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Access over 25 data points for device fingerprinting details to analyze risk and device info.

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Industry Leading Device Fingerprinting Solution

Detect Fake Accounts, Bots, VPNs, Emulators, Fraudulent Users & Duplicate Accounts

Device Fingerprinting by IPQS offers an unparalleled fraud detection solution capable of detecting even the most advanced fraudsters, bad actors, and cybercriminals. Scan over 300 data points (like operating system, screen resolution, fonts) to accurately identify fake devices, location spoofing, and high risk behavior in a user's online fingerprint. Identify bots, automated behavior, device spoofing, & other high confidence signals that the user is likely to engage in fraudulent behavior.

Device Fingerprinting Benefits For Fraud Detection

Deploy JavaScript Device Fingerprinting for web devices or use our SDKs for mobile devices on iOS or Android. Robust risk scoring will accurately identify fake accounts, chargebacks, credential stuffing, bot behavior, and similar abuse.

  • Device ID Tracking — Device Fingerprinting collects unique details about a user's device to generate a device ID that can be associated with a specific user. Device Fingerprint IDs can be used to track duplicate accounts and returning fraudsters.
  • Detect GPS Spoofing — Mobile device fingerprinting uncovers sophisticated fraud for desktops and mobile apps whenever a user is spoofing their GPS location. Even advanced fraudsters cannot bypass our device fingerprinting GPS spoofing detection.
  • Identify Emulators — IPQS Device Fingerprinting can reveal advanced fraud techniques including the latest emulator software. Detect browser spoofing, emulators, and similar types of abuse that involve device spoofing or operating system emulation.
  • Stop Bots And Scraping — Identify non human traffic and block bots in real-time with advanced bot fingerprinting.
  • Prevent High Risk Users & Chargebacks — Fraudsters use a combination of the methods above and similar abusive behavior for carding attacks, fake account creation, and even account takeover attacks. Browser fingerprinting completely mitigates this type of abuse. Block high risk device fingerprints known across our threat network.

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Better Device Fingerprint Accuracy

Web Fingerprinting At Its Best

Integrate accurate web fingerprinting on your sites for desktop device fingerprinting as well as mobile traffic with just a few lines of code. Track devices with full support for cross device fingerprinting compatible with all web browsers. Mobile apps can use the IPQS mobile device fingerprinting SDK for easy integration with iOS and Android frameworks.

Predict User Intent & Identify Non-Human Behavior

Additionally, analyze user intent and behavior across our vast database of web device fingerprinting patterns of fraud to identify bad actors with a high probability of engaging in malicious behavior. Track users even as they change their browser, IP address, and other identifiable settings which typically makes detecting duplicate accounts even more difficult, especially when abusive users are involved. Unlike proxy detection, this risk analysis searches deep into the user's online device fingerprint, analyzing beyond their IP address and browser with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Uncover The Most Sophisticated Fraud & Device Spoofing

Traditional methods of catching low quality users and fraudulent payments are quickly becoming outdated as fraudsters continue to improve their levels of sophistication and techniques. Fraudsters can quickly access virtual machines with legitimate IP addresses or even choose from thousands of devices with tools like Multi-Login, Linken Sphere, FraudFox, & AntiDetect. Use device fingerprinting as the best defense to mitigate abuse with advanced fraud prevention measures. Prevent fake accounts or similar risky behavior with real-time web device fingerprinting that improves audience quality by up to 35%.

Researchers are now estimating that over $200 billion in credit card fraud & chargebacks and over $16 billion in online advertising fraud are predicted for 2024. These numbers are expected to rise even further in the next few years. But your company doesn't need to be another statistic. IPQS solves these challenges with device fingerprinting techniques, an easy way to easily score users, clicks, & payments without friction for legitimate users. Get browser fingerprinting setup on your site or app in just a few minutes.

Track & score users as they move through your platform. Identify bots, spoofed devices, location spoofing, and analyze users against thousands of high risk behavior patterns.

How Do I Integrate JavaScript Device Fingerprinting?

Simply install our Android and iOS fingerprinting SDKs or place a JavaScript tag through a marketing, user, or payment funnel on your site or app to instantly gain insights into each user. Fraud Scores & over 25 data points are returned in real-time so your system can perform real-time browser fingerprinting using your own business logic. For example, redirecting the user, internally flagging a user or transaction as suspicious, requiring additional verification, automatic suspension, and similar actions can be executed when high fraud scores are detected. Post analysis can also be performed through our powerful user dashboard and advanced reporting. Tracking variables make it easy to correlate a Fraud Score or fingerprint device ID with a specific transaction ID, user ID, product ID, campaign ID, etc. so you can properly align the data within your own backend.

A robust device fingerprint API suite is available to seamlessly integrate with your site, software, or apps. IPQS support team also offers free integration assistance 7 days per week as well as example code and simple documentation.

IPQS Device Fingerprinting technology is optimized for scoring mobile or desktop devices in any country. Identify suspicious users, clicks, & transactions and abusive behavior in real-time.

Proactive Detection & Customized Scoring

Catch high risk users and suspicious transactions in real-time which can be blocked or flagged for manual review or even supplement your own real-time decision making process. IPQS Device Fingerprinting tools return a real-time fraud score indicating the likeliness of the user to engage in fraud, in addition to other data such as a super tracking ID, confidence score, location, device variables, and the connection status as a proxy, VPN, or TOR connection.

