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IPQS data breach search engine scans across the public and dark web to identify high risk credentials which have been exposed online. Use our free data breach checker tool to lookup exposed emails, passwords, and usernames in real-time. Query our data breach search API directly from your website or app — or bulk process CSV files through the IPQS platform. Newly leaked databases are quickly added by our automated data breach scanners online.

Confidently verify leaked data to prevent account takeover attacks (ATO), credential stuffing, digital impersonation, and similar abuse.

Search Data Breach Leaks

IPQualityScore's data breach checker service determines if a user's credentials or personal information are leaked online. Our data breach search engine determines if a query exists within our vast collection of leaked data databases exposed through cyber attacks, hacking, and compromised servers. Instantly query our Leaked Data API for leaked data verification in real-time, such as during registration, checkout, or login.

Search Billions of Leaked Credentials

IPQS' threat researchers import millions of newly compromised credentials from both public data breaches and private data leaks listed on the dark web. Access the most comprehensive data breach search technology to identify high risk credentials and suspicious behavior.

Data breach monitoring can detect company employees with compromised credentials from data leaks online. The IPQS data breach search engine checks email, password, or username against our vast database of leaked information. Receive a real-time response directly to your website, software, or app. Batch lookups can also be performed through the API or by uploading CSV files through the IPQS client dashboard. Data breach monitoring is a best practice for companies to prevent against ransomware, digital impersonation, account takeover, social engineering, and similar cyber attacks.

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Search the most advanced data leak database with the most comprehensive lists of leaked credentials.

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Check Your Data Against Our Vast Database Collections

IPQS Leaked Data Verification gathers the latest leaked data online into a simple, easy to use interface. Check your data against the most recent leaks and data breaches. Our team vigorously monitors known data sites and the Dark Web to ensure the most up to date accuracy.

Bulk Leaked Data Validation

Upload CSV files with your employee or user email addresses, passwords, or usernames to quickly determine if the data is publicly or privately listed online. Once a list is uploaded, it typically processes in just a few minutes.

Best Data List Hygiene

Verify leaked data with precision and never worry about false-positives. In our efforts to enhance accuracy and data quality, IPQS algorithms for processing leaked data are continuously updated to support newer cybercriminal methods and tactics.

Support From Leaked Data Validation Experts

Need help getting setup? IPQS is happy to assist with integration. A human point of contact will always be available for your account to ensure smooth sailing.

Detect Leaked Data

Fraudsters commonly use leaked data to gain something of value such as account access, free trials, downloads, content, & services. Bad actors online frequently use leaked data from data breaches in brute forcing, password spraying, and credential stuffing attacks. In addition to data breach monitoring, IPQS can also provide account takeover login detection to identify suspicious behavior and unauthorized account access.

IPQS provides a full suite of tools to identify cybercriminals and high risk users. Verify applications and registrations using IPQualityScore's new account fraud detection service to verify users are authentic. Then combine our IP address fraud scoring with leaked data verification to authenticate logins. Our technology can even detect very sophisticated fraud, such as financial institution ATO attacks against banks and credit unions.

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What Makes Our Leaked Data Verification Service Different?

Our leaked data verification technology is maintained by automated scanners which discover leaked credentials and data breaches online. IPQS has scanned over 3500 databases including personal information such as physical addresses, phone numbers, passwords, emails, and names. IPQS developed proprietary methods to access private leaks online which are not easily discoverable.

On-Premise Leaked Database Download

IPQS also supports businesses that cannot share sensitive data such as passwords and similar credential details. Contact IPQS to learn more about our downloadable data leak database, which contains billions of sensitive records exposed online. The on-premise data leak database file is updated weekly with the newest leaked records discovered online, available in multiple file formats including JSON, SQL, CSV, and TXT. The leaked credentials database is licensable for usage across WAF's, bot management platforms, and similar cybersecurity frameworks.

Bulk Leaked Data Checker

Use our bulk leaked data checker to process CSV files with user or employee data. Results are processed quickly within the IPQS dashboard and will display a downloadable report to verify which records are leaked online. We also recommend using our dark web search API to validate signups and logins in real-time.

Search credentials against the largest leaked database with support for data breaches containing email addresses, passwords, and usernames.

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