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Got fraud or abuse? IPQS makes it easy to block fraudulent users simply by their IP address. Our IP address blacklists are 40% more accurate than other leading services & built upon 10 years of technology with monitoring traffic for the internet's most popular companies. Use the same IP blacklists trusted by Fortune 500s like Microsoft, Yahoo, & Amazon.

Deploy IP blacklists from IPQS and block IP addresses that recently engaged in fraudulent behavior and even residential addresses that allow tunneling from high risk countries like Russia, China, & more. IPQS maintains adaptive IP blocklists that are accurate and minimize false-positives by using the freshest data and fraud reports. Our partner program utilizes data from thousands of popular websites that trust IPQS for fraud prevention and IP address blocking in any region of the world.

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IPQS gathers high risk connections whenever a user engages in fraudulent activity online. Detect malicious IPs to identify fake registrations, chargebacks, fraudulent clicks or installs, hijacking and account takeover, and similar types of abuse. These IP addresses are instantly added to our IP address block lists so your site or app can be fully protected from abuse by that same user. Our algorithms utilize a real-time approach with IP address filtering for the best accuracy.

While most services update their IP blacklists every few hours or even once a day, IPQS provides real-time updates to our feed of malicious IP addresses. This provides our clients with the best results for IP reputation lookup tools. Data from the leading proxy and VPN detection service feeds directly into our IP blacklist database.

Bot IP Address Blacklists

Block bot IP addresses associated with scripted attacks, automated behavior, and virtual devices ("emulators"). Simple malicious IP address filtering can detect bot IPs in real-time. Deploy a complete bot detection solution with IPQS. Our bot IP address list updates every minute with thousands of new abusive IP addresses.

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Get leading IP intelligence data to block malicious IPs with one simple IP address blacklist updated with new data every second.

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Proxy & VPN Detection

Utilize an easy API for instant lookups to determine if a connection is a proxy, TOR, or VPN. IPQS is the world leader for IP Intelligence and classifying connections as suspicious. Retrieve an accurate Fraud Score for every IP address while passing us additional user info when available for even deeper scoring.

Server Attacks & Suspicious Logins

Stop malicious IP addresses with one combined IP block list. Identify connections that were recently used for web attacks, scraping, and even account hijacking. Detect suspicious login attempts and lock down accounts before they become compromised.

Easy Lookups by Plugin, API, or Database

IPQS provides easy methods to lookup data by using a plugin for most popular frameworks, connecting to our API, or even downloading a database that can be processed locally on your server.

Residential Proxies & Botnets

IPQS stands apart from other services with significantly better detection for residential proxies, botnets, and private VPN networks. These connections are difficult to catch by analyzing the ISP or block owner, since malware and similar abusive techniques facilitate the connection tunneling.

Virtual Machines & RDP Connections

Detect IP addresses with a known connection to virtual machines, bots, RDP connections, and known VPN or proxy networks. IPQS collects data from our honeypots, traps, and partners to identify these connections.

Abusive Users

Permanently stop abusive users on your site or apps. IPQS makes it easy to automate user quality control and even detect fraudulent payments and user SPAM. Use our simple integration methods to prevent fraudulent users.

What Is the IP Address Block List?

An IP Address Block List contains malicious connections which should be blocked by a firewall, htaccess, iptables, or similar filtering mechanisms. User registrations and purchases from IP addresses in these blacklists should be automatically blocked or presented with additional verification checks to ensure the user is legitimate. These IP addresses represent VPNs, open proxies, residential proxies, and abusive connections that facilitate scraping, web attacks, account hijacking, malware, command and control (C2), and botnets.

What Are The Benefits of an IP Blacklist?

Preventing fraud before it happens is the best strategy to manage abusive users. Blocking registrations, payments, user listings, and similar user actions with an IP address blacklist eliminates over 90% of fraudulent behavior. IPQS makes it nearly impossible for a fraudulent user to access an IP address that is not present in our IP address blacklists. Prevent proxies and VPNs from engaging in cybercrime such as malware, account takeover, web attacks, scraping, botnets, and viruses.

Bot IP Blacklists

Bot IP blacklists provide worldwide coverage for detecting bots and abusive users. Check against our real-time IP blacklists that identify abusive IPs across a variety of fraud issues such as credential stuffing, fake registrations, chargebacks, and similar abuse. Receive a real time IP risk score for any IPv4 or IPv6 address with accurate risk details that predict if the user will engage in malicious behavior. Our bot IP lists add over 10,000 new IPs to our blacklist every second through our advanced honeypot & trap network.

High Risk IP Address Feed by IPQS

The perfect solution for cyber threat intelligence feeds, SIEM & SOAR tools, and IP reputation. Learn more about our threat intelligence feeds which are updated hourly with the latest abuse.

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