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Use this tool to perform a VPN detection test on any IP address. Lookup any IP addresses that recently allowed VPN usage activity or functioned as a Virtual Private Network. 99.9% accuracy for testing VPN IP addressees.

Easily add real-time protection from proxies, TOR, and VPNs using our VPN detection API. VPN detection data is powered by the IPQS proxy detection service.

Integrate The VPN Detection API On Your Website

VPN IP addresses are just a small part of IP addresses that can cause problems for your business. IPQS proxy detection provides an easy solution for detecting all kinds of bad IP addresses including Proxy, VPN, and Tor connections.

Did you know that VPN detection software can be added directly to your site? Simply upload a bulk IP address list or view the VPN detection API documentation to get started.

Learn About Comprehensive Proxy Detection

IPQS VPN detection tools are accurate for any country and includes VPN server detection for IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses. Confidently detect any VPN connection including those from major providers like NordVPN, ProtonVPN, ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access, SurfShark, etc.

What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

A VPN creates an encrypted connection from a single device to a larger virtual private network, typically powered by one or more web servers. Traffic and internet browsing passed through the VPN encrypts data so that it cannot be intercepted by a government or ISP, or anyone else monitoring. This creates a more secure browsing environment while also preventing any websites from seeing browsing history from your actual IP address.

Why Are Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) Used?

VPN networks are very popular among corporations and are usually the preferred way for employees to login to a corporate network, due to security concerns. VPNs are growing in popularity with individuals and personal browsing as well. Censorship and crackdowns in authoritarian countries have made it difficult for users to reach many popular websites, including Google. Tunneling your traffic through a VPN IP address would allow an individual to bypass any restrictions from their government or ISP.

Are VPN Connections Considered Bad?

Yes and no — VPN IP addresses can be used for both good and bad actions. Examples of good actions would be accessing a corporate office network, anonymous web browsing, and protecting privacy online. However, since VPNs do hide your real IP address and location, cybercriminals and bad actors like to use these connections to engage in fraudulent activity such as credit card chargebacks, creating fake accounts, generating click fraud, and similar behavior. Users abuse VPNs and proxy connections more often than using this technology for good faith actions.

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How to Detect VPN IP Addresses?

Enable real-time IP fraud scoring on your site with the VPN detection API documentation. IPQualityScore maintains the most accurate database of VPN providers, including new proxy servers and nodes that are added each day. By querying our API or processing a list of IP addresses, it's very easy to accurately check if IP addresses belong to a VPN provider. The VPN IP address can also be analyzed for risk analysis, location, behavior history and similar data.

VPN Detection API Coverage

The IPQS VPN detection API ensures enterprise-grade accuracy for identifying popular VPN providers as well as signatures aligning with a private VPN server. This typically includes data centers, hosting providers, similar infrastructure which can power a VPN connection. Similarly, the API can also identify proxy servers, web proxies, and other anonymous IPs.

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