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Use this free email validation tool to verify email addresses with 99.9% accuracy. Check email address quality by verifying an email inbox exists with the mail service provider, validate email address syntax, verify email domain configurations, and analyze recent spam complaints, scams, fraud, or abuse threat reports. IPQS email verification check also determines if the mail domain is a common mail provider (identify free or business emails), if the email is role based ("sales@", "support@", etc.), account owner's name, email age, and disposable email status.

The IPQS email validator also checks email address reputation activity to detect a honeypot or spam trap which could affect email deliverability. Check if an email address is active using advanced email validation techniques. Identify email abuse issues such as fraudulent behavior for fake accounts, bots, and chargebacks with email risk scoring.

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Validating emails prevents bounces and is an industry standard for companies that engage in email marketing or collect emails from customers. Proper email list hygiene has a range of benefits such as improving your chance of successfully inboxing (not hitting spam or promotion folders) while also increasing healthy email sender reputation associated with your sending IPs and domains. This email verifier tool will also improve user or lead quality along with reducing abuse from fake user data.

The IPQS email checker will test an email address to produce over 25 data points of email address analysis. This real-time email tester verifies if the account is active to easily identify valid email addresses.

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Use the IPQS free email verifier tool on this page to perform a free email lookup for any address. In addition to validating the email address, a reverse email lookup can also be performed for email fraud prevention analysis. Identify fake accounts, invalid user data, and high risk behavior for registrations, payments, and lead generation. Our email validator performs advanced reputation checks to identify bounces, fake accounts, spam traps, or any email address quality issue.

Verifying email addresses can be queried via an API lookup or by uploading an email marketing list through our bulk email verifier on the user dashboard which automatically removes duplicate email addresses. Our easy email verification API and example code make it a breeze to add IPQS email address verification service on your sites and apps. Take advantage of the same great email validator technology that this free lookup tool provides for any address.

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How to Use the Free Email Address Verifier?

Simply enter the email address in the email validator to verify an email address with instant results. If you'd like to verify a bulk email checker list or query results via an API, please create a free account, which will allow you to upload an email marketing campaign CSV list. Results are instant and are always performed with fresh data, so you can confidently verify email addresses with our service for any mail service provider. Reduce bounces with our free email verifier which supports all mail service providers in any country. Reverse email lookups can also identify user data and demographics associated with the email address.

How To Check If An Email Address is Valid?

Using the verification tool above, you can check if an email address is valid and determine if the email is an active inbox, that's ready to accept mail. This indicates that the email account is active and a real user is behind the email address. Taking these measures ensures you can send your client or prospect a successful message.

Protect your sender reputation by ensuring a low bounce rate, especially for hard bounces such as 550 errors like "invalid recipient". The IPQS email checker can verify customer data and identify if an email is a valid address to avoid sending mail to any disabled inboxes. Reduce bounces and boost email marketing campaign performance as you improve sender reputation. Email deliverability is heavily dependent on your domain's overall bounce rate, so it is crucial to have good email hygiene practices in place at all times.

The best part about validating emails with IPQS is that our technology can verify an email address without sending email. The process is completely seamless and will verify emails without impacting the account owner. Easily identify inactive inboxes, bounces, and risky accounts through our bulk email checker or real-time email validation API.

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Validate Email Addresses with 99.9% Accuracy

There's many choices for email checker service providers when it comes to email address validation, but results vary greatly. When verifying an email address exists, being off by just a few percentage can greatly impact your email deliverability inboxing score and cause your company's email marketing campaigns or messages to end up in the SPAM folder. Similarly, you may end up with false-positives that could prevent legitimate users from signing up or getting in touch with you.

Many email verification services experience reliability issues with verifying catch all addresses. IPQS uses a proprietary algorithm to ensure 99.9% accuracy with verifying deliverable addresses. Deploy the email verifier service on sign up forms, lead capture, purchase or checkout, and similar action points to confirm your audience is using valid email addresses. Deploy IPQS with our email verification API or bulk verify lists through the dashboard.

Why is Email Verification Important?

Due to fears of SPAM, data leaks, and even email scams, many users online are reluctant to give out a real email address and frequently use fake emails or temporary email addresses from disposable email services. These services also provide an easy solution for fraudsters to create duplicate accounts and bypass registration filters. Using a simple email verifier performs real-time expert email validation to ensure users are entering valid emails with healthy reputation scores. Maintaining low bounce rates by rejecting invalid addresses can significantly improve sender reputation to increase email deliverability rates.

Protect your company from malicious users with email fraud prevention by IPQS paired with the ability to detect disposable email addresses or a fake address. A reverse email lookup can detect accounts with fake emails, disposable inboxes, or even stolen user data using our free email validator service. Validating emails in real-time through our email verification API can greatly decrease fraudulent behavior and improve the value of your user base. It can also be helpful for detecting typos from users with good intentions, such as when a user accidentally misspells their email address.

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Beyond user quality, trusting a quality email verification service is an important decision to ensure your email can be successfully delivered directly into a user's inbox, rather than landing in the SPAM folder or bouncing back due to being blacklisted for sending to invalid addresses. The IPQS email verifier removes spamtraps and invalid emails from your contact lists to build sender reputation trust. Only messaging valid emails that are active with the mail service provider will ensure you can maintain a healthy sender score and avoid mail server blacklists. It's best to validate marketing lists every 6 months at a minimum due to frequent account changes on email servers.

Detecting Fraudulent Email Addresses

Detect fraudulent emails and email scams with deep insight powered by big data directly from the IPQS threat network. Take advantage of email address fraud prevention backed by machine learning and AI that analyzes hundreds of millions of email addresses per day across every region.

The IPQS email fraud checker generate accurate email address reputation scores based on recent abusive behavior, disposable email address status, abuse reports, and signals from the user's activity online, which measures behavior across the web's most popular sites. IPQS email verification also produces email address fraud scores in real-time to identify risky accounts or payments.

How To Check if An Email Address is Leaked?

Email reputation scores can quickly change as emails are frequently exposed by data compromises and database leaks. IPQS monitors dark web leaks and compromised data through our Dark Data™ program. The email addresses exposed by these data breaches are commonly used by hackers and malicious users to create fake accounts and purchases, while still using a valid email address.

Our email fraud checker incorporates leaked data signals as well as recent email fraud abuse reports. The results in the email address lookup above will determine if the email address has been leaked in a recent data breach or engaged in recent abuse like scams or fraudulent account activity. This data is also available via an email validation API lookup.

Email Scammer Checker

Email scams have trended upwards over the last few years, with over 1 billion emails sent per day representing scams, SPAM, phishing, malware, business email compromise (BEC), and similar abuse. The IPQS email scam checker can identify high risk emails including normal looking email accounts that have previously facilitated online scams through a major email service provider. Simply enter an email address in our free email checker to test the inbox against our email scammer blacklist.

Our free email scam checker also identifies disposable email addresses which have a very high correlation to facilitating malicious email abuse. Lookup any email address to see if it's been involved in scams, abuse, or is simply an invalid email address.

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