We realize every site has different requirements for fraud detection, so our device fingerprint tools are flexible to provide custom anti-fraud solutions for any site or app. The IPQS user dashboard makes it easy to create custom rules that modify how specific checks factor into the user's device fraud score. Additionally, custom blacklists and whitelists tailor the service to fit your audience for the best browser fingerprint experience.

Track users with web device fingerprinting as they move through your site, even as they change their browser, IP address, and other device configuration settings that could be used to identify them. Fraudsters routinely create duplicate accounts to engage in abusive behavior and will do everything they can to circumvent bans and suspensions on their existing accounts. Identify fraudulent users even if they use multiple devices or the same device. Device fingerprinting risk scores are accurate enough to prevent fraud such as duplicate users and even fake accounts.

IPQS algorithms use a mix of artificial intelligence, bot detection, & machine learning bot fingerprinting to tailor fraud detection for your audience, while also learning from your history. Prevent fraud using real-time risk scoring so fraudsters can be blocked or flagged for review - preventing chargebacks, click fraud, free trial abuse, and other abusive actions that can be time consuming to manually manage.

Fraud Prevention That Understands Your Audience

Easily Identify High Risk Users & Transactions

Stop fraud before it can impact your business. Device Fingerprinting makes it easy to predict the user's device intent and isolate high risk activity, mitigating any detrimental effects against your business.

Personal Machine Learning

Every account has multiple machine learning algorithms & AI processes that learn directly from your audience, so your scoring accuracy is always being improved as more data is processed. This allows for a better user experience without false-positives.

Cost-Effective and Scaling Affordability

Experience the industry's greatest accuracy rates with over 10x less costs and service fees for device fingerprinting technology. Never pay for onboarding fees or early termination fees, you can cancel at any time.

Prevent Account Abuse & Free Trial Fraud

Automatically identify duplicate accounts, fake user data, frequent abusers, and other types of low quality users. Spend less time reviewing accounts and focus on more important tasks with Device Fingerprinting technology.

Stop Click Fraud, Wasted Ad Budgets, & Fake Installs

Device fingerprinting prevents all kinds of ad fraud including spoofed devices, emulators, residential proxies, device resetting & high risk activity that produces click fraud and fake installs. Protect your advertising budgets and prevent low quality clicks from reaching your advertisers and partners.

Enterprise Support, 7/365

IPQS support team is always available for you, any day of the week including holidays. We can additionally assist with the integration process, making it as effortless as possible for your team. You'll always have a human point of contact that you can reach out to.

Device Fingerprinting Explained

How Does Device Fingerprinting Work?

JavaScript Device Fingerprinting uses a JS pixel to collect device identifiers from local hardware and software settings to create a unique device ID hash and identify high risk behavior patterns. Cross device technology allows for tracking devices by monitoring configuration settings of a user's device, even if they use the same device or multiple devices. Once our system has analyzed this data, Device IDs can be used to track users as they return to your site or even to track new accounts or orders. Some examples of device data used for fingerprinting includes installed fonts, screen resolution, graphics card, CPU processor, ram total, battery status, browser settings such as plugins and languages, operating system, private browsing, timezone, speaker settings, audio fingerprint, and IP address reputation.

Bot Fingerprinting

With IPQS, your device fingerprinting fraud scoring will always be agile enough to outsmart cybercriminals. Bot fingerprinting detects non-human behavior against thousands of suspicious device patterns. By performing device validation and verifying the operating system's configuration settings, it's possible to detect bot traffic and emulators among other bad actors by preventing suspicious devices. Check device fingerprints against billions of devices previously seen across the IPQS threat network. This expansive data set protects your site from spammers, fake accounts, bots, shopping cart abuse, chargebacks, account takeover, and many other serious cyber threats.

Best of Device Fingerprinting Technology

Get the best of device fingerprinting easily deployed on your site. Access accurate tracking methods for device IDs to identify duplicate accounts, free trial abuse, and similar issues. IPQS browser fingerprinting risk scores are the key to preventing fraud. Combat malicious bots & risky users. Device fingerprinting by IPQualityScore gives you complete control to mitigate fraud from signups to payments. Integrate the device fingerprinting service by adding a simple JavaScript pixel on your website.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced Browser Device Fingerprinting & Device Tracking
  • Browser Fingerprint & Cross Device Tracking
  • Protect Against Identity Theft & Digital Impersonation
  • Bot Detection & Customizable Scoring
  • Collect Device Data, 300+ Data Points to Create a Unique Device Fingerprint
  • Device Fingerprint Tracker For Desktop & Mobile Device Fingerprinting
  • Pull Data, Fraud Score Averages, & Reports with an API
  • Lower Your Chance of Chargebacks, Reversals, Abuse, & Fraudulent Users
  • Real-Time Fraud Scores & Android SDK or iOS SDK
  • Detect Duplicate Accounts & Users
  • Compare Device Fingerprints Against Device Blocklists
  • Device Fingerprint Tracker Loads in Milliseconds, Mobile Device Compatible

Who Uses This Service?

  • Advertisers, Affiliate Marketers, & Ad Networks
  • Mobile App, Delivery, & Ride Share Services
  • Marketplaces, Exchanges, & E-Commerce
  • Dating & Gaming Networks
  • Payment Processors, Merchants, & Financial Institutions
  • Online Retailers — Online Sales, Sign Ups, & Lead Generation
  • Software, Game, & Mobile Application Developers
  • Any Business with Users or Transactions
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