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Eliminate Fraudsters by Blocking Proxy Connections • Reduce Chargebacks, Click-Fraud, & Malicious Activity!

Advanced Proxy Detection API Service

Online frauders hide their IP addresses through Proxies, Tor nodes, & VPN connections to conceal their location and true identity details. IPQ's free proxy detection service can prevent frauders with spoofed IP addresses from accessing critical pages of your site such as purchasing a product that could result in an expensive chargeback, creating fraudulent accounts, advertising click fraud, evading country specific filters, or performing malicious actions on other conversion points.

IPQ's IP address forensic analysis API is the most comprehensive tool online to identify IP address connections with a high probability of malicious intent. This includes IP addresses that are open proxies, anonymous proxies, Tor nodes, VPNs, hosting providers, spammers, criminal networks, malware & spyware, botnets, and other undesirable connections that are highly inclined to engage in malicious activity.

Features & Benefits Overview

  • Advanced Proxy Detection - Advanced TOR & VPN Detection
  • 5,000 FREE API Lookups Per Month
  • Easy API Lookup Service with Examples
  • Batch Process CSV Files
  • Block Proxies, VPNs, Tor, Bots, & Other Malicious IP Addresses
  • Adjustable Quality Strictness to Adapt to Your Needs
  • Lower Your Chance of Chargebacks, Reversals, & Fraudulent Users
  • Reduce the Chance of Fraud for your Sales, Leads, Conversions, Sign Ups, Ad Display, etc.
  • Advanced Reporting - Analyze Your Traffic & Identify Poor Traffic Sources

How Does this Service Work?

Our system analyzes the IP address and other forensic factors of the connection to determine if the user is hiding behind a spoofed IP or is attempting to frequently change their device. Our blacklist of IP addresses is updated hourly to include the latest emerging threats from hijacked computers and open proxies to and other sources of malicious IPs. We also remove IP addresses from our database that are no longer threats to reduce the chance of a false-positive result.

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Who Uses This Service?

  • Advertisers, Affiliate Marketers, Affiliate Programs, & Ad Networks
  • Online Retailers: Online Sales, Sign Ups, & Lead Generation
  • Software, Game, & App Developers
  • Fraud Monitoring & Security Systems
  • and many more companies!
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Ultimate Proxy Detection

  • Get 5,000 FREE API queries per month! We have affordable pricing plans for all volumes of lookups. IPQ is the cheapest service in the industry, yet we offer the most accurate service for detecting proxies, Tor, VPN, & similar connections.