Custom Integrations - Magento 2.X Fraud Detection IPQS Integration Documentation

This Integration allows you to implement IPQualityScore's Tools into the Magento CMS system.

IPQualityScore's Magento 2.X Integration

Installing IPQualityScore's Magento 2.X Integration for complete protection to prevent chargebacks and ecommerce fraud.

Step - 1: Include the Magento plugin files into your directory

You'll need to download and extract the IPQualityScore Magento 2.X plugin files into the root directory of your Magento 2.X installation as seen below

Unzip File

NOTE: The ReadMe.txt has text-only documentation on installing IPQualityScore's Magento 2.X plugin

Step - 2: Disable Magento Content Security Policy

The IPQualityScore Magento 2.X plugin requires that you disable Magento's Content Security Policy to interact with our built-in statistics panel as seen below

Whilst in your Magento installation directory execute the following command: "php bin/magento module:disable Magento_Csp" and follow the instructions given as seen below

Magento Docs

Step - 3: flush your Magento 2.X Cache

Installing IPQualityScore's Magento 2.X plugin requires that you flush the cache of your Magento installation as seen below

Navigate to "Admin Panel > System > Cache Management"

Magento Cache

Step - 4: Logging in and granting IPQualityScore's Magento 2.X integration permission to your IPQualityScore API credentials as seen below

Once you've flushed your Magento 2.X cache you should see a new item at the side of your navigation bar within Magento 2.X. Navigate to "IPQualityScore > Dashboard" as seen below

Navigate to "Admin Panel > IPQualityScore > Dashboard"

Magento Login Example

Step - 5: Configurations within your new Magento 2.X plugin

Once you've successfully logged into IPQualityScore and allowed access to your IPQualityScore API credentials, you'll now be able to configure the plugin to your specifications as seen below

Navigate to "Admin Panel > IPQualityScore > IPQS Settings"

Magento Settings