Email Risk Scoring & Fraud Prevention

Email Address Fraud Prevention & Risk Reputation Analysis

Email fraud risk scoring provides powerful insight to quickly analyze user & payment quality. Email addresses are one of the most powerful indicators for fraud prevention next to IP addresses and phone numbers for detecting fraudulent users & payments. Real-time email & domain scoring with an easy-to-use API request provides 30+ data points.

Prevent fraudulent signups, fake emails, fake applications, chargebacks, and registration abuse simply by scoring an email address. Deep pattern recognition checks are combined with abuse reports across the IPQS threat network, a data stream contributed to daily by thousands of popular brands and 80+ Fortune 500 companies for email risk assessment.

Detect Fraudulent Emails Associated With Risky Behavior

IPQS analyzes over 1B user actions per day, providing a wealth of information for our intelligent data processing algorithms that calculate email risk analysis. New fraud rings and emerging patterns of abusive behavior are quickly detected across our threat network and blacklisted to prevent further abuse. Email risk scoring is well supported worldwide in all regions, with detection rates that outperform our peers by over 35%-45%.

Process applications, registrations, & transactions using a combination of email fraud prevention solutions with email risk scoring including the email age and reputation, using an accurate estimate the email address creation date:

  • IP Intelligence - Identify IP addresses with an abusive history and higher risk proxies and VPNs recently used for malicious behavior. IPQS is the world's leading provider of IP address reputation scores.
  • Email Validation - Combine email address fraud scoring with world class email validation. Push beyond standard email verification services with deliverability estimates and advanced risk analysis.
  • Phone Validation - Validate phone numbers with worldwide support and retrieve details like carrier and line type status. Detect VOIP phone lines and disposable phone numbers and access reputation history.
  • Registration Fraud Prevention - Validate new users as they sign up to prevent fraudulent account details and fake signups. Complete protection suite against fake registrations and high risk user accounts.
  • Application Screening - Verify new applications for credit cards, lending, tenants, mortgages, and other financial products.
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Better Email Risk Scoring Accuracy

Accurately detect abusive behavior, malicious users, and suspect orders with email fraud risk scoring by IPQS. Enhance risk analysis further by scoring additional user data such as phone numbers, postal addresses, billing details, and IP addresses.

Advanced Email Risk Scoring Prevents Abuse

Automatically Filter Bad Registrations

Detect account fraud and fake signups using a real-time API for scoring email addresses and other user details. Block disposable emails as well as valid emails with abusive history.

Reduce Payment Fraud

Stop chargebacks and spot suspicious payments with support for all leading ecommerce platforms. Identify high risk scoring emails recently associated with chargebacks and advanced email risk assessment.

Greater Hit Rates, Lower Prices

Process email validation requests as low as $0.0003 without any contracts. IPQS requires no ongoing commitments and provides up to 40% better hit rates with less costs.

Identify New Patterns

IPQS threat network is always evolving with new threats. Stay ahead of cybercriminals and bad actors by gaining from an intelligence network of the world's leading stores, retailers, apps, and service providers.

Minimize False-Positives

Other services often block legitimate users and payments or let too much fraud slip through as false-negatives. IPQS has over 10+ years of technology to ensure our results are always accurate.

Enterprise Grade Support

Get help anytime you need it, day or night. IPQS is available nearly 24/7 for support, even on holidays. Reach out to our support team for integration assistance to get your site quickly integrated with IPQS.

Check Email Risk Scores, Reputation History, & Abuse Reports

Analyze the email risk score associated with any email address, across any region or mail service provider. IPQS tracks detailed email address reputation data on over 10B emails. Retrieve an accurate fraud risk score and abuse history for the email's activity across the IPQS threat network. Detect disposable email addresses and popular temporary mail service providers used to bypass registrations and OTP password verification.

Process emails with a reliable email risk scoring API service or upload bulk data with our easy email list cleaning service. Both options include our most recent and up to date blacklists, reputation checks, and risk assessment to produce an accurate email risk score. Quickly enhance your existing fraud detection measures to supplement transaction risk, account opening screening, and identity verification. Ensure real user data is being submitted and protect against synthetic IDs and digital impersonation, which would elevate the risk score.

Reverse email identity checks confirm the authenticity of the user's profile information to produce an accurate email risk score. Additionally, retrieve proprietary data collected from our network of honeypots and traps to supplement your fraud detection rules during the registration stage, account opening, or purchase. This program collects data on fraudulent account signups, denied payment attempts, and stolen user or billing details from the dark web and popular sites where cybercriminals congregate online. The latest trends shows fraudsters favoring valid addresses and other popular providers for abuse, rather than using disposable accounts.

Email Fraud Prevention & Reverse Email Lookups

Take complete control of validating users and payments across any industry with advanced email fraud prevention tools that can supplement transaction risk scoring. Perform reverse email lookups with worldwide coverage to confirm a user's identity and even detect compromised user and billing data which could avoid fraudulent transactions or account opening abuse. Identify the activity level and risk score for any email address and use cutting-edge email fraud prevention solutions to analyze if an account or payment is considered high risk.

Defense Against Chargebacks and Suspicious Orders

In 2023, detecting chargeback fraud can be a complicated process. Fraudsters have become more sophisticated at evading email risk analysis as more billing details are being digitized and stored online. While cybercriminals hold an advantage over most retailers, deploying the proper tools such as IPQS ecommerce fraud prevention, can provide accurate insight into transaction risk and payment fraud scoring without adding friction to the checkout process.

Easily flag transactions and orders made by users with poor email address reputation along with user validation to prevent identity fraud.

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Block Fraudulent Emails

Analyze email risk scores to prevent fraudulent sign ups and chargebacks.

email risk scoring

Email Risk Scoring

stop fraud

Stop Fraud

identity scoring

Identity Scoring

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Dark Data™ — Honeypot & Trap Network

Track database breaches and catch threats that no other provider can match. IPQS obtains proprietary data directly from the dark web through our Dark Data™ program to limit risk for account takeover (ATO), bonus abuse, business email compromise (BEC), and similar fraud techniques. Stolen user data is captured from the internet's worst bad actors to ensure all IPQS clients are protected from emerging threats, new fraud rings, and suspicious behavior.

Outperform similar fraud detection providers with faster analysis for compromised accounts and database leaks with enterprise-grade email address risk scoring. Score personal email addresses and business emails alike with a high degree of confidence behind each risk score. Improve risk assessment during ATO attacks, account opening, KYC checks, credit card applications, or during online shopping and registration stage events.

Accurate Email Risk Assessment

Analyze email risk with a whole new perspective. IPQS performs deep reputation checks for quick and reliable email risk assessment across any region. Avoid false-positives and additional friction that's common for similar email risk analysis vendors. IPQS fraud detection allows sites to target suspicious behavior while preventing chargebacks, fake or duplicate accounts, free trial abuse, and similar malicious behavior from bad actors. IPQS risk score algorithms use a wider array of data inputs to provide enhanced fraud detection models.

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