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What is My IP Address? Your IP is:

Use this free IP lookup tool to check IP addresses using IPQualityScore's worldwide IP address intelligence network. Lookup IP address details like geolocation, ISP, hostname, connection type, bot detection, and more to verify users, screen payments, and better understand online IP address risk.

IP fraud scores analyze abusive behavior originating from the connection, including fake accounts, fraudulent payments, SPAM, account takeover or suspicious logins, and similar quality issues. High risk connections such as anonymous proxies allow fraudsters to mask their true IP address. Perform real-time checks using our IP lookup API.

IP Lookup Data Backed by Trusted IP Intelligence

IPQualityScore (IPQS) has been a leader in IP address information since 2011. Lookup IP address details with confidence using the most accurate data sources for identifying an IP address's true location, assigned Internet Service Provider (ISP), and proprietary signals such as connection type and IP fraud scores.

Data accuracy is critical for evaluating IP information, especially for real-time decisions using IP address details relating to location and risk scores. Using data from our IP reputation technology, IPQS can detect crawlers, scrapers, and even pinpoint malicious IP addresses that have engaged in abusive behavior online like bad bots. Paired with our leading IP location data, IPQS elevates your insight into customers and visitors.

What Information is Available With an IP Lookup?

Looking for IP address geolocation? Use our IP checker to identify the true location including city, state/region, zip code, country, and timezone of any IP address worldwide. Additional IP details like ISP/Organization, hostname, IP risk scores, connection type, and more can also provide more knowledge about the IP address activity, including the intention of the user behind the IP address.

How Do I Look Up IP Addresses?

Use our free IP checker tool above to retrieve an IP information lookup for any IPv4 and IPv6 address with worldwide IP database coverage. IPQS IP lookup technology is trusted by popular sites and apps to better manage risk and user behavior during registration, login, and checkout. Protect your site from abusive behavior by better understanding user intent, true location, and IP address fraud.

Learn about IP Proxy Detection

IP Geolocation — Identify IP Address Location

IP geolocation accuracy can vary significantly between IP address location providers. IPQS uses direct location data from GPS signals within apps and websites to provide pinpoint accuracy for determining the location of an IP address. Certain IP addresses like data centers or hosting providers, which act as VPNs, may mask the user's true location through tunneling services. Our IP location data is updated at least once per day to provide precise geolocation data for making intelligent real-time decisions on your website or app through IP location lookups.

How does an IP Lookup Work?

Simply enter in the IP address above to lookup IP information details. IPQS maintains signals and IP details for over 4 billion IPv4 addresses and hundreds of billions of IPv6 addresses globally. Our unique IP data sets are updated at least once per day across each IP address, to retrieve fresh abuse reports that correlate to bad bots, content scraping, fake account creation, credential stuffing, and other types of abuse. Using our free IP checker, you can access the latest IP risk scores in addition to the most recent location signals to help geolocate the user behind an IP address.

Determine IP Address Connection Type

The IP address connection type is an important factor in analyzing IP address reputation, as some connection types can carry a higher risk associated with user behavior. Improve your company's defense against account origination fraud and malicious bot detection to easily mitigate or block suspicious activity. Learn more about detecting VPNs with IPQS as you check IPs.

"Connection Type" values include:

  • Mobile Connection — Identifies cellular connections from wireless and mobile service providers like AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Orange, Vodafone, etc.
  • Residential Connection — Identifies more static connections from change less frequently for home internet service providers like Comcast Cable, Cox Communications, Spectrum, AT&T, Verizon Fios, etc.
  • University/EDU Connections — Accurately recognize IP addresses from EDU campus locations including K12 and college or university campuses.
  • Data Center Connections — Tags higher risk IP addresses that originate from networks on data centers or hosting providers. These IPs are frequently associated with higher risk behavior and location spoofing.
  • Corporate Internet — Detect corporate VPNs, company egress IPs, and similar services like SASE solutions.

What Can an IP Address Lookup Reveal?

An IP details lookup can provide important details about the location of the user, helping companies restrict access to services for geo compliance. The connection type of an IP address is also helpful to better understand if the user is on a mobile connection, home internet service, school/university internet, corporate VPN, or a less desirable connection like a data center or hosting provider. This last group of connections are frequently associated with abusive VPNs or malicious IP addresses.

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Get More Information Checking IP Addresses

All of our IP lookup data is available as a standalone on-premise IP address database. Perform high concurrency lookups without sharing any user data, by deploying the IPQualityScore anonymous IP database, which enriches any IP address in real-time. View location, ISP, Organization, and over 20 data points relating to IP address intelligence.

Additional risk signals can also detect TOR exit nodes, VPNs, and anonymous proxy connections including more advanced techniques like botnets and residential proxies. Checking IPs is easy using a real-time IP address API or through our user dashboard, which can process lists or one-time IP address lookups.

What Is An IP Address?

An IP address, also known as "Internet Protocol", is a unique address that identifies a device on a network. This allows internet connectivity to flow between a user's device and larger networks that connect devices all over the world. An IP address is a virtual identifier that allows a device to communicate with websites and other applications online. Understanding details associated with an IP address lookup can provide better insight into user and payment quality originating from a connection online. IP lookup details can provide the location of the user, along with risk signals that identify if the user is a bot or malicious user.

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