Mobile Device Fingerprinting SDK

In-App Device Fingerprinting & Mobile Fraud Prevention

The IPQS Mobile Device Fingerprinting SDK extends protection from the world's leader in fraud prevention and device fingerprinting directly to your mobile apps. Connect our SDK with just a few clicks and instantly perform device fingerprinting within your app's framework without requiring additional permissions from your users.

Mobile device fingerprinting provides real-time scoring for new users and monitors user quality for returning users of your app. Assign each user a unique device ID to manage issues like fraudulent app installs, free trial abuse, and even device or location spoofing.

Mobile Device Fingerprinting SDK for Android & iOS Apps

mobile device fingerprint sdk

Dating apps? Gaming apps? Banking & Financial apps? IPQS protects your mobile apps with intelligent fraud prevention and industry leading risk scoring algorithms that detect bots, emulators, and spoofed devices. Over 1B registrations, app installs, payments, and clicks are analyzed each day across the IPQS network.

The IPQS mobile fingerprinting SDK makes it easy to deploy mobile device fingerprinting for Android apps and APKs, along with full support for Apple iOS apps. Install the SDK with just a few lines of code to directly generate Device IDs, In-App Fingerprint Analysis, Fraud Scores, IP Reputation, and Email Validation results. This data can be used to block fake users, detect fake app installs, track users with unique Device IDs, manage account takeover (ATO) hijacking, and much more.

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Access the internet's leading tools for mobile app fraud prevention to mitigate duplicate accounts and verify users & installs with worldwide coverage.

Mobile App Fraud Protection

Android App Fraud Prevention

Android Device Fingerprinting highlights emulators, spoofed devices, GPS and location spoofing, and even device ID resetting. Android users can be instantly analyzed and rated with an accurate Fraud Score from 0 to 100. Setup is easy with the IPQS Fingerprinting SDK.

In-App Protection

If you are familiar with the risks of affiliate traffic, then it's no surprise that over 20% of all app installs can be fraudulent. In-app fraud scoring allows IPQS to score hundreds of data points about a user for advanced risk analysis and behavior monitoring. Beyond app install fraud, IPQS can prevent all forms of abusive behavior.

Best Value in the Industry

IPQS provides better accuracy than legacy enterprise providers and best of all, better pricing. Per lookup rates start at just $0.0005 per device analysis with no contracts or ongoing commitments.

iOS App Fraud Detection

Perform integrity checks with iOS Device Fingerprinting that reveal fake devices, location spoofing, bots, and similar abusive behavior. Distributed attacks such as fraudulent app installs, account hijacking, and much more are easily detected with real-time monitoring.

User Validation

Quickly validate users during registration, checkout, and much more to determine in-app user quality including the ability to identify stolen user data and fake user information. IPQS performs email validation and phone verification checks without sending a message to the user.

IP Reputation

Retrieve detailed IP address risk analysis with accurate IP Reputation for any region and country. Identify VPNs, proxies, TOR connections, and abuse history.

What Is Mobile Device Fingerprinting?

Let's explore what is Mobile SDK Fingerprinting? This process performs device analysis using an SDK extension of your mobile app to generate a unique device ID based on the mobile phone's hardware (memory, graphics card, processor, etc.), software settings (time zone, language, etc.), and behavior patterns (carrier, cookies, session IDs, etc.). Mobile device fingerprint risk scoring can accurately detect emulators, fake or spoofed devices, and known patterns of fraudulent behavior. Setup is quick and easy with an SDK integration for Android or iOS, which allows certain device info like network adapters and boot information to be analyzed, which can only be retrieved via an SDK fingerprinting app.

How Does Mobile Fingerprinting Work?

Unlike traditional JavaScript Device Fingerprinting, the process is slightly different with mobile device fingerprinting, which uses an SDK wrapper to automatically retrieve all relevant device data that can be calculated into a mobile device ID. Once the service is integrated with the iOS Device Fingerprint SDK or Android Device Fingerprinting SDK, a unique device ID will be generated to track the user's device for suspicious behavior patterns. This can include detection for device resetting, app install fraud, emulators, fake accounts, and similar abuse.

  • Screen Resolution
  • CPU Details
  • Graphics
  • MAC Address
  • Language
  • Kernel & Boot Data
  • Emulator Detection
  • Audio Drivers
  • Time Zone
  • Battery Health
  • Memory Specs
  • Build Data

Android Device Fingerprint SDK

Utilizing the Android Fingerprint SDK, specific data like Android Device ID, Wifi SSID, Sensor Data, and similar Android only properties like device name and browser version can be analyzed to produce the device ID and provide accurate fraud scoring. Based on recent threat data across the IPQS network, an Android Device is 27% more likely to be fraudulent than an iOS Device. Our analysts suspect this is because it is easier to obtain emulators for Android devices to create fake devices on the fly, and switch mobile device profiles in just a few seconds.

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Mobile Device Fingerprinting SDK

Intelligently Validate App Installs, Registrations, Purchases, & User Actions

in app fraud scoring

In-App Fraud Scoring

mobile emulation detection

Emulation Detection

mobile fingerprinting

Mobile Fingerprinting

user validation

User Validation

Device ID Reset Fraud

App device ID resetting fraud can be challenging to mitigate, especially when paid app installs and bonus incentives are given for new app users. Detect app device resetting along with other forms of suspicious behavior across our Android and iOS SDK. Segment quality traffic sources while accurately identifying fraudulent app installs and bad actors. Use device fingerprinting to identify users with suspicious behavior on multiple devices or even the same device.

Mobile App Fraud Prevention

IPQS has provided mobile fraud detection services for over 10 years, tracking devices using browser fingerprinting technology. This gives us the unique ability to learn from hundreds of millions of user actions scored daily to quickly identify new mobile devices that fit our criteria for a fraudulent user. Integrate our mobile device fingerprinting SDK service directly into your apps with just a few lines of code.

Fully protect your company from unwanted behavior, low quality users, identity theft, credit card fraud, and similar abuse by detecting risky device fingerprints with fraudulent behavior signals.

Preventing fraud has never been easier for mobile devices. Access risk data from IPQS's threat network which enables smarter mobile fraud detection by identifying risky signals across our entire network, including desktop device fingerprinting through web browsers, IP address reputation, transaction scoring, and new account screening. Our solutions to detect fake app installs provides millions of data points per day for our risk analysis engines to learn new patterns of fraud from cybercriminals online.

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