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Use this free disposable email address test to detect temporary email addresses that fraudsters can create in just a single click. This free tool checks the latest disposable email address services, even newer temporary email domains that just became active. Detecting disposable emails is the best way to prevent low quality users and prospects.

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Disposable Email Detection with a Simple API Query

The internet is home to thousands of disposable email services. This makes it incredibly easy for malicious users to create a temporary email account and engage in unwanted behavior. With IPQS, you can instantly lookup any email address to check if it belongs to a disposable email service. Retrieve a response in just a few milliseconds with our email verification API documentation.

It's easy to add email address validation to your site to bring disposable email detection directly to your platform. Check emails as they enter your contact forms & newsletters and monitor quality as users create accounts and make purchases on your site. Accurately identify throwaway email address providers and low quality emails that represent a fake inbox.

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Accurately prevent disposable email signups and high risk email addresses.

What is a Disposable Email Address?

Disposable email addresses are temporary email address accounts that can be quickly created or discarded. They are used for very short periods of time and allow users to bypass certain restrictions online where an email address is required. Temporary addresses are frequently used by low quality users and cybercriminals, so it's a good practice to prevent these kinds of email addresses.

Temporary and disposable email providers are gaining in popularity, as mail services have made it easier for users to create their own disposable email service. These types of emails are considered low quality since users typically only use them for a few minutes to create fake accounts or bypass some form of user validation. These inboxes are often never checked again. Users typically create many disposable emails within a short period of time. Most temporary email services will allow the user to create an unlimited amount of accounts, which is why detecting disposable emails is so important for any website or business online.

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How Do I Detect Disposable Email Addresses?

Using the free disposable email detection tool above, you can quickly check if an email address belongs to a temporary email service. Disposable emails detected by this tool are extremely accurate. IPQS blacklists for new mail services are updated every minute. Live detection can also be performed by integrating our disposable email detection API service or uploading a CSV file with email addresses.

What Are Disposable Email Addresses Used For?

Disposable emails are frequently used to create fake accounts or bypass areas that require a registered account. They can also be used to gain access to free content that requires an email address to proceed. Users with temporary emails may even take advantage of free trials and similar "one-time" offers. Detecting disposable email addresses is a crucial process for any business as these services make it very convenient for users to create and manage multiple temporary inboxes.

Are Temporary Email Addresses Bad?

Disposable email addresses are almost always bad. Legitimate users do not frequently use a disposable email address unless they are afraid of receiving SPAM by signing up to particular service. It's a good practice to be cautious of low quality emails such as these services to avoid issues with abuse or wasted resources from your sales team. Through our fraud detection models, we've seen a 99.99% correlation to abusive behavior and a user having a temporary email address.

Most experts in the fraud industry recommend blocking disposable emails to streamline user registrations, purchases, and email marketing. You can also pair detecting disposable emails with other services like comprehensive account scoring through our account creation fraud which can also detect disposable emails.

Detect Disposable Email Domains

IPQualityScore domain reputation intelligence can provide better insight into disposable domains and even those that could be used for phishing attacks, malware, business email compromise (BEC), and similar abuse. Disposable email domains typically have other signals that indicate poor reputation for emails using their mail sever. Protect your entire organization from attacks using email as the vector. Detect disposable email domains with IPQS or score an entire email address to retrieve a full analysis from our email fraud detection solution.

Email Verification API

Temporary email addresses are a pain point for most online companies. Our real-time email verification API can prevent fraudulent users by detecting disposable email addresses. IPQS email validation can also ensure only valid email addresses are registered during account creation, so invalid email addresses can be quickly rejected. Pair additional fraud detection insights from our email risk scoring solution which can identify fraudulent emails even when they are not considered a temporary email address, such as,,, etc.

Overall, disposable email address detection indicates low quality users that are likely to engage in suspicious behavior using fake email addresses. It is strongly encouraged to enforce valid email addresses from your users whenever possible and detect disposable emails in real-time.

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