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Verify Email Addresses with Confidence & Precision

IPQS email address verification service can validate email addresses and identify high risk emails in real-time. Instantly score email addresses using a simple email verification API or batch process bulk email verification files. Our engineers maintain over 99% accuracy using proprietary tests and extensive data collected by scoring hundreds of millions of user events per day, such as registrations and transactions for the internet's most popular sites. All IPQS clients benefit from this data to achieve precision accuracy email validation while ensuring users and transactions are fraud-free.

Confidently verify email addresses to improve deliverability and open rates while analyzing extensive email address reputation scoring for users in any country.

Email Verification Trusted by Thousands of Companies

IPQualityScore's email address verification service performs hundreds of syntax & DNS checks and then determines if the email address exists with the mail service provider. This level of email address validation goes well beyond basic checks by ensuring that the email's inbox is 100% functional and able to accept incoming mail. Email verification is often the first line of defense to reduce fraudulent activity from fake or duplicate accounts and even mitigate fraudulent transactions. Instantly query our email validation API for email address reputation scores in real-time and filter out low quality & abusive users before they can negatively impact your site.

Improve Email Deliverability With Expert Email Validation

Minimize your bounce rate and achieve greater opens and clicks along with improved email deliverability, which goes a long way in expanding your company's visibility and client engagement. Think of how many customers you may be missing now by ending up in the spam folder or being blacklisted completely by stricter mail service providers. Cleansing your marketing lists and real-time sources for capturing email addresses is the best approach to maintaining healthy sender scores and ensure successful inboxing.

Proper email list hygiene significantly lowers your bounce rate, inboxing & SPAM filter issues, and complications from user typos & misspelled emails. Use our email checker to quickly detect invalid, high risk, and disposable email addresses with IPQS email address verification API service that evaluates an email address and returns a real-time response to your website, software, or app. Batch lookups can also be performed by uploading CSV files through the IPQS bulk email verifier in the client dashboard to cleanse user or subscriber lists.

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Better Email Validation Accuracy

Next-generation email verification leverages newer technology and best practices to ensure email validation with greater accuracy and better reputation insight.

Enterprise Level Email Verification At an Affordable Price

Accurate Results From All Major Mail Services

IPQS Email Verification is optimized to produce the best results for improving sender reputation across all major mail services worldwide. Receive accurate email verification results for any mail service provider, in any country. Our team vigorously monitors average validation rates to ensure the best level of service.

Bulk Email Validation & List Cleaning

Upload CSV files using our bulk email verifier for your subscribers, lead opportunities, marketing lists, customers, and other email addresses to quickly filter out all valid emails, including spam traps, frequent complainers, spam complaints, and invalid addresses. Access over 15 data points for each email address to gain helpful insight into improving sender reputation or simply verifying user quality during account creation. Once a list is uploaded, it typically finishes in just a few minutes.

Less Costs With Greater Accuracy

Email Address Verification doesn't need to be expensive. Access the most accurate Email Verification API without feeling like you are paying for it. Our prices are 10x less than similar services that offer inferior detection and less flexible settings. Cancel anytime without a penalty.

Best Email List Hygiene

Verify email addresses with precision and never worry about false-positives. IPQS mechanisms for processing email addresses are continuously updated to support newer methods and tricks that enhance accuracy and data quality.

Additional Risk Analysis

In addition to expert Email Address Validation, IPQS also can detect if the email address is disposable, part of a high risk mail service, or has engaged in recent abusive behavior, such as credit card fraud within the past few weeks. The insight from our email checker greatly helps prevent duplicate & fake accounts or invalid addresses from registering or making fraudulent transactions on your site.

Support From Email Address Validation Experts

Need help getting setup? IPQS is happy to assist with integration and getting started, such as uploading your first list. A human point of contact will always be available to you to ensure validating emails is as smooth as possible while building your sender reputation.

Email Verification Explained

Detect Temporary & Disposable Email Addresses

Fraudsters commonly use free disposable email services (temporary email addresses) to gain something of value such as account access, free trials, downloads, and other premium features, content, & services. These emails provide zero value in return since disposable email addresses are often deleted and never used again. Disposable emails are also frequently used to create duplicate accounts, engage in credit card fraud, and take advantage of free services. If your site is suffering from abusive behavior then blocking disposable emails is a crucial step to eliminate fraud.

IPQS email address verification API service provides confirmation that the email address does not belong to a temporarily or disposable email service in addition to being a valid email. IPQS disposable email blacklists are updated in real-time to provide the most effective service in the industry for stopping temporary email addresses. Ensure your users are signing up with valid emails and instantly increase the value & ROI of your user base, potential leads, email lists, and other data!

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Abusive Email Address Detection

IPQS places an emphasis on email address fraud prevention at the core of our email validation service. Even when an email address is valid, there is still a chance the user has intent to engage in abusive behavior. Luckily, IPQS scores hundreds of millions of user events per day across popular sites. This data is used to identify valid email addresses that have recently engaged in fraud, such as using a stolen credit cards or creating fake accounts. All IPQS clients can take advantage of this feature which significantly reduces the chance for abusive users to access your site & negatively impact your business.

