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Use this free bot IP checker to perform a bot detection test on any IP address. Lookup IPs that recently engaged in non-human, automated bot activity. 99.9% accuracy for testing bot & VPN or TOR IP addressees. Easily detect & block bots with real-time tools like our bot detection API and website bot protection.

Stop bot attacks on websites and prevent website or API scraping and crawling. Access the most advanced bot blacklists powered by IPQS bot detection solution.

Stop Bot Traffic On Your Website

Bot IP addresses are just a small part of malicious IP addresses that can cause problems for your business. IPQS proxy detection provides an easy solution for detecting all kinds of bad IP addresses including Proxy, VPN, and Tor connections.

Expand your website bot protection with advanced bot detection tools like JavaScipt Device Fingerprinting. Bot fingerprinting allows more advanced bot management since over 300 data points about the user's device and behavior can be analyzed in real-time.

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Bot Detection API

Did you know that our bot detection API can be added directly to your website or app? Score IPs and devices in real-time to prevent bad bots from creating fake accounts, submitting chargebacks, scraping or crawling, and similar malicious abuse. Simply upload a bulk IP list or view the bot detection API documentation to get started.

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Bot detection is accurate for any region and includes detection for IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses.

How To Stop A Bot?

Sophisticated bots try to blend in with natural human traffic to avoid bot detection tools. IPQS uses real-time analysis of the IP address and device signals to identify patterns of bot behavior which usually include human behavior patterns from a website's legitimate users. Once a bot has been identified, it can be blocked, redirected, presented with a Captcha, or shown a warning message. Our live bot protection enables a wide defense against any type of malicious bot behavior. Prevent website scraping, detect fake registrations, and mitigate suspicious payments all in real-time.

How to Stop Bot Attack on Website?

Deploying a bot detection solution is the best way to proactively enable website bot protection and block malicious bots, risky users, payment abuse, and similar bad actors. IPQS offers a complete bot management solution that can analyze users, payments, and website visitors to detect crawlers and prevent web scraping in addition to other abusive behavior.

How to Prevent Bots From Crawling Site?

Mitigate bot traffic even from advanced bots. IPQS solutions stop website crawling and prevent bots from scraping content with real-time bot mitigation. IPQS can quickly screen a website visitor's IP address against our known bot IP blacklist, which is updated every second with thousands of new malicious bots that have interacted with our honeypots & online traps. When a high risk bot connection is detected, the user can be blocked from any website or app. Rest assured that your legitimate users will not face any friction by blocking bots in real-time.

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How to Detect Bot IP Addresses?

Enable instant bot IP detection with the proxy detection API. IPQualityScore detects bot IP addresses using the most accurate database of malicious IP addresses, including proxies, VPNs, and TOR connections. Thousands of new bot IP addresses are added to our blacklist each second. As bot IPs interact with our honeypot and trap network on the web, we automatically blacklist malicious IPs and abusive connections like residential proxies and VPNs. Identify sophisticated bots that can create fake accounts, checkout with chargebacks, and similar abuse.

Query our real-time bot protection API or process a list of IP addresses to accurately detect bots. The IP address can also be analyzed for risk analysis, location, behavior history, and similar data. Access our blacklists through REST APIs or download our on-premise proxy detection database and threat intelligence API feeds.

Blocking Bots And Automated Attacks

Deploying a fraud prevention solution like IPQS can deter bots, mitigate automated attacks, and stop bots from engaging in malicious behavior. Solve issues like account takeover, bonus abuse, account origination fraud, risky transactions, credential stuffing attacks, and much more.

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