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Anonymized IP addresses such as proxies, Tor exit nodes, & VPN connections enable users to conceal their location and true IP address, making it difficult to accurately extract a user's true identity. The IPQS proxy detection database makes it easy to identify high risk IPs against those used for privacy while browsing online. Unparalleled accuracy provides the most intelligent proxy detection results without impacting genuine users of your audience.

IPQS proxy detection database is the leading IP Reputation data set to easily distinguish riskier IP addresses with a history of fraudulent behavior or a high probability of malicious intent. This includes IP addresses that are open or anonymous proxies, Tor nodes, VPNs, hosting providers & data centers, botnets, residential proxies, and other undesirable shared connections that are highly inclined to engage in unwanted actions.

Protect Your Site With A Proxy Detection Database

Detect High Risk IP Addresses Better Than Any Other Service

IPQS proprietary methods for proxy detection ensure the highest levels of precision, minimizing false-positives and detecting high risk IP addresses faster than any other service. The proxy database is updated hourly to ensure the latest proxy IP addresses and high risk connections are always detected. Maintain an accurate IP blocklist that can effectively filter bad actors, anonymous proxy servers, residential proxies, VPN anonymizers, with just milliseconds of analysis.

IPQS features the most advanced data set for proxy detection and IP address risk analysis. Identify residential proxies and abusive IP addresses with unmatched detection rates for suspicious IP addresses without false-positives.

IPQS Anonymous IP Proxy & VPN Detection Database Activity


Blacklisted Anonymous IPs


New Proxies Blacklisted Per Second


VPNs & Data Center IPs

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What are the Benefits of a Proxy Database?

Proxies, VPNs, and Tor connections are the primary enablers of fraudulent traffic. Abusive users, fraudulent clicks, stolen credit cards & chargebacks, duplicate accounts, user generated content SPAM (such as marketplaces, forums & blogs), and similar mischievous behavior is conducted through proxy connections.

Deploying a proxy detection database on-premises immediately allows your software to identify high risk users and transactions. Greatly reduce headaches from fraud and abusive behavior and ensure users are acting in good faith.

The IPQS anonymous IP database accurately captures all types of malicious IP addresses including anonymous proxy servers, VPN providers, datacenter proxies, residential proxies, and other types of web proxies. Confidently deploy VPN detection in addition to identifying the usual proxy types.

Comprehensive Protection Powered by IPQS Proxy Database

Confidently Score IP Addresses, Users, & Transactions

Database Updated Hourly

Updated Hourly


Enforce Geo Restrictions

accurate proxy detection

Accurate Proxy Detection

flexible detection settings

Flexible Detection Settings

The Premier IP Blacklist

Improve your detection for blacklisting IP addresses to mitigate low quality data and harmful user behavior. Querying an IP address against the IPQS proxy blacklist database provides quick response times, in just a few milliseconds. Instantly access over 25 data points of risk analysis data to profile your users and clicks.

An IP address blocklist is an ideal solution for solving click fraud and cybersecurity issues where malicious actors are likely operating bad connections already blacklisted by IPQS. Our intelligent algorithms also identify new IP addresses that are recently compromised, so you can always be protected from the latest threats. The proxy detection database maintains up to date blacklists for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Cyberthreat IP Reputation Intelligence

Lock down cyberthreats such as phishing, account takeover, infected devices, bots & automated behavior, and similar abuse. IPQS IP Intelligence data indicates high risk connections with over 20 data points of analysis. Customize scoring for your audience with adjustable strictness levels and scoring settings.

Stop DDOS Attacks, Botnets, Spam, Scraping, and Web Attacks

IPQS provides the most comprehensive IP Reputation feed to identify anonymous IP connections involved in malicious behavior online in any region of the world. Instantly deploy our IP Reputation data to block web attacks, scraping, and even user generated spam from bad actors. The threat feed also includes IP addresses involved in distributed denial of service attacks and active botnets worldwide.

Proxy Detection Integration With Popular Firewalls & SOARs

Deploy the leading IP Intelligence service in just a few minutes to popular SOAR platforms like Swimlane, Splunk, FireEye, CrowdStrike, ThreatQ, LogRhythm, Rapid7, D3 Security, and ThreatConnect. 1-click deployment keeps your IP address reputation feeds up to date with the latest threats, protected from newly compromised IP addresses. Enterprise firewalls like F5, Barracuda, Citrix, Cisco, Akamai, Juniper Networks, Palo Alto, and Fortinet can also be quickly integrated with our proxy detection database feeds. In addition to the firewalls listed here, IPQS can be integrated into any custom or third party platform.

Proxy Database Specifications

IPQS Proxy Databases and on-premise IP reputation solutions include the following information and data points:

  • CIDR IP Address Range
  • Proxy Status
  • VPN Status
  • Tor Status
  • Hosting Provider / Data Center Status
  • Botnet Activity
  • Proprietary Fraud Score (0-100)
  • Residential Proxy Analysis
  • Connection Type
  • Publicly Shared Connection Point
  • Geo Details
  • Search Engine Crawler
  • Recent Abusive Activity
  • Abusive Velocity
  • ASN / Organization

Custom data points can be added to the proxy detection database upon request. Adjustable strictness levels can also be set depending on your audience type and the severity of fraudulent activity in your industry.

Popular Client Industries
  • Casino & Gaming - Deploy VPN detection to ensure compliance with regulators and partners by working with real users in approved geographic regions.
  • Ad Networks & Traffic Sources - Identify click fraud in real-time to prevent fake clicks, bots, and fraudulent traffic.
  • OTT & Video Streaming - Fulfill contractual obligations with content providers by ensuring users are not hiding their true location.
  • Banks & Financial Institutions - Detect fraudulent applications, account takeover abuse, and fraudulent transactions from high risk users.
  • Dating & Social Networks - Prevent low quality users from creating fake accounts, identify bots, and prevent malicious behavior.
  • Payment Processors - Monitor transactions for abusive IP addresses likely to result in chargebacks and stolen credit cards.
  • Firewall & WAFs - Import our advanced IP reputation databases directly into your firewall and WAF rules for edge protection.
  • Apps & Marketplaces - Detect fake listings, duplicate accounts, fake users, and similar types of high risk behavior.

Anonymous IP Database

One simple IP reputation database file, which is updated multiple times per hour, is available for download via an API feed or with an on-premise solution. This file includes all anonymous IP addresses such as proxies, VPNs, TOR, and any type of tunnel or anonymous IP connection. Malicious anonymous IP addresses are highlighted with elevated fraud scores and abuse reports so your business logic can accurately route traffic, prevent fraud, and eliminate abuse.

Proxy Type Classification

IPQualityScore's threat experts are committed to delivering the best quality proxy detection data for IP address reputation. Our IP address database includes coverage for all proxy types including anonymous proxy servers, web proxies, TOR exit nodes, residential proxies, VPN anonymizers, data centers, hosting providers, and similar threats. These data sets provide an enterprise-grade anonymous IP database that can be easily deployed in any environment for proxy or VPN detection.

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