data to ensure that emerging fraud rings and newer types of abuse are quickly detected.

Preventing Ecommerce Fraud Has Never Been This Easy

Activate IPQS eCommerce Fraud Prevention APIs

Integrate IPQS flexible anti-fraud APIs in less than 10 minutes. Plugins and extensions for the most popular ecommerce platforms & shopping carts make it even easier to deploy. Detailed documentation, coding examples, and an integrations team ready to assist, make this process as simple as possible.

Adaptive Scoring & Machine Learning

IPQS algorithms learn from your audience to provide the most accurate detection, rather than a one-size fits all model. Unusual behavior is easily recognized so fraudulent payments can be identified and your legitimate users can seamlessly checkout without being treated as a false-positive.

Streamlined Growth

IPQS makes it easy to focus on growing your ecommerce business, with less time spent on manually reviewing orders and chargeback prevention. Safely process credit cards and focus your efforts on more productive tasks that help your business prosper while IPQS automatically manages quality control for purchases and payments.

Stop fraudsters with the best chargeback protection tools, scoring a transaction from every angle. Identify bots, stolen payment data, fraudulent user data, and high risk behavior with next-generation fraud scoring.

Intelligently Score Transactions & Payments

Ready to get serious about fighting fraud? Detect ecommerce fraud worldwide and stop losing money to fraudsters by taking the fight to them. IPQS can quickly integrate with your shopping cart, typically in less than 10 minutes. Score over 300 data points, including a user's IP address & Device reputation, email address reputation, physical address, username, phone number, payment data, and similar info which provides our system with greater understanding of your users. Once IPQS is installed, instantly monitor your transactions & users for signals of malicious behavior as our system continues to learn from your audience.

Enterprise Support, 7 days Per Week

If you've tried working with other anti-fraud providers, then you've likely noticed how disconnected their product is from personal service and easy access to human help. A dedicated fraud specialist and technical advisor are available for your account 7 days per week. Receive support when you need it, even if it's a holiday.

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