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Robust Fraud Prevention API for Accurate Risk Scoring

The IPQualityScore fraud detection API suite features a variety of different risk analysis APIs designed to Proactively Prevent Fraud™ with industry leading accuracy to identify fraudulent users, suspicious payments, and abusive behavior. From small and medium sized businesses to enterprise companies and the internet's most popular sites, IPQS has the right solutions to solve your challenges with online fraud prevention and user validation.

Deploying the Fraud Detection API

Easily integrate the IPQS fraud prevention API to analyze risk in real-time. Improve your company's existing fraud scoring models or use IPQS for a complete fraud detection solution across your sites and apps. Our fraud detection API provides the best accuracy when deployed on registration, login, and payment pages — or similar user actions for scoring customer data and transactions.

Deploy the fraud detection API on your website or app to mitigate abusive behavior and prevent bad actors such as:

  • Fraudulent Payments - Block fraudulent payments with advanced risk analysis for billing details using our chargeback detection. Prevent fraudulent transactions with over 99% accuracy.
  • Fake Accounts - Minimize account origination fraud with real-time user validation to prevent fraudulent sign ups combined with fake account detection during account opening.
  • Bots & Abuse - Intelligently block bots to prevent scraping, fake users, and abusive behavior.
  • Account Takeover (ATO) & Credential Stuffing - Filter out bad traffic and abusive requests that attempt to hijack accounts with leading account takeover detection. Use a mixture of behavior signals and device/IP intelligence to completely mitigate account takeovers.
Better Fraud Prevention, Improved Detection Rates

Outperform your current risk provider with up to 40% greater detection rates for fraud prevention and risk scoring. IPQS analyzes over 1B actions per day through our fraud APIs, feeding a massive amount of data to our algorithms for intelligent processing. Detect new threats and fraud rings before they impact your site and never worry about relying on old data. IPQS Fraud Prevention APIs use proprietary data from our honeypots, traps, dark web monitoring, threat network, and Fraud Fusion™, an invite-only program of Fortune 500 companies which report suspicious behavior to IPQS in real-time. Make accurate decisions based on real data from the past 24 - 36 hours with worldwide coverage for every region.

What Makes Our Fraud Prevention API Better Than Similar Solutions?
  • 10+ Years of Technology - IPQS is a proven solution to stop fraud across any niche. Deploy accurate fraud prevention for any country or audience type.
  • 50+ Scoring Options - Customize detection rates, blacklists, thresholds, and validation rules for the perfect synergy with your audience.
  • Better Fraud Detection Tools & Data - Detect residential proxies, compromised IP addresses, fraudulent emails, disposable phone numbers, stolen credit cards, emulators and spoofed devices, leaked user info, and much more that other providers let slip past their risk services.
  • Lightweight Pricing - No contracts, no commitments. Lookups as low as $0.0003 per query. IPQS combines the industry's best accuracy rates with the best pricing.
Proxy Detection & Fraud Prevention API

The most accurate IP Reputation & IP Intelligence API with support for proxy, VPN, and Tor detection. Analyze clicks, users, and transactions with IPQS Fraud Detection Technology, backed by over 10 years of proven solutions. View granular details such as abuse velocity, bot activity, and overall risk scores.

Proxy & VPN Detection API Documentation Payment & Transaction Scoring Phone Validation Address Verification

Email Validation API With Fraud Detection

Validate email addresses and analyze email reputations with real-time checks or by processing a CSV file. Perform additional email risk analysis to determine if an email address belongs to a disposable email service, risky mail provider, or has recently engaged in abusive behavior across the IPQS threat network. Advanced email fraud prevention can screen users and payments in real-time for suspicious behavior.

Email Validation API Documentation

Phone Validation & Reputation API

Validate phone numbers in any country while retrieving the current carrier, line type, location, risk score, and much more. Real-time phone intelligence identifies virtual lines and VOIP connections in addition to any numbers related to abusive behavior online. Enrich phone numbers with additional data such as name and demographics using our reverse phone number lookup tools.

Phone Validation & Reputation Documentation

Device Fingerprint API

Screen clicks, users, and transactions in real-time by assessing over 300 data points about a user's device and online signature. Produce accurate Fraud Scores that look beyond a user's IP address for patterns of fraud and high risk behavior. Device Fingerprinting is the premier solution for detecting bots, non-human behavior, and intent to engage in abusive actions.

Device Fingerprinting API Documentation

Mobile Device Fingerprinting SDK

Perform in-app fingerprinting with the IPQS SDK for iOS and Android apps. Install the SDK with just a few lines of code to accurately provide risk analysis and user tracking for mobile devices.

Device Fingerprinting SDK Documentation

Malicious URL Scanner & Domain Reputation API

Scan URLs and domains to identify zero-day phishing, malware, and suspicious links. Detect parked or hijacked domains and abusive links with real-time domain intelligence backed by advanced machine learning models.

Malicious URL Scanner API Documentation

Easy Setup With Flexible Settings

Each documentation page provides example code to quickly setup our fraud prevention APIs. Instantly deploy comprehensive fraud protection with accurate detection rates for even the most sophisticated malicious behavior. Real-time protection to stop bad actors for any use case. If you are using a popular CMS or shopping cart software, a fraud prevention plugin may already exist for your platform.

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What is A Fraud Prevention API?

Fraud Prevention APIs allow businesses to pass user and payment data in real-time through an application programming interface (API), enabling a real-time third party risk assessment during account creation, payment or transaction, login, or similar action. Instantly enable a complete fraud detection system for any action of your website or mobile app. The API request returns a fraud score and similar reputation metrics based on the user or billing details to accurately analyze risk. The business can then block the account sign up or payment based on the risk factors identified by IPQS.

When To Use a Fraud Prevention API?

Using a Fraud Prevention API is a best practice to detect fraud during an important action point such as account registration or during a shopping cart checkout or payment. This tool can help companies of all sizes mitigate risk and identify bad actors or fraudulent transactions. Depending on the risk score, suspicious users or payments can even be subject to additional verification methods instead of being outright blocked for high risk behavior.

What is a Fraud Detection API?

A Fraud Detection API is the best solution for on-demand fraud detection and risk analysis to mitigate risky behavior. Block fraud with a proprietary risk score generated in real-time by our fraud detection APIs. Analyze users, accounts registrations, or payments made at checkout to detect fraudulent behavior like fake accounts, suspicious payments, and chargebacks generated from fraudulent transactions. Prevent abusive behavior, bots, and bad actors by deploying a fraud detection API on your website.

How Does a Fraud Prevention API Detect Fraud?

User data processed through to the IPQS Fraud Detection API uses advanced risk scoring from a suite of APIs such as IP reputation, email fraud detection, and email address risk assessment. Additionally access intelligent bot mitigation that detects bots and non-human traffic with the ability to block bad requests in real-time. When you use IPQS risk scoring services, you are deploying a comprehensive fraud detection system which has been fine-tuned through over 10 years of technology supporting thousands of B2B customers. Our fraud detection strategy models are always updating to maintain an edge over high risk users and sophisticated fraudulent activity signals.

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