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Stop Magento Chargebacks With Easy Magento Fraud Prevention

Run your Magento ecommerce store with less friction and time spent reviewing orders. Prevent Magento chargebacks and payment fraud with real-time scoring that accurately identifies stolen user data, bots, and high risk billing or shipping details. Tap into leading eCommerce fraud protection that scores hundreds of millions of user actions per day.

Magento chargeback protection analyzes every aspect of the order's billing details and shipping location to identify patterns that indicate a fraudulent purchase. eCommerce transaction fraud can greatly hurt online sales, especially when a store is still establishing their brand and cannot afford significant chargeback fees and lost inventory costs.

Magento Fraud Prevention

  • Detect bad bots and stop competitors from hurting your store's success.
  • Detect sophisticated fraud patterns and block suspicious payments that resemble human-like behavior.
  • Advanced email address risk scoring combined with worldwide user verification and advanced phone validation to verify new customers.
  • Safely process card-not-present (CNP) payments without exposure to abusive users.
  • Integrate Magento chargeback management for all Magento versions including 1.9 and 2.X.
Add Chargeback Protection to Magento

Enhanced Protection from Magento Chargebacks

In addition to successfully filtering risky payments and chargebacks, this plugin also enables Magento bot detection to accurately filter bad bots and automated behavior. Screen payments and bots in over 180 countries.

With the IPQS plugin enabled on your Magento eCommerce site, you can view risk data directly in your order history page. View Fraud Scores and risk analysis for each individual order and customer. Chargeback protection will automatically be enabled for every payment method including PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Chargetree, Chargify, and similar payment processors supported by Magento.

Protect Your Magento Store From Bots & Suspicious Behavior During Checkout

If your store is experiencing issues from competitors then your ad campaigns or even product inventories may be targeted by click fraud. The best way to solve this issue is by deploying bot detection live on your Magento site. This filters all malicious bots while still allowing verified search crawlers to reach your site.

Setup Magento Fraud Prevention In Minutes with the IPQS Plugin

Adjust additional scoring settings directly in the Magento plugin to control behavior and scoring settings. Additional settings for payment screening optimize scoring to best fit your audience. These can be adjusted through your IPQS dashboard.

Connect IPQS With Your Magento Store

Activate Magento fraud detection for your ecommerce store with just a few clicks. Sign up on IPQS to link your account with your Magento storefront.

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