IPQS Fraud Prevention API Documentation Overview

IPQualityScore offers a variety of different risk analysis APIs designed to Proactively Prevent Fraud™ for your company, website, or app. From small and medium sized website owners to enterprise companies and the internet's most popular sites, IPQS has the right solutions to solve your challenges with online fraud.

Proxy Detection & Fraud Scoring API

The most accurate IP Reputation & IP Intelligence API with support for proxy, VPN, and Tor detection. Analyze clicks, users, and transactions with IPQS Fraud Scoring Technology, backed by over 10 years of proven solutions.

Proxy & VPN Detection API Documentation Payment & Transaction Scoring Phone Validation Address Verification

Email Validation API

Validate email addresses and analayze email reputations with real-time checks or by processing a CSV file. Perform additional risk analysis to determine if an email address belongs to a disposable email service or has recently engaged in abusive behavior.

Email Validation API Documentation

Device Fingerprint API

Screen clicks, users, and transactions in real-time by assessing over 300 data points about a user's device and online signature. Produce accurate Fraud Scores that look beyond a user's IP address for patterns of fraud and high risk behavior. Device Fingerprinting is the premier solution for detecting bots, non-human behavior, and intent to engage in abusive actions.

Device Fingerprinting API Documentation