What Makes Our Email Verification Service Different?

Email address verification is not an exact science and it is quite challenging for any email validation service to maintain a high standard of quality in determining if an email address exists. This is due to the popularity of SPAM filters and similar types of email server firewalls that outright block the email verification process for certain mail service providers, making it harder to determine if an email address is valid.

IPQS has developed proprietary methods to support all major mail service providers and many other services that block traditional email verification attempts, which includes analyzing the SMTP server corresponding to the MX records and special relationships with major mail service networks. These unique features are some of the many ways IPQS can verify email addresses with better accuracy than similar email validator services. Our email checker techniques have been fine-tuned over 10+ years of enhancing sender reputation for 3500+ clients.

IPQS can improve email deliverability across any mail service provider while minimizing the bounce rate. Our team has 24/7 monitoring in place to detect any anomalies with data quality or connecting to a SMTP server. High bounce rates especially hard bounces or bad email data can be a nightmare for any email marketing team, so IPQS places an emphasis on providing the best email verifier data in the industry. This is achieved through proprietary techniques gained from over 10 years of email checker technology that IPQS uses when verifying MX records and connecting to an STMP server to check emails.

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Detect High Risk Email Addresses

Take email validation to the next level with email fraud scoring. Track abusive emails, compromised mail servers, and stolen identities online with real-time blacklists that quickly detect new threats. Most disposable email address detection providers use stale blacklists that are not able to keep up with the newest disposable email services and the domains they add weekly to bypass filters. IPQS blacklists are updated in real-time to ensure that the newest disposable email services are immediately blacklisted to prevent duplicate & fake accounts, user generated SPAM, abusive users, as well as other fraudulent activity associated with temporary emails.

Lookup Email Creation Date Age

Lookup the email age date for any email address to determine an estimate of when the account was first created. Detecting email age is an important data point from our email verifier software which can enhance email reputation and improve hit rates for fake or risky users with suspicious emails. Since fraudsters typically cycle through new domains very quickly, the API also includes the email's domain age, making it easy to detect new domains created specifically for hosting abusive email addresses. This value is listed on all email validation API responses as the "First Seen" date.

Bulk Email Validation

Cleanse your bulk email lists from bounces to improve your sender reputation score and avoid email deliverability issues. Using our bulk email verification service, your marketing lists can be uploaded and immediately processed. Easily download all clean emails or suppress your email list for accounts with poor reputation scores. Bulk email validation is great for verifying your existing lists and older user data. We recommend using our email validation API to screen all new email addresses before they are added to your lists.

Detect Spamtraps, Honeypots, and Frequent Complainers

IPQS email reputation scoring also includes detection for emails reported as a honeypot or spam trap. These email addresses are incredibly stealthy and directly impact your sender score and inboxing rates. Detection for frequent complainers also makes it easy to avoid email addresses that are likely to unsubscribe or report your message as SPAM. We recommend avoiding these emails when performing mass mailing and newsletter marketing as they may cause your IP address or domain to be blacklisted by certain mail providers and ISPs.

Over 25 Data Points Per Lookup

Email address lookups through our email verifier service also include forensic details such as analyzing the mail server, extracting the owner's name, detecting if the email belongs to a popular mail service like, and checking for role-based accounts such as "sales@", "hello@", "support@", etc. This additional information from our email validator along 20+ other data points are available to customize the email validation process for your exact requirements. For example, it would be easy to determine if an email address was from a personal account like,, etc. or if the email belongs to a business or company.

Precision accurate email validation by IPQS detects invalid, disposable, and abusive addresses including spamtraps and honeypots.

Email Hygiene Explained

Features and Benefits

  • 5,000 FREE Email Verification Lookups Per Month
  • Verify Emails Exists with All Mail Service Provider (ex: gmail, yahoo, aol, hotmail, etc.)
  • Syntax, Mail Server, & DNS Checks - Expert Email Verification Process
  • Spamtrap Removal & List Hygiene, Detect Invalid Addresses
  • STMP Server Verification - Detect Temporary & Disposable Emails
  • Easy Email Checker API Integration with Documentation & Examples
  • Lower Bounce Rates & Stop Bad Email Addresses
  • Batch Check CSV Files With Our Bulk Email Verifier
  • Increase your Email Deliverability Rate & Sender Reputation by Pruning Invalid, Disposable, & Expired Emails
  • Reduce Fraud, Duplicate Accounts, & and Malicious Behavior
  • Increase the Value of Your User Sign Ups, Newsletters, Email Lists, DOI Actions, Sales, Leads, App Installs, Paid Traffic, etc.

Who Uses Email Hygiene?

  • Advertisers, Marketing Agencies, & Ad Networks
  • Companies with Large Client or User Bases
  • Email Marketers & Mailers
  • Marketplaces, Forums, & Public Listings
  • Online Sales, Sign Ups, & Lead Generation
  • Software, Game, & App Developers
  • SaaS Service Providers & Online Services
  • Compliance & Anti-Fraud Services ... and many more!
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