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IPQualityScore's suite of anti-fraud tools are an easy solution to automate quality control by preventing fraudsters, suspicious transactions, & malicious users!

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Anti-Fraud Solutions

The Most Accurate & Affordable Fraud Fighting Tools

Access the most accurate Proxy & VPN Detection, Email Verification, & Device Fingerprinting tools that easily integrate with any service in minutes! IPQ's anti-fraud tools provide a real-time fraud score to analyze how likely a user or visitor is to engage in fraudulent behavior. Filter fraudulent users and transactions in real-time before they can negatively impact your business.

A user-friendly dashboard displays detailed reports and forensic details for your audience. Create custom rules with advanced whitelist and blacklist settings to tailor our fraud detection service to your exact needs. Our intelligent algorithms use AI, blacklists, traps, forensic analysis, and machine learning to provide the most accurate detection rates in the industry. IPQ's anti-fraud tools are the perfect solution to prevent abuse and eliminate fraud by blocking high risk users & transactions!

Test Drive Our Anti-Fraud Tools

Free IP Lookup & Proxy Test

Perform a quick lookup to see if an IP address is a Proxy, Tor, or VPN Connection and retrieve an overall fraud score as well as the IP's forensic details.

Lookup an IP Address
Free Email Validation Test

Perform a free test to determine if an email address is active with their mail service provider and has an inbox capable of receiving email. Also determine if the email address belongs to a temporary or disposable service in addition to other forensic details.

Verify an Email Address
API Access

Full API Access

Detailed Reports & Stats

Detailed Reports & Stats

Mass Check Records

Export Data & Batch Check CSVs

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