New Account Fraud Detection —Prevent Account Origination Fraud

Account Creation Fraud Detection — Prevent Fake Registrations

IPQS provides complete protection for your sites and apps to prevent account creation fraud, online account origination fraud, and abusive lead generation. Use a multi-tiered approach to verify user data in real-time during account opening with API lookups and live risk scoring to prevent new account fraud. Quickly detect fake leads create fake accounts such as disposable emails & phones, disconnected phone numbers, synthetic identities, and submissions by bots or high risk proxies and VPNs.

Easily deploy advanced new account fraud screening for user registrations to prevent fake accounts and account origination fraud without impacting new account creations for legitimate users. IPQS threat blocklists updated with thousands of reports per second with the latest abuser data such as IP address, device signals, and user data to prevent account creation fraud for any industry. Prevent sophisticated duplicate & fake account fraud using compromised user data from the dark web or even bot created user profiles.

Fraudulent sign ups can occur to abuse free trials, harass competition, bypass geo location filters, submit user generated spam, or simply to generate fraudulent affiliate commission. Some sites may notice up to 17% of their accounts are engaging in account creation fraud using completely invalid user information or stolen identities. Given those stats, it's no surprise that fake registrations cost companies over 3 billion per year in damages.

Eliminate Fake Registrations with IPQS Fraud Prevention

Mitigate Fake Account Creation & Account Origination Fraud

IPQS completely protects your company's user registrations and application process from the most sophisticated types of account origination fraud. Never again worry about fake account creation fraud, fake leads, or new account fraud.

Verify your users from every angle. IPQS performs the most advanced account verification methods while also checking against our database of compromised user information and recent abuse reports across the IPQS threat network. Mitigate fake account creation by automatically blocking fraudsters that have recently engaged in lead generation fraud and fake signups across the internet's most popular sites. The following IPQS tools are recommended to prevent registration fraud:

  • IP Reputation API - Score user data with as little as an IP address. Access the internet's leading provider of IP scoring for identifying residential proxies and high risk connections making it as difficult as possible for cybercriminals to engage in online account origination fraud.
  • Device Fingerprinting - Match users to trusted or fraudulent device IDs while also detecting location spoofing, emulators, and device switching. Detect fraudulent accounts based purely on user behavior patterns.
  • Phone Validation - Perform live carrier lookups and detect VOIPs and disposable phone numbers used as a high confidence signal of fraudulent behavior during new account fraud registrations. Only accept real numbers with direct name matching to the subscriber's billing information.
  • Email Validation API - Identify disposable email addresses and invalid accounts that would result in bounced emails. Improve email deliverability and the value of your lead lists while also blocking fake accounts.
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Integrate in minutes to stop registration fraud and fake sign ups by analyzing IP addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and other user data with worldwide support. Block fake account creation and bad actors.


99.8% accuracy rates for detecting fake leads and fraudulent registrations.


44% reduction in false declines and false-positives than similar providers.


92% global hit rate for reputation checks among users previously seen by IPQS.


Prioritize team resources with an 86% reduction in time spent on manual reviews.

Best Detection Rates for Fake Registrations

Intuitive Lead Scoring

Prioritize valid leads and healthy user information for legitimate customers. Quickly detect bogus leads, fake user data, and stolen credentials. IPQS analyzes the user's complete profile for overlapping methods of verification.

Reliable API Service

IPQS API services offer 99.9% uptime to ensure your users never have interruptions due to our new account fraud detection service. Our primary goal is to avoid interrupting the user experience for your clients. Failover protection and load balanced data centers provide extreme reliability.

Lowest Lookup Prices

Process new account fraud detection requests as low as $0.0003 without any commitments or contracts. IPQS is 10x cheaper than comparable services with 20 - 40% better detection rates for high risk users and account abuse.

Smart API Service

IPQS provides reliable API services with 99.9% uptime and load balanced infrastructure. Score all user data in under a few hundred milliseconds with accurate scoring worldwide. Deploy the best online account origination fraud with high trust.

Free Up Your Team

Focus your team on more productive tasks by eliminating manual account reviews for account creation fraud and tedious, time consuming tasks. IPQS can make automated online account origination fraud decisions to identify a fraudulent account without impacting good quality leads.

Friendly Support

Get help from our fraud prevention experts to completely solve online account origination fraud. We're available 7 days per week, even holidays. Expect enterprise grade support exactly when you need it.

Online Account Origination Fraud Detection

Fake account creation is among the most severe issues affecting online companies. Solve multiple issues with user quality by deploying real-time validation and reputation checks directly during the sign up stage with IPQS. Uncover suspicious behavior consistent with new account fraud and all forms of account origination abuse. Since our service understands automated tools and fraudulent activity signals, IPQS can detect automated attacks by sophisticated cybercriminals with over 300% better precision during registration. Confidently identify account creation fraud by scoring over 300 data points about a user's interaction with your website.

Prevent New Account Fraud & Fake Account Creation

If your site is frequently attacked with fake registrations or fraudsters create fake accounts at their pleasure, there is an easy solution to online account origination fraud which doesn't involve captchas or any friction for legitimate customers. IPQS provides flexible APIs, JavaScript pixels, and even mobile app SDKs to seamlessly integrate into your sign up path to analyze suspicious activity. Score your users as they progress through your sign up form flow and similar funnels. Once a fraudulent user is detected, their information can be flagged in your database for review or they can be completed blocked or redirected in real-time. In addition to behavior monitoring, the user's data can also be scored to identify a fake email address, invalid/risky phone number, or stolen identity.

