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Phone number fraud prevention is a powerful tool to prevent fake accounts, suspicious payments, and abuse from bad actors online. Quickly validate user identity and analyze user intent with deep phone number risk scoring calculated by the reputation of the phone number, carrier, line type, and user identity.

Access real-time phone number validation through the phone number intelligence API. Perform phone number risk assessment with over 30 data points indicating quality, reputation, and risk analysis.

Advanced Phone Number Risk Scoring for Fraud Prevention

Streamline verification of users and payments with powerful phone number reputation, totaling to over 30 phone number risk signals that prevent fraud and abusive behavior. IPQS enhances your team's awareness of bots, fake accounts, and suspicious payment with both positive and negative signals for comprehensive phone number fraud risk scoring.

Improve identity verification and fraud prevention with real-time phone number intelligence. IPQS calculates an overall Fraud Score which can be used to quickly block or flag suspicious accounts and high risk payments. While many phone numbers look legitimate to the naked eye, these are some of the factors that IPQS machine learning algorithms use to detect fraudulent phone numbers:

  • Phone Number Blacklists — Access the Internet's most comprehensive phone number blacklist to improve fraud prevention for risky users, bad actors, and high risk payments.
  • Carrier Lookup — Lookup phone number data including carrier, line type (landline, cell phone, VOIP), location, fraud risk score, and much more. Check any number.
  • Number Activity — The velocity and frequency of phone number can provide greater feedback to identify legitimate behavior, such as account registrations, purchases, etc. These signals help indicate that a real user is actually using the number, rather than a fraudster that is cycling through 30+ different phone numbers for malicious purposes.
  • Phone Number Identity Verification — Append data such as first and last names, location, email address, and similar identity data points that can help verify the user is legitimately associated with a phone number. Reverse identity checks and live appends can quickly verify a phone number matches a user.
  • VOIP & Disposable/Temporary Numbers & SMS ServicesPhone number reputation is a powerful signal for quality, especially when a fraudster is using a disposable phone number or any type of abusive VOIP. Known fraudulent virtual numbers can quickly elevate a score to 90 or higher.
  • Reverse Phone Lookups - Combine phone number identity resolution with world class phone number risk scoring services. Advanced risk analysis paired with phone validation identifies fake, disconnected, and temporary phone numbers.
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Easily detect fraudulent phone numbers and high risk behavior with real-time phone validation and reputation analysis.

Phone Number Intelligence

Automatically Block Bad Users

Detect fraudulent accounts and fake sign ups by blocking disposable phone numbers as well as numbers with an abusive history. Stop registrations for low reputation phone numbers.

Manage Payment Fraud

Check phone number fraud to prevent chargebacks and suspicious payments by analyzing data such as the email, IP, or phone number. Identify high risk phone numbers recently associated with chargebacks or stolen credit cards.

Better Better Accuracy and Pricing

Process phone number fraud scoring as low as $0.0003 per lookup without any contracts. Get 40% better accuracy without any commitments.

Largest Phone Number Threat Network

The IPQS threat network is always detecting new abuse patterns and high risk phone numbers. Perform lookups against the most accurate phone number blacklists, with the industry's highest hit rates.

Minimize False-Positives

IPQS has over 10+ years of technology with phone number fraud detection to ensure our results are always accurate. Does your fraud prevention service cause friction for legitimate users and established customers?

Enterprise Grade Support

Support available 7 days per week to assist with API integrations or general questions with getting started on IPQS.

Advanced Phone Number Fraud Prevention

IPQS incorporates each of the quality checks above to identify fraudulent phone numbers. This verification process also includes a comprehensive phone number blacklist check based on behavior across our threat network and data from Fraud Fusion™, a fraud consortium where IPQS partners report high risk behavior from their own customer base.

Fraud prevention machine learning models are a crucial aspect to our phone number intelligence. Access intelligent fraud scores which are based from 0 to 100. Fraud Scores >= 90 indicate high risk behavior and confirm that abusive behavior has recently been reported for a specific phone no. Accurate phone number validation can detect disconnected or abusive numbers. Identify phone number fraud in just a few hundred milliseconds using our live API, or perform lookups directly in our user dashboard.

Phone Number Fraud Prevention Analysis

IPQS makes it easy to identify high risk behavior simply by analyzing a phone number. Numbers with a short lifetime of activity or those without a healthy phone number reputation history are most concerning from a fraud prevention point of view. Check any number against our exclusive phone number blacklists, which update hourly with newly reported data. Stop fraudulent chargebacks and account origination fraud with real-time phone number fraud scoring.

Phone Number Fraud Scoring API Documentation

Detect Phone Number Fraud

Analyze phone number reputation to prevent fraudulent sign ups and suspicious transactions.

phone number risk scoring

Number Risk Scoring

phone number fraud prevention

Phone Number Fraud Prevention

phone number identity lookup

Phone Identity Lookups

Seamless Integration

Seamless API Integration

Dark Data™ — Honeypot & Trap Network

Track database breaches and catch threats that no other provider can match. IPQS obtains proprietary data directly from the dark web monitoring through our Dark Data™ program to limit risk for account takeover (ATO), business email compromise (BEC), and similar abuse. Stolen user data is captured from the internet's worst bad actors to ensure all IPQS clients are protected from emerging threats, new fraud patterns, and suspicious behavior. Outperform similar providers with faster detection for compromised accounts and database leaks with enterprise-grade phone number risk scoring.

Accurate Phone Number Risk Scoring

Analyze phone number risk with the industry's leading source of phone number intelligence. IPQS performs deep number reputation checks for quick and reliable phone number risk assessment with support for numbers in any country including landlines, cell phones & wireless, and voice over internet protocol (VoIP). Avoid false-positives and additional friction that's common for similar phone number risk analysis vendors. Completely eliminate high risk behavior such as chargebacks, fake and duplicate accounts, bots, and similar malicious behavior.

What is Phone Number Fraud Risk Scoring?

Phone number fraud & risk scoring is the process of detecting fraudulent behavior by analyzing the phone number reputation associated with a user or payment. High risk numbers, such as phone numbers associated with multiple or fake accounts, fraudulent payments, and suspicious behavior are likely to represent bad actors with malicious intent. Virtual numbers such as VOIP can also elevate risk as they can be used to mask a user's true identity.

What is Phone Number Intelligence?

Phone number intelligence enriches phone numbers with additional data to analyze the risk score and quality of a user or payment. View important phone number attributes such as identity (name, email, address), location, number line type, risk score, carrier & provider details, and similar analytics. Enriching phone numbers can provide greater accuracy for fraud detection and user screening.

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