User & Application Scoring

User Validation & Risk Analysis

IPQS User & Application Scoring service quickly determines if a user's personal information is valid and evaluates any potential risk associated with the user. Scan a user's complete profile from phone number, email & IP address to the device fingerprint for comprehensive risk analysis and user data validation. Detect bots, fake accounts, and fraudulent users.

Automate user verification with IPQS real-time data validation API built to decrease manual decision making for dating registrations, loan applications, lead generation, free trials, and new accounts across any industry.

Screen Applications & New User Registrations

IPQS data validation is built upon over 10 years of experience in verifying users for the most popular sites online. Confidently score your users without worrying about false-positives or inaccurate results. All of our algorithms are designed to produce precision results with machine learning models that continuously learn from your audience.

Identify malicious behavior patterns as users submit their information with device fingerprinting which detects bots and automated behavior among other suspicious patterns. Then perform deep user data validation to determine if the user's account details are accurate and deliverable. While most validation providers can verify account details, IPQS goes beyond this by detecting stolen and leaked user information, a tactic commonly used by cybercriminals.

Start Verifying Data

Streamline your onboarding process to verify new user data and validate applications in real-time with precision accuracy.

Intelligent Application Screening

Verify New Users

Quickly verify new sign ups and user registrations through your site with automated API requests that can block fake accounts and even help prevent duplicate accounts. Flag suspicious accounts for manual review or completely block them from signing up.

Bulk Process Applications

Upload files of your user data to batch process user validation. Standardize misformatted registration information and correct user typos to improve the value of your human data. Batch user screening can evaluate large lists of users in just a few minutes.

Tiered Low Cost Pricing

Filter accounts without impacting your budget - IPQS is over 10x less expensive than similar providers while offering better accuracy and more settings for greater scoring flexibility. Get more bang for your buck with fraud detection and data verification.

Precision Accuracy

Our machine learning algorithms are managed by the world's best data scientists to ensure enterprise grade data validation without false-positives. Get accurate results with every API request.

Improve Deliverability

Reach more users by email address, physical address, phone number and other contact forms. IPQS determines real-time results to indicate if details supplied by your users are accurate with corrected data provided whenever possible.

7 Day Support

IPQS helpful support team is available to assist every day of the week. Quickly setup user scoring without a tedious integration process. Documentation and coding examples are also available.

Improve User Data Hygiene

In 2019, over 32% of online accounts qualified as fake account fraud. Users are often in a hurry, quickly filling out forms without much regard to the accuracy of their data. IPQS can solve situations such as this where typos may occur as the user had good intent to supply accurate information. In other cases, users may try to circumvent registrations by using fraudulent user data, or even worse — may be attempting to use the real data of another user to appear legitimate.

By analyzing all data points with detailed user screening during the onboarding process, IPQS can perform comprehensive user verification across any region & industry. Perform real-time email address validation and phone verification to quickly gain insight into your users. Additional application details can also be scored with a simple API call including postal address validation. Thoroughly check each data point to isolate fraudulent users and invalid data.

Lead Scoring

Accurately filter out potential leads and sort by those with the most promising opportunity. Discard junk leads with inaccurate user data and unreachable profiles, such as disconnected phone numbers or invalid email addresses. Validate each lead with accurate email risk scores that can identify leads associated with fraud. Smart lead generation scoring by IPQS validates the user data but also provides risk insight to indicate if the details were fraudulently submitted, purchased from stolen data, or gathered by other illegitimate methods.

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Advanced User Validation

Intelligently Process New Users, Registrations, & Applications

lead scoring

Lead Scoring

real-time validation

Real-Time Validation

user data

Verify User Data

user validation

User Validation

User Validation

Improve the quality of your user data and standardize both old and new data with IPQS suite of user validation tools. Properly format physical addresses, ensure that email addresses are deliverable, confirm phone numbers are active, all while performing advanced reputation analysis to identify application data recently associated with fraudulent accounts. Score behavior & device information with IP address reputation analysis. By performing a mix of data validation and reputation scoring, your business is defended from fraudulent behavior & inaccurate information.

Prevent fake account registrations with complete protection against stolen user data, identity fraud, and fake user applications. IPQS provides easy APIs and tools that integrate directly into your registration or checkout paths to validate accounts.

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