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Scan URLs for Malware & Phishing Links

Check suspicious links with the IPQS malicious URL scanner. Real-time results detect phishing links and malware domains with accurate, deep machine learning analysis. Check URLs for phishing, malware, viruses, abuse, or reputation issues. Use this free URL scanner to prevent suspicious links, scams, or dangerous websites. Scan user generated content, email messages, and page links with reliable phishing URL detection.

IPQS operates the largest honeypot threat network online, allowing our data scientists and machine learning algorithms to detect malicious URLs, suspicious links, and fraudulent behavior faster than any other service. Directly access threat intelligence feeds and fraud prevention tools to easily deploy these services in your own environment.

Check URL for Malware or Suspicious Behavior

URL Scanner — Malware URL Checker

Check suspicious links by using a mixture of blacklists and deep machine learning by IPQS. Perform a domain phishing check for any URL with the latest IPQS threat data and real-time content analysis. Our URL scanning algorithms intelligently match similar indicators from malicious websites and phishing domains, while ensuring that legitimate URLs are never penalized with false-positives. This approach ensures real-time scanning can identify new threats, even if the malicious URL has never been scanned before such as zero-day malware.

Deploy this URL malware scanner with your SOAR or SIEM applications such as Splunk threat intelligence, Palo Alto, Sumo Logic, Swimlane, IBM QRadar, ThreatConnect, Azure Sentinel and similar security platforms to enrich threat intelligence for malware detection. Lookup domain reputation including parked domain detection, popularity, risk score, malicious links, and similar threat insights.

While most malicious URL checking services rely on Google Safe Browsing, IPQS uses 100% proprietary data and AI algorithms to safely detect phishing links and scan malicious URLs to check URL safety. By performing all URL scanning in-house, IPQS can detect suspicious websites, malicious code, and even check website trust with greater accuracy than similar website safety checker services.

Malicious URL Scanner API Docs

Scan Malicious URLs

Using the malicious URL checker tool can quickly analyze if a link is suspicious or unsafe. Real-time scanning of malicious links is best if your goal is to block malware or prevent phishing link clicks. Scan URLs online with this free tool or use our API to check suspicious links directly in your own backend or SOAR security platform.

Scan URLs for malware with trusted accuracy. Follow all redirects and cloaking measures to identify the true destination URL. IPQS tracks behavior traits and forensic details of known suspicious links, to safely analyze URLs with AI and machine learning techniques — while avoiding false-positives and user experience issues.

Real-time content analysis identifies malicious code and malicious links directly embedded on a website. Quicker URL scanning detection rates provide support for zero-day phishing links and newly compromised domains used as malicious websites.

Malicious URL Categories

Use this free website malware scanner to detect the following categories of high risk websites and phishing domains:

  • Phishing — Phishing is the biggest cyber threat for corporate environments in 2021, which can equally affect a company's clients or employees. Phishing occurs when a website hosts a fake login, registration, or sign up form meant to capture the user's account credentials. These pages are usually disguised with a brand's actual site elements, to convince the user it is an official site of that brand. Over billions of dollars are lost annually to phishing attacks, but IPQS can accurately detect phishing domains even when sophisticated fraud techniques are used. Spear phishing is a more targeted form of abuse when the payloads (emails/links) are tailored to match a person's interest.
  • Malware — Websites currently hosting exploit kits, viruses, or similar types of malware, which can compromise a user's computer or device. These websites can include compromised domains, hijacked by hackers.
  • Command And Control (C2) — C2 URLs allow an attacker to communicate to zombies, botnets, and other remote servers. C2 commands provide attack vectors and instructions for automated behavior. The IPQS URL checker can easily identify C2 servers and detect phishing URLs.
  • Parked Domains — These domains can be spelled similarly to brand names with small typos, causing confusion for consumers. Parked domains can also host disposable email addresses and other services to facilitate fraudsters. Links to parked domains are usually under suspicious circumstances.

Detect Parked Domains

IPQualityScore's suspicious URL detection can also identify website category. Parked domains represent a large percentage of all active domains online. Accurate parked domain detection can identify bogus sites often used for spam or malicious purposes. Parked domains can be newly registered sites, which have not yet been pointed to a web server, although they frequently represent very old domains that have been sitting dormant. Parked domains can also include aliases and suspicious redirect URLs. IPQS will accurately detect parked domains so your business logic can make the best decisions for links in this risk category.

Create custom rules to only block parked domains when certain parameters are satisfied or other red flags are discovered. Our URL checker technology is paired with IP reputation checks to identify servers with a history of abusive behavior.

Preventing Phishing Attacks

Stop phishing emails with intelligent real-time phishing domain detection. Integrate the phishing detection API with your favorite security platforms to identify suspicious links and misleading URLs that fit the behavior pattern of phishing attacks. Get better accuracy rates than similar providers with live URL scanning data from the IPQS threat network.

Advanced machine learning & AI phishing detection keeps your employees and clients fully protected from phishing attacks with real-time URL threat scanning. Integrate the website malware scanner API to check phishing sites and provide real-time risk analysis. Combine these checks with email risk scoring to filter malicious emails and domains in addition to link URLs.

What Is The IPQS Threat Network?

IPQS serves threat intelligence feeds directly to Fortune 500s and the internet's largest financial institutions, ad networks, payment processors, and leading brands in ride share, dating, gaming, and travel. Advanced phishing detection significantly outperforms similar threat detection vendors. Many of our clients also feed threat data back into our ecosystem, allowing IPQS to detect new threats faster than any other service.

Fraud Fusion™ intelligently parses this data stream to perform accurate reputation checks across IP addresses, domains, suspicious URLs, payments, and user data. IPQS clients gain a significant edge in cyber threat intelligence by tapping into a live network of data for abusive users and cybercriminals. Feel confident with global data coverage, optimized for every region.

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