Data Append Services & Data Append API

Improve Consumer Lead Identity With Data Enrichment Services

Data appends expand identity verification with the latest contact details, making it easier to understand your user's intentions and marketing preferences. Improve customer reach and fill in gaps in consumer data with leading data appending services. Enrich consumer profiles with fresh lead data from hundreds of sources with one simple data append API service. Identify leaked or stolen user data to accurately prevent fake account creation.

Enrich leads and customer profiles with demographics, lifestyle preferences, location intelligence, and recent contact details. Use the IPQS data append API to enrich data, such as a consumer's profile with the latest public records and lead data directly to your CRM or backend. For example, providing customer data such as name or email address to our phone appending service will perform a reverse phone number lookup to retrieve all active phone numbers associated with the user. Append emails, physical addresses, and much more using our full data appending services.

Data Append API for Real-Time Data Enrichment

Improve Consumer Intelligence With Batch File Checks or Append API Lookups

Increase contactability and customer engagement with expanded consumer intelligence. IPQS uses hundreds of trusted consumer data sources and public records for accurate identity resolution. Obtain a user's complete current contact information with all available contact points. Additionally, access detailed demographic data to segment your audience with support for US, Canada, and international regions. Pair identity data with IPQS lead validation tools such as phone number validation to determine if the user's number is currently active and reachable.

Launch smarter marketing campaigns with better insight for your customer's preferences. Data appending services provide a substantial ROI increase and lifetime value by better understanding your audience and potential clients. Enriching leads with identity intelligence can increase omnichannel reach, so you can contact customers via email address, physical address, phone number, and even through social media. Greater sales touches are strongly correlated with brand growth.

Intelligent data appending with API lookups provide real-time consumer data, enriched with demographic details, high match rates, and accurate data quality.

Public Records Lookup API

Search public records with a simple JSON or XML API lookup, such as criminal records, property records, voter records, and much more. IPQS searches consumer data against over 100 terabytes (TB) of recent data for the best data append match rates and data quality.

Our public records API can verify user identity for payment platforms, bank accounts, and similar sensitive accounts. Or simply populate missing consumer data for prospective customers to improve the available channels your marketing team can successfully reach your audience.

Enrich Identity Information & Consumer Data

Accurate Data Appends for Contact Details & Demographics

Accurate Data Appends

Data Appends

public records API

Public Records API

data enrichment

Consumer Data Enrichment

Demographic Phone Appends

Demographic & Phone Appends

Intelligent Data Appends

IPQS ensures accurate data appending by using machine learning and intelligent algorithms to connect billions of consumer records from trusted third parties, market research companies, and public records. These data sources include Acxiom Personicx Lifestage & Digital, Experian Mosaic, and I-Behavior — among many others. Segment your audience by demographics, lifestyle, location, home owner, car or boat owner, and much more. Consumer insight provides the ultimate data enrichment service for your customers and audience.

Phone Appending Services

Phone appends provide the user's active phone number based on the user's available identifiers, such as their name, email, address, birth date, and similar data. Only have an email address? Query our data append API to retrieve an associated phone number that's both active and reachable. Best in industry lead validation ensures all contact details are valid and reachable. Existing customer phone numbers can also be analyzed using a phone validator.

Update Outdated Consumer Data

Are your prospects and marketing lists outdated with old email addresses or phone numbers? Data appends will provide a consumer's most recent available contact details so your marketing team has the best chance of reaching that user. Query our data enrichment API with your current user details and our system will append the latest contact details.

Email Address Appends

Email appends provide the user's most recent email address(s) available that have recently been used by the user online. In some situations, multiple email addresses may be returned to provide the best chance of reaching a prospect. Simply provide our system with the user's name, phone, or address for a successful email append match. Existing email addresses can also be verified using our email validation services.

Consumer Data Append Fields

The following data points are populated when available for each consumer data append:

  • First & Last Name
  • Age & Gender
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Physical Address
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Address Type
  • Income Level
  • Home Owner
  • Mortgage Details
  • Household size
  • Education
  • Do Not Call List (DNC)
Data Appending Use Cases
  • Identity Verification
  • Account Approvals
  • Improving Customer Engagement
  • Updating Outdated Contact Details
  • Omnichannel Marketing
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Lead Enrichment
  • Identity Resolution
  • Lead Validation & Fraud Prevention
  • Predictive Lead Completion

Best Data Append Services

IPQS receives weekly updates on new consumer data to maintain high match rates with accurate data. Our in-house data scientist team ensures data integrity standards to maintain the best data append services. IPQS is always improving our data appending capabilities with ever expanding data sets and by using the freshest consumer databases along with machine learning matching.

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