Address Verification

Validate Postal Addresses - US & Global Coverage

IPQS Address Verification service can instantly validate physical addresses using a real-time API call or by uploading data files for bulk processing. IPQS simplifies address validation by correcting typos and standardizing output data for each country's preferred syntax. Quickly determine user quality and prevent abuse by scoring physical address data along with other user information to confidently identify fraudulent behavior.

Confidently verify addresses and analyze extensive address reputation across users in any region or location. IPQS address verification API can even process requests from your website to automate verification.

Deep Address Validation

Improve the quality of your user data with real-time address verification from the USPS address database, Canada Post, and other worldwide government postal services & geo-location data providers. IPQS also applies proprietary address validation technology produced by over 10 years of scoring addresses for the most popular sites online.

Avoid time consuming operations such as manually correcting your user data while also ensuring address data provided by your users is completely accurate. Clean up your user databases with just a few clicks by quickly standardizing and formatting postal addresses while correcting typos and user errors.

Start Verifying Addresses

Address validation is only one of many tools to verify user data. IPQS fraud prevention tools can prevent fake signups and identify invalid user data such as misformatted or non-existent physical addresses. Confidence scores are greatly boosted by scoring more than 1 data group, such as phone numbers and addresses.

Improve user data quality and perform expert address verification to standardize addresses with support for US & global coverage.

Proven Address Verification Technology

Global Address Verification

IPQS address validation is optimized to produce the best data across any location or region. Format your postal address data for all of your users with one simple service.

Bulk Address Validation

Clean up your user and client information with bulk processing. Upload files of postal data and similar user details to quickly process batch files for address standardization, cleanup, and user analysis.

Low Cost, High Quality Data

Lower your monthly user data validation expenses with 12x less costs than similar providers which offer less flexible scoring settings and even worse accuracy. No contracts required.

Precise Data

Accurate results every time — IPQS uses government data sources and machine learning algorithms finalized by our team of data scientists to ensure top quality data validation.

User Analysis

Quickly perform user risk analysis and determine if your users are providing valid information and legitimate user data. Also process phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses, and other user data bundled together.

7 Day Support

Receive instant support for uploading data files or integrating our address verification API. Contact our support team 7 days per week for fast assistance with any issue.

Correct User Mistakes & Address Typos

Developers have a saying … never trust users. When accepting user data, it's wise to perform some level of verification to ensure the data is accurate so it can be properly stored within your user databases. IPQS provides simple yet effective data verification which can accept misspelled addresses and output the correctly standardized postal address with proper syntax for the user's region.

IPQS excels at validating user data across the board. Tap into other services with the same level of data quality such as email address verification and phone number validation to improve the value of your user data. Bundle these data points into 1 combined API call for easy analysis.

Address Validator API

Integrate our real-time address validation API with a simple API request that analyzes a user's postal address as they create accounts, submit payments, or perform other important actions. Real-time analysis will instantly determine if the address is correctly formatted, and if necessary, return a corrected address to ensure your database has the best user hygiene. Take data validation a step further with email risk fraud scoring for additional user analysis.

Address Validation API Docs

Next-Generation Address Verification

Verify Postal Address Data with the Highest Degree of Accuracy and Precision

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Global Coverage

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Precise Verification

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Syntax Correction

Check Any Postal Address

Verify addresses in any country with syntax support for all regions. Improve worldwide deliverability by over 67% with instant detection for valid addresses and automatic data correction. Easily lower expenses from international postage and domestic mailings. On average, IPQS saves serious mailers over $3,000 per month by correcting addresses whenever possible and avoiding junk user data with inactive postal routes.

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Cost-effective address verification by IPQS is 12x cheaper than leading brands with proven accuracy and data validation to standardize addresses for any country.

Features and Benefits

  • Address Correction for Any Country
  • Verify Any Address Is Deliverable
  • Fix User Typos and Misspellings
  • Batch Process Addresses or Real-Time API Lookups
  • Prevent Invalid User Data & Risky Payments
  • Easy API Integration with Documentation & Examples
  • Simple Quality Control & User Scoring

Who Uses This Service?

  • User Data Providers & Location Services
  • Lead Generation & Data Services
  • Online Sellers, Retailers, & eCommerce
  • User Onboarding & Application Screening
  • KYC & AML Verification
  • Financial Institutions ... and much more!
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