VPNs & Proxies Explained and How They Can Hurt Your Business

Anonymized connections from VPNs & proxies are causing fraud and abuse for your business

Fraud is everywhere online now, and fraudsters haven’t gotten any dumber. In fact, they’ve gotten smarter. Fraudsters and scammers keep up to date with the latest technology to disguise and hide their identities. Therefore, it’s crucial that you stay one step ahead of these cyber-criminals and ensure the safety of not only your website and profits, but also your customers and their data.

One of the many ways that fraudsters are currently keeping themselves anonymous while they hack in to innocent sites is through the usage of VPNs and Proxies.

Wait, What is a VPN??

VPNs and Proxies

Chances are, you’ve heard of VPNs and Proxies in some capacity and have a general idea of what they are from tech news and TV shows, but what do they actually do, and why is it important for you to know?

A VPN stands for a virtual private network, which means (in English), that whoever is using one on their computer can disguise their identity by pinging their actual IP address to dozens of others across the world, masking who and where they really are.

While there can absolutely be justifiable and legitimate uses for a VPN, journalism for sensitive topics for example, it’s been reported that nearly all criminals and fraudsters use either VPNs or Proxies to block their true identity.

And once they’re in your site with their new disguise, they can literally wreak havoc. We’re talking about potential chargebacks, SPAM posts, duplicate accounts, free trial abuse, reversals, data extraction, and fraudulent (fake) users in general.

Well that all sounds terrible… How can I prevent it?

Fortunately, as fraudsters get smarter, so do the technologies that are created to protect against them. In order to ensure a 100% safe website experience for all visitors and customers, it’s essential to have VPN & Proxy detection and prevention software in place.

“That’s probably super expensive… Is it even actually worth it?”

The answer is no, and yes! IPQualityScore offers affordable and fraud-free proxy detection and prevention services.

What We Offer

IPQS truly believes that all websites and businesses should have state of the art protection in place to prevent fraud. Therefore, we make it as simple and stress-free to integrate within your current systems. Plus, it’s packed with features.

To name a few:

  • 5,000 FREE Proxy Detection API Lookups Per Month
  • Prevent Chargebacks, SPAM, Abusive Actions, Reversals, Duplicate Accounts, & Fraudulent Users
  • Batch Process CSV Files
  • Manage Whitelist & Blacklist Rules
  • Support for Postback Conversions and Web Callbacks
  • Block Proxies, VPNs, Tor, Bots, & Other Malicious IP Addresses
  • Smart Fraud Scoring & Threat Blocking

IPQualityScore proudly represents the industry’s most accurate proxy and VPN prevention service available. Not only will you now be able to identify fraud risks in real time as visitors are on your website, you’ll be functionally stopping anyone using these identity masking tools to gain access to any sensitive material at all.

Who’s Using It Already? (And Who Should Be)

Ideally, every business with an online presence and data and customers to protect should have security measures like this put in place, whether it’s with our service or others.

However, thousands have already reaped the benefits of preventing online fraud, and saving thousands of dollars a year in the process. Not just E-Commerce sites with a product to sell can benefit from this. Advertisers, online casinos, affiliate networks, cryptocurrency exchanges, software and app developers, any site with users, and dozens more have experienced what true security feels like.

Proactively Prevent Fraud with IPQS

Users utilizing VPNs, Proxies, TOR, or any of the dozens of ways to mask their identity can pose a serious risk to your website and users. The ability to detect and prevent these users is just one of the ways to make your website safer this year.

We hope you join us in the fight against fraud and invite you to create a free account with access to 5,000 free lookups per month.

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