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Validate leaked email addresses for registrations, payments, marketing lists, and overall user verification (such as AML/KYC) is an industry best practice to ensure your user data is accurate and up to date. Leaked Email Address verification also has an added benefit of limiting abusive behavior such as fake duplicate accounts and abuse from credit card chargebacks.

Verifying leaked email addresses can be performed with the IPQS leaked email address validation API which includes example code to make integration a breeze. Bulk marketing lists can also be uploaded through the user dashboard in CSV format. Affordable pricing and enhanced lookup details provide better data and reputation insight than similar services.

Detect leaked email addresses with one simple API lookup. Improve user data and lead quality with accurate email address lookups that check thousands of lists containing millions of examples of leaked information.

How Does Leaked Email Address Validation Work?

Upon searching with the Leaked Email Address Lookup tool above, IPQS will automatically lookup the email address against the country's number one collection of leaked data lists. A quick syntax check is performed to ensure the email address is properly formatted and then matched against our thousands of database lists. Once complete, the display will show if the email address was clean or if it was found, the details of which table and when it was first seen will be shown in that area.

Using these services in real time to verify potentially leaked email addresses is a great way to analyze user quality or perform lead scoring. This can be taken a step further for additional checks with leaked password validation and leaked username validation, for complete user verification.

What Leaked Email Address Lookup Data Is Available?

Using either the leaked email address verification API or bulk list processing will return whether the email address was found or not, if found, the name of the source list, and the date that email address was first seen on our lists. This makes it easy to identify a leaked email address that likely represent a fraudulent user with an compromised email address.

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