Dark Web Leak API Documentation

Dark Web Data API Search

Utilize the leaked data API to search through a wide collection of breached, stolen, and leaked databases from popular websites. Lookup email addresses, phone numbers, usernames, or passwords. Perform on-demand leaked data searches using our dark web data API.

Search Leaked Databases

The IPQS leaked data API searches dark web sources for compromised user data including emails, usernames, and passwords. Identify the breach source an date, such as "Experian", "T-Mobile", etc. New leaks are automatically found and uploaded into our database everyday.

Example Dark Web API URLs

The URLs below can be used to fetch the result using cURL or another utility in most languages.
make sure to replace "TYPE","YOUR_API_KEY_HERE" and "DATA".

where "TYPE" is either:

  1. email
  2. password
  3. username



NOTE: Do not share this key with anyone. It's like a password and can be used to make queries using our API.

Dark Web API JSON Success Response Example
JSON Error Response Example

Response Field Definitions

Below is a list of expected result fields for your query.

Example Code