Email Verification Service

IPQ's email verification service evaluates an email addresses's integrity and confirms the email actually exists with the mail service provider. This level of confirmation goes well beyond basic email checks by verifying that the email inbox is 100% functional. Email verification can greatly reduce your email bounces, mass mailing service expenses, chances of being listed as a spammer by an ISP, and complications from users providing misspelled emails. Our API service can quickly evaluate an email address and return a response to your website, software, or app. You can also perform batch lookups by uploading a CSV file.

Temporary & Disposable Email Detection Service

Frauders commonly use free temporary & disposable email services to get something of value such as account access, downloads, eBooks, and other premium content. These emails provide zero value in return since disposable emails are often deleted and never used again. Our email verification API service provides confirmation that the email does not belong to a temporarily or disposable email service. Our disposable email blacklists are updated hourly making IPQ the most effective service in the industry. Ensure your users are signing up with valid emails and greatly increase the value/ROI of your user base, email lists, and other data!

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Features and Benefits

  • 5,000 FREE Lookups Per Month
  • Verify Email Exists with the Mail Service Provider (ex: gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.)
  • Syntax & DNS Email Verification
  • Quality Control - Detect Temporary & Disposable Emails
  • Easy API Integration with Documentation & Examples
  • Batch Check CSV Files
  • Increase your Email Deliverability Rate by Pruning Invalid, Disposable, & Expired Emails
  • Reduce Fraud and Malicious Behavior
  • Increase the Value of Your Newsletters, Email Lists, DOI Actions, Sales, Leads, Sign Ups, App Installs, Paid Traffic, etc.

Who Uses This Service?

  • Advertisers, Affiliate Marketers, & Ad Networks
  • Email Marketers & Newsletter Managers
  • Forums, Classifieds, Auctions, & Public Listings
  • Online Sales, Sign Ups, & Lead Generation
  • Software, Game, & App Developers
  • SaaS Service Providers
  • Security/Fraud Systems ... and many more companies!
Email Verification
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Detailed Reports

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