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Who is IPQualityScore (IPQS)?

IPQualityScore (IPQS) has been a pioneer of fraud detection and cyber security since 2011, helping companies identify sophisticated fraud & abuse across a variety of issues such as chargebacks, account takeover (ATO), phishing, fake account creation, &, malicious bots.

IPQualityScore continues to be a leader in IP address intelligence, enabling companies to quickly deploy accurate proxy & VPN detection along with other tools such as bot detection, email risk scoring, device fingerprinting, and phone number intelligence.

IPQS is the perfect fit for SMB and Enterprise customers, as our tools adapt to any audience with pre-built settings to support any industry or region.

Integrate the IPQS fraud detection API to automatically block abuse in real-time.

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Advanced Fraud Detection & User Validation

Filter bots, abusive users, and malicious payments all in real-time with cutting-edge fraud detection technology built upon 12+ years of data synergy. Score users and payments in real-time to identify high risk behavior and bad actors.

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Accurate Reputation Blocklists

Mitigate advanced fraud with the industry's leading blocklists for abusive behavior & bots. Accurately prevent risky accounts and fraudulent payments.

Intelligent Fraud Scoring

IPQS enables your team to score everything about a user or payment, including the IP, email, phone, device, address, and much more with global coverage.

What Is The IPQS Threat Network?

IPQS gathers data from our proprietary threat intelligence network, which captures high risk data through over 100,000 honeypots. These traps identify high risk behavior online such as fraudulent payments, bot attacks, fake accounts, ATO, click fraud, and stolen user data. In addition to our network, Fortune 500s and the internet's largest financial institutions and leading brands report threat data back into our ecosystem through a community blocklist, allowing IPQS to detect new threats faster than any other service.

Fraud Fusion™ intelligently parses this data stream to perform accurate risk scoring checks across registrations, logins, clicks, and transactions. IPQS customers gain a significant edge in fraud prevention by tapping into a live network of data for abusive users, bots, and cybercriminals.

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Accurately detect malicious behavior with up to 300X better precision than legacy enterprise providers. Easily identify residential botnets, stolen user data, and infected devices with over 12 years of technology powering the perfect threat network. Solve common issues with abusive users and fraudulent behavior for any industry:

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IPQualityScore is a leader in ecommerce fraud protection on G2
IPQualityScore leader in customer service for detecting fraud
IPQualityScore is a leader in fraud detection solutions on G2
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