DNC Scrub & TCPA Blacklist Scrubbing

TCPA Compliance For Phone Number DNC Scrubbing

DNC scrubbing can enhance compliance with federal FTC and state guidelines for telemarketers to efficiently manage their phone number lists. Improve TCPA compliance while avoiding known litigators & serial plaintiffs with accurate do not call list scrubbing.

Phone scrubbing by IPQS cleanses phone numbers against our TCPA litigator blacklist as part of our phone number reputation services. Validate phone numbers, determine the line type such as cellular, landline, or VOIP, and remove do not call list (DNC) opt-in consumers which could cause TCPA compliance violations.

Litigator Blacklist Scrubber

Optimize TCPA Compliance With Batch Litigator Scrubs

Suppress federal, state, and proprietary do not call lists all in one check. Use an easy API solution for real-time checks or batch check CSV files to maximize TCPA compliance. Check DNC lists and our internal TCPA blacklists to avoid calling serial complainers and professional plaintiffs. Pair dnc litigator scrubbing with other services such as our phone number validator which can identify active phone numbers and disconnected lines.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 limits the use of automatic dialing systems (dialers) and prerecorded messages by telemarketers. Failure to abide by TCPA regulations can result in a fine of $1,500 per occurrence in addition to civil law suits which can easily settle for millions of dollars.

Use API or batch checks for accurate phone scrubbing to maintain TCPA compliance against Do Not Call lists.

TCPA List Phone Scrubber

Cleanse your telemarketing lists and customer contact details against our TCPA blacklist, which updates daily with hundreds of new numbers. Our data is always growing to ensure even newly assigned numbers are accurately classified during the phone scrubbing process.

TCPA Blacklist Scrubbing

Phone Reputation & Do Not Call List Check

phone list scrub

Phone List Scrubbing

batch litigator scrub

Batch Litigator Scrub

dnc list check

DNC List Check

tcpa litigator blacklist

TCPA Litigator Blacklist

DNC List Check

Check your telemarketing lists against daily updates of federal and state do not call (DNC) lists. Consumers can opt-in to the DNC list by completing a short, free form. In addition to DNC scrubbing, gain valuable insight like line type to determine if a phone number is a cellular/wireless, landline, or virtual number (VOIP). Prevent issues with TCPA litigation and customer complaints by proactively scrubbing your call center lists. Use a live API call or upload files for batch checking to access the do not call list check.

TCPA Phone List Scrubber

Professional TCPA litigators can cause headaches for your marketing campaigns. Use an easy all-in-one solution for DNC litigator scrubbing and line type classification, including ported number checks, such as transferring a landline to a cell phone provider.

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