Custom Integrations Documentation - Getting Started

IPQualityScore allows third party sites to integrate with our platform so that our shared users can manage their accounts and make queries from your site. Please review our current plugin list to see if an integration already exists for your CMS or software. This API allows you to request the following items on your user's behalf:

  • Proxy/VPN Detection API requests
  • Email Validation API requests
  • Device Fingerprint URL requests
  • Proxy, email and device fingerprint statistics
  • Available credits and credit usage
  • Usage graphs
  • Fraud reporting
  • Automatic login tokens

Using our integration system requires us to setup a special landing page for you on our site. We refer to this landing page as the "login URL" elsewhere in the documentation. Please contact the IPQualityScore support team by clicking here to get your unique login URL.

Usage Flow

Our system allows for your website to securely request an API key from users without having them understand the process. Below is a simple flow chart showing how authentication works and how you will end up authenticating with IPQualityScore. For more details checkout our authentication page to get started.

API Documentation Authentication