IPQS Fraud Prevention API Scoring Explained

Optimized for Worldwide Performance with GDPR Compliance & Superior Detection Rates

IPQS fraud prevention tools are well optimized to minimize abuse across any industry and any region. Join thousands of IPQS clients scoring over 1 billion clicks and hundreds of millions of transactions per day with our intelligent fraud detection algorithms. IPQS quickly pinpoints fraudulent behavior patterns across our threat network to blacklist stolen user data and compromised devices across every corner of the world.

IP Reputation Intelligence

Detect bots, proxies, VPNs, and TOR connections in addition to residential proxies and private botnets with over 10 years of cyberthreat technology. IPQS Proxy Detection service outperforms any other provider with 30%-40% better detection rates for high risk traffic.

Quick Overview
Abuse Velocity Explained
  • Customizable Settings — IPQS scoring adapts to your traffic to fit any audience or industry with over 10 scoring settings available.
  • Easy Fraud Scores — Fraud Scores >= 90 are the ideal threshold to consider users as high risk and block a click, registration, or transaction. Fraud Scores >= 85 are highly suspicious. You may find a better threshold or more ideal conditions using a mix of the Fraud Score, Connection Type, Recent Abuse, & Bot Status data points.
  • Detect Bots & Residential Proxies — Easily identify bots with the "bot_status" data point. Detect abusive connections and devices reported in the past few days across our threat network when "recent_abuse" is true.
  • Intelligent Data with Fraud Fusion™ & Dark Data™ — IPQS proprietary honeypots and traps detect high risk traffic, botnets, and compromised devices across every niche of the Internet, including the dark web. Additionally, IPQS analyzes billions of clicks per day to detect anomalies. Thousands of clients including the Internet's most popular sites feed important data back into our ecosystem to identify fraudulent behavior.
  • Minimize False-Positives — All of our algorithms are designed to maximize the user experience without impacting legitimate users. We stop bots, not humans!
Proxy & VPN Detection API Documentation
Sample JSON API Response
Have Transaction or User Info?

Expand IP reputation checks by also scoring phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, registration data, and transaction details all with 1 simple API lookup. Learn more about transaction scoring.

Payment & Transaction Scoring
Sample JSON API Response with User & Transaction Scoring
Email Validation and Reputation Scoring

Intelligently analyze email addresses to cleanse emails for marketing and lead scoring. Identify disposable and abusive email addresses to quickly validate user actions such as registrations, purchases, and applications with IPQS Email Validation API.

Quick Overview
  • Supports Any Mail Provider — Provides 99.9% accuracy for validation with any mail service provider across all regions.
  • Advanced Spam Trap Detection — Identify mail boxes that should be suppressed to avoid blacklisting and penalties for your domain/IP reputation.
  • Detect Disposable & Abusive Emails — Detect disposable emails and temporary mail services commonly used for fraudulent behavior. IPQS blacklists new services faster than any other provider.
  • Deep Reputation Checks — Perform machine learning analysis to identify abusive patterns and email addresses that have recently engaged in fraud across the IPQS threat network.
  • Easy User Validation — Quickly validate user applications and registrations with automatic email validation and reputation checks.
Email Validation API Documentation
Sample JSON API Response
Device Fingerprinting and Bot Detection

Score over 300 data points to analyze user behavior and intent in real-time to verify clicks, logins, registrations, purchases, and similar action points with advanced Device Fingerprinting. Uncover bad behavior such as emulators, device and location spoofing, bots, and much more.

Quick Overview
  • Bot Fingerprinting — Accurately detect human-like bots, non-human traffic, and automated behavior without penalizing legitimate users.
  • Track Duplicate Users & Device Switching — Device IDs make it easy to track identical devices across your site or app and identify duplicate users.
  • Detect Emulators and Device Spoofing — Detect even the stealthiest bots and device spoofing techniques commonly used for fake accounts, installs, and purchases.
  • Analyze High Risk Behavior — Search thousands of high risk behavior patterns to identify malicious intent and prevent fraudulent actions.
  • Simple JavaScript or SDK Integration — Install IPQS fingerprinting tools with a simple JavaScript tag or use our SDK for mobile apps.
Device Fingerprinting API Documentation
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