PfSense Integration - IP Address Filtering

IPQualityScore's pfSense Integration allow you to block connections to and from your network through our advanced Proxy, VPN & TOR Detection at the network level. This integration offers multiple advantages over our usual Proxy, VPN & TOR Detection Integrations since you can block a threat before it reaches your network's webpage, login portal or checkout page. Below you will find information on installing, setting up & configuring this integration to meet the desires that your network has to help you Proactively Prevent Fraud


IPQualityScore is currently not in the pfSense Ports library and must be installed manually.

  1. Download the package

  2. Extract files to a temporary folder

  3. Copy the folder named "usr" to the root of the firewall

    Screen capture of scp command.
    Windows scp -r path\to\package\usr root@firewall.address:/
    scp -r path/to/package/usr root@firewall.address:/

  4. SSH into the firewall & execute the following command:

    Screen capture of pfSense <b>IPQualityScore</b> integration install.
    /usr/local/bin/php -f /usr/local/www/ipqualityscore/.api.php -- --install
  5. Once the installation is complete, please go to the pfSense webpanel and refresh.

    Screen capture of <b>IPQualityScore</b> Panel.


Accessing - IPQualityScore Panel

  • At the top navigation bar mouse over on Firewall

  • Click on IPQualityScore

Setting up net monitor

Once you are logged into the panel

  • Check the enable box the boxes below will become editable.

  • Select your preferences or follow the recommendations from the Best Practices & Tips Guide page

  • Click the save button below to start the network monitoring tool.

Supported Builds

Version Community Plus Downloads
2.5.2 Version 0.1.0
2.5.1-RELEASE Version 0.1.0