Request List API Documentation

IPQS Request List API allows you to retrieve previous Proxy Detection API, Email Validation API and Device Fingerprinting technology requests to our API based on the date they occurred or custom variables.

Request Formatting

You may want to retrieve the results of previous requests to our API in bulk for additional external processing. Requests via this API can be made via POST or GET. For the purposes of our documentation we'll demonstrate GET requests. Custom tracking variables passed with your initial request must be listed on your account's custom tracking variables in order for the request to be successful. All requests to this API must contain a "type" parameter corresponding to the original request's type ("proxy", "email", "devicetracker", or "mobiletracker").

You can request a date range from our API like such:

Example Custom Variable Usage

Let's say we knew that the request had a "transactionID" of 99. Here's how we'd request to see all requests with a transaction ID of 99. (Note: type is required, see the table below for acceptable values):

JSON Success Response Example

NOTE: The structure of each request will vary based on the type specified. For more details about what format to expect for your query type, please refer to: Proxy Detection API, Email Validation API or Device Fingerprinting technology

Additional Request Options

Due to the nature of platform requirements or frameworks it may be necessary to request IPQS API endpoints without passing the API key in the URL. As an alternative, IPQS allows the API key to be passed via GET, POST, or Headers. These requests use the following endpoints:

Method Value Example
GET key ?key=YOUR_API_KEY_HERE&transactionID=99&type=proxy
POST key key=YOUR_API_KEY_HERE&transactionID=99&type=proxy
Header IPQS-KEY (Additional parameters passed as either GET or POST) IPQS-KEY: YOUR_API_KEY_HERE

Accepted Parameters

Below is a list of accepted parameters, a brief description and a listing of their required formatting.

Response Field Definitions

Below is a list of expected result fields for your query.

Example Code