Fake leads often use very predictable patterns of fraud including disposable phone numbers, proxies and VPNs, temporary email addresses, stolen or fake identities, and even completely invalid emails. IPQS can quickly determine if a user's registration data matches any of these categories. Combined with accurate bot detection and advanced reputation checks, even the most sophisticated malicious behavior activity can be accurately detected without false-positives for legitimate users. Our solution uses a full spectrum approach, encompassing identity verification, account takeover fraud detection, and machine learning behavior analysis to produce the industry's most accurate risk scoring models to detect account creation fraud.

New Account Fraud Detection

Account creation fraud is on the rise as fraudsters develop improved software and techniques that make it easier to launch an advanced account origination attack. Fraudsters work towards the goal of being able to create fake accounts that mimic natural human behavior, and even use stolen or fake identities purchased on the dark web for new account fraud. IPQS automatically learns from attack vectors on popular websites to consistently improve our new account fraud prevention technology.

One of the most important factors in determining the best account origination fraud detection solution, is to assess how many new customers which are legitimate will be blocked due to false-positives. IPQualityScore's risk scoring algorithms are carefully tuned to avoid blocking legitimate users so only true fraud is blocked during registration. Part of our secret to achieving this is our short reputation lookback window, as we realize IP addresses and email addresses are frequently compromised but should not remain blacklisted for long periods of time.

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Block Registration Fraud

Automatically prevent registration fraud and detect fake leads with enterprise grade scoring.

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Easy Reporting

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Stop Fake Users

live api scoring

Live API Scoring

Validate Leads

Validate Leads

Defense Against Fraudulent Accounts

Protect your applications and registration forms against bogus user data, identity theft, gibberish, and even spam bots. IPQS analyzes every available user input during sign-up to detect account creation fraud and prevent fake accounts by recognizing high risk user behavior signals. Identify bad actors only possible with a networked approach to stopping abuse. Score your leads and user data with Fraud Fusion™ a global intelligence network powered by IPQS that learns from online accounts on 100+ Fortune 500s and thousands of SMB companies.

Financial Institution Fraud & Fake Leads in the Lending Industry

Trust the same scoring used by top mortgage lenders and financial institutions in US and Europe to prevent lending fraud, new account fraud, and similar abuse like identity theft. Accurately detect fraudulent leads and malicious intent worldwide with full data coverage for US & Canada, Europe, Asia, South America, and India. Verify authentic lead details such as matching first and last names, phone numbers, email addresses, & physical addresses to the user's identity verification profile. Fraudsters prefer to use a stolen identity when engaging in financial institution fraud, but IPQS can detect discrepancies such as synthetic identities, identity mismatches, & stolen user data with one robust API check.

Preventing Lead Generation Fraud

IPQS was originally created for new account fraud prevention in the ad industry so we are very familiar with solutions for affiliate fraud detection. Our unique fraud prevention tools overlap for coverage from the newest types of threats and fraud rings. With all that said, lead generation fraud is incredibly simple for our algorithms to detect without impacting valid leads. Stacking additional verification methods like detecting click fraud, brings lead gen fraud defense to the next level. In addition to better accuracy rates than our peers, our prices are also 10x slimmer with greater coverage rates.

Access one suite of fraud prevention tools to protect your entire portfolio from issues like account creation fraud. Flexible settings perfectly adapt to your audience for a customized approach to fraud detection. Receive accurate results for every region and mitigate abusive behavior in any industry including financial institutions, gaming, dating, lending, ride share, healthcare, and SaaS products.

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Eliminate abusive users and fake user data with IPQS suite of fraud prevention tools, pinpoint accuracy across any industry or region.

Prevent Fake Accounts FAQ

Fake account detection can be achieved by analyzing the IP address quality to detect proxies, sophisticated bots, and VPNs. Validating email addresses and phone numbers can also provide insight into user quality to prevent fake accounts and identify signups that use disposable emails, VOIP phone numbers, and similar low quality data.

"Account origination fraud" occurs when fake users and registrations are submitted by bots, abusive users, and bad actors. Real-time user risk scoring can prevent fake accounts and invalid signup data. Analyzing the behavior during registration can identify bots, duplicate users, and invalid user data. IPQS real-time fraud detection can block sign ups from duplicate or fake accounts.

Prevent fake users with real-time fraud detection to stop abusive users and bad actors from registering accounts. Account creation fraud is best performed by analyzing the IP address, device behavior, email address, and phone number during sign up to reveal signals that are commonly associated with fraud, such as the use of proxies, bots, or VPNs.

Yes, this new account opening fraud detection solution can identify stolen identities and prevent account creation fraud for financial institutions and similar industries, even when more sophisticated tactics are deployed by bad actors including using synthetic identity fraud, fake identities, and automated attacks. IPQS detects the underlying behavior during account opening which provides high confidence signals to identify when cybercriminals create fake accounts. Our account registration fraud blocklists are supplemented by a network of financial institutions which report suspicious behavior back to our threat network for analysis. This data stream provides an edge against similar providers which lack the volume and quality of data to effectively stop account creation fraud.

Account fraud prevention techniques must constantly evolve to stay up to date with the latest account fraud trends. Cybercriminals are always innovating and looking for ways to bypass account registration fraud prevention measures. Once a fraudster has found a way to reliably create a fraudulent account, it is safe to assume they will continue to abuse that loophole and create multiple fake accounts. IPQS can stop account creation fraud by sitting in the user registration path, allowing our service to analyze risk associated with the IP address, email address, phone number, device behavior, and similar identity information. Our threat engine gathers data from our own network of honeypots and traps which identify stolen user data, high risk behavior signals, and information that is currently exhibiting a high velocity of malicious behavior.

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