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IPQ's Device Detection can track users even as they switch their browser and IP address!

Detect Fraudulent Users Intentionally Spoofing their Online Fingerprint

IPQ's device detection is an unparalleled fraud detection service capable of detecting even the most advanced fraudsters and spoofing techniques. Our system works by scanning over 200 data points to identify any irregularities in a user's online fingerprint that would indicate the user is intentionally manipulating their online signature and has a high probability to engage in malicious activity. Users can be tracked even when they change their browser, IP address, and identifiable settings which makes it easy to catch duplicate accounts, especially when abusive users are switching between accounts. Unlike proxy detection, this method of evaluation searches deep into the user's online fingerprint, way beyond their IP address and browser using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Traditional methods of catching bad users are quickly becoming outdated as fraudsters continue to improve their levels of sophistication and techniques. Researchers are estimating that over $200 billion in credit card fraud & chargebacks and over $16 billion in online advertising fraud is predicted for this year. These numbers are expected to rise even further in the next few years. Fraudsters are always looking for the next industry or service they can target to make a quick dollar. Our Device Fingerprinting service is an incredibly easy way to combat fraud and can be integrated in just minutes.

How Do I Integrate Device Fingerprinting?

Simply place a JavaScript tag through a marketing funnel in your site or app and instantly gain insights into each user. A fraud score can be returned in real-time so your system can perform its own business logic when high fraud scores are reported such as URL redirection or internally flagging the user or transaction. Post analysis can also be performed through our powerful user platform and advanced reports. Our system supports variable tracking to make it easy to align a fraud score/fingerprint result with a specific transaction ID, user ID, product ID, campaign ID, etc.

A robust API suite is available to seamlessly integrate with your site, software, or apps to pull average fraud rates and other data for any set of variables such as a specific user, affiliate/referral source, product ID, country, advertising campaign, etc. Our support team also offers free integration assistance, example code, and clear documentation.

Device Fingerprinting Overview

Catch high risk users and suspicious transactions in real-time which can be blocked or flagged for manual review or even supplement your own real-time decision making process. IPQ's Device Fingerprinting tools return a real-time fraud score indicating the likeliness of the user to engage in fraud, in addition to other data such as a tracking ID, confidence score, location, and the status as a proxy or VPN connection.

We realize every site has different requirements for fraud detection, so our tools are flexible and can provide a custom anti-fraud solution for any site. IPQ's user dashboard makes it easy to create custom rules that modify how certain tests we perform factor into the user's fraud score. Additionally, custom blacklists and whitelists tailor the service to fit your audience.

Track users as they move through your site, even as they change their browser, IP address, and other settings that could be used to identify them. Fraudsters routinely create duplicate accounts to engage in abusive behavior and will do everything they can to circumvent bans and suspensions on their existing accounts. IPQ's anti-fraud tools makes it easy to identify these users and permanently block them.

IPQ's algorithms use a mix of artificial intelligence and machine learning to tailor fraud detection for your audience, while also learning from your history. Using real-time results, high risk users and fraudsters can be blocked or flagged for review - preventing chargebacks, click fraud, free trial abuse, and other abusive actions that can be time consuming to manually manage.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced Device Fingerprinting & Device Tracking
  • 5,000 FREE Device Fingerprint Checks Per Month
  • AI & Machine Learning Algorithm
  • Customizable Blacklists and Adjustable Scoring Weights
  • Collects over 200 Identifying Data Points to Create a Unique Device Fingerprint
  • Loads in Milliseconds, Compatible with Mobile Devices
  • Pull Data, Fraud Score Averages, and Reports from our API
  • Lower Your Chance of Chargebacks, Reversals, Abuse, & Fraudulent Users
  • Receive a Fraud Score in Real-Time for Each User or Transaction
  • Detect Duplicate Accounts & Users
  • Powerful Reporting Platform - Advanced Reports to Breakdown the Data & Fraudulent Sources
  • Take a Proactive Approach to Fighting Fraud

Who Uses This Service?

  • Advertisers, Affiliate Marketers, & Ad Networks
  • Marketplaces, Exchanges, & E-Commerce
  • Payment Processors, Merchants, & Financial Institutions
  • Online Retailers — Online Sales, Sign Ups, & Lead Generation
  • Software, Game, & App Developers
  • SaaS Service Providers
  • Any Business with Users or Transactions
Device Fingerprinting
Device Fingerprinting

Device Fingerprinting

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API Access & Detailed Reports

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