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Eliminate Fraud with our Suite of Anti-Fraud Tools

Bots and manual fraudsters are ever increasing in sophistication to bypass existing anti-fraud filters. Our suite of anti-fraud tools are adaptive to emerging threats and the latest trends in malicious activity. IPQ's anti-fraud algorithms are built on extensive experience in the affiliate industry and over 8 years analyzing data for our clients. Our team of engineers continue to adapt our technologies to always stay leagues ahead of the internet's worst abusers.

  • Real-time Fraud Scoring
  • Block Duplicate Users & Account Abuse
  • Track Users Switching Devices
  • Detect Proxies, VPNs, Tor, & Bots
  • Email Verification including Temporary/Disposable Email Detection
  • API Documentation & Code Examples
  • Support 7 Days/Week

Take advantage of our anti-fraud tools to increase your ROI and user value while greatly reducing chargebacks, click fraud, high risk users, and other time-consuming abuse. Our tools truly are the perfect solution for automating quality control and can easily integrate into any website, app, or software with IPQ's detailed API and user platform.

Proxy Detection

Proxy VPN Detection & IP Filtering

Regulate your traffic by blocking proxies, Tor, VPNs, and other poor quality connections that are synonymous with fraudulent activity. A real-time fraud score is provided for all lookups. This service allows you to easily identify fraudulent purchases, fake accounts, users intentionally spoofing their location, low quality traffic sources for ad campaigns & affiliate marketing, & other types of high risk users. Reduce your chargebacks, reversals, & fake accounts and automate your quality control! Our service is updated in real-time to include the latest compromised devices & proxies into our blacklist.

Learn about Proxy Detection

Email Verification & Disposable Email Address Detection

Ensuring a valid email along with disposable email detection can significantly improve user quality and make the stakes much more difficult for fraudsters to engage in abusive behavior. Our service verifies the existence of an email address with the mail service provider (such as gmail.com) and detects if the email belongs to a temporary or disposable email service that are frequently used for abusive activity.

Increase the value of your user base by ensuring that users sign up for your products, services, trials, & newsletters with a valid email that can produce a return on investment in the future. This service can also perform list hygiene to cleanse newsletter & email lists to reduce your mailing service costs and improve your inbox score.

Learn about Email Address Verification
Email Verification
Free Live Lookups

Live Lookups

Perform live lookups through our platform and API to detect proxies, Tor connections, VPNs, spammers, and other malicious users based on their IP address, email address, and other factors.

Free Proxy & VPN Test Free Email Verification Test

Device Fingerprinting

IPQ's device fingerprinting service is our most advanced anti-fraud tool, providing real-time fraud scores as well as a device tracking ID. This service is capable of detecting users intentionally spoofing their online fingerprint, such as users from Vietnam hiding their identity with a spoofed profile resembling a user in the United States (browser, language, IP address, etc.). Spoofed signatures are frequently used to conduct fraudulent activity and abusive behavior. Our device detection service evaluates over 200 data points and can easily integrate into any website or app. Users can be tracked as they switch between devices or create duplicate accounts.

This service is an excellent solution for blocking abusive traffic in real time. Dashboard reports make it easy to perform post analysis on your traffic and identify potential chargebacks, malicious users, duplicate or high risk accounts, ad fraud & click fraud, and any other type of abusive action.

Learn about Device Fingerprinting
Anti-Fraud Tools

Anti-Fraud Tools

API Access & Detailed Reports

API Access & Detailed Reports

Mass Check Records

Export Data & Batch Check CSVs

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