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IPQ's email address verification service evaluates an email addresses' integrity to verify the email address actually exists with the mail service provider. This level of email address validation goes well beyond basic checks by verifying that the email's inbox is 100% functional and able to accept incoming mail. Email verification can greatly reduce fraudulent activity from fake or duplicate accounts. Proper email list hygiene also lowers email bounces, mass mailing service expenses, issues with being listed as a spammer by an ISP, and complications from users providing misspelled emails. Quickly detect invalid and disposable email addresses with our email address verification API service that can evaluate an email address and return a response to your website, software, or app. Batch lookups can also be performed by uploading a CSV file through the user dashboard.
IPQ's proprietary tests and validation formulas make our service the most reliable and accurate email address verification service in the industry.

Temporary & Disposable Email Detection Service

Fraudsters commonly use free disposable email services (temporary email addresses) to gain something of value such as account access, downloads, eBooks, and other premium features, content, & services. These emails provide zero value in return since disposable email addresses are often deleted and never used again. Disposable emails are also frequently used to create duplicate accounts and take advantage of free services or trial offers. Our email address verification API service provides confirmation that the email address does not belong to a temporarily or disposable email service in addition to being a valid email. IPQ's disposable email blacklists are updated in real-time to provide the most effective service in the industry for stopping temporary email addresses. Ensure your users are signing up with valid emails and instantly increase the value/ROI of your user base, email lists, and other data!

What Makes Our Email Verification Service Different?

Most disposable email detection services use stale blacklists that are not able to keep up with the newest disposable email services and the domains they add weekly to bypass filters. IPQ's blacklists are updated in real-time to ensure that the newest disposable email services are immediately blacklisted to prevent duplicate & fake accounts, SPAM, as well as other fraudulent activity associated with temporary emails. Another unique feature of all checks performed by our email address verification system is to test if the email has recently been reported as a honeypot or spamtrap. We recommend avoiding these emails when performing mass mailing and newsletter marketing as they may cause your IP address or domain to be blacklisted by certain mail providers and ISPs.
Email address lookups through our service also include forensic details such as extracting the first name from an email address, detecting if the email belongs to a popular email service like, and checking for role-based or generic accounts such as "sales@". This additional information is helpful for customizing the email validation service to meet your exact needs.

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Features and Benefits

  • 5,000 FREE Email Verification Lookups Per Month
  • Verify Emails Exists with All Mail Service Provider (ex: gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.)
  • Syntax & DNS Email Verification
  • Quality Control - Detect Temporary & Disposable Emails
  • Easy API Integration with Documentation & Examples
  • Batch Check CSV Files
  • Increase your Email Deliverability Rate by Pruning Invalid, Disposable, & Expired Emails
  • Reduce Fraud, Duplicate Accounts, & and Malicious Behavior
  • Increase the Value of Your User Sign Ups, Newsletters, Email Lists, DOI Actions, Sales, Leads, App Installs, Paid Traffic, etc.

Who Uses This Service?

  • Advertisers, Affiliate Marketers, & Ad Networks
  • Companies with a Large Client or User base.
  • Email Marketers & Newsletter Managers
  • Forums, Classifieds, Auctions, & Public Listings
  • Online Sales, Sign Ups, & Lead Generation
  • Software, Game, & App Developers
  • SaaS Service Providers
  • Security/Fraud Systems ... and many more companies!
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Verify Email Addresses

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API Access & Detailed Reports

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