Flat File IP Address Database Documentation Overview

Fast and Efficient Flat File IP Reputation & Geographic Databases

IPQualityScore offers a single file database engine that provides direct access to a copy of our entire IP address reputation database for on-premise deployment. This solution is perfect for organizations with high volume or concerns about sharing customer data with a third party IP intelligence solution. Enrich an IP address with risk signals as well as location, ISP/carrier details, connection type, and more.

The proxy detection database includes anonymous proxies, botnets, VPNs, TOR, and high risk IP addresses including residential proxies. The IPQS on-premise local IP database includes data from our threat intelligence feeds and all data points from our IP address reputation API.

Acquiring The Proxy/VPN Detection & IP Reputation Database

The IPQS IP address reputation database can be downloaded daily or pushed via SFTP to your servers.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of our on-premise proxy detection database file or learning more about this solution, please contact us.

Sample Database File

A sample database file to test with our reader classes is available here. The file is gzipped so please decompress it before use. The file contains an IPv4 and an IPv6 database. The IPv4 sample file contains the IP address. The IPv6 sample file contains the 2001:4860:4860::8844 IP address. The sample file has a SHA256 of d2e4e0e68c84ca69cdd51af22ba43be8fb29d1a20b2e02cfe66210d4bd9aedad.

File Validation & Usage

When downloading a full database file from IPQS using your API key, please validate the SHA256 of the tar.gz file against the digest header provided by the download. All flat file databases will have a digest header with a SHA256 sum to validate the integrity of the file. After validating the file, extract the tar.gz to access the IPQS database file.

What Makes Our IP Address Database Better Than Similar Solutions?
  • 25+ Data Points - Customize your database to include dozens of data points created from our various data sources in a single compressed file.
  • Lightning Fast Lookups - Detect residential proxies, compromised IP addresses, TOR nodes, and other malicious traffic in milliseconds without latency.
  • Daily Updates - Other providers limit how often they provide updates to just once a month or in some cases quarterly. IPQualityscore updates our data hourly with fresh reports.
  • Fraud Scores - Instantly identify fraudulent accounts & bad actors with our customizable scoring algorithms.
  • Real-Time Risk Analysis - Use risk signals from our IP address database during account registration, login, or even at checkout to improve fraud detection.

Proxy Detection Database

IPQS has built a variety of database readers to help you get started quickly. If you don't see your language feel free to contact us and request a reader for your specific language.

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