Custom Integrations - Refresh Secret Authentication Tokens Documentation

You can request a fresh API secret for a given user by calling the refresh API. This will generate and return a new API secret which you can use to make future requests. It is encouraged that you refresh periodically or whenever you have reason to believe your user's API secret is compromised.

Calling Refresh

Request Parameters
Parameter Description Example Value / Format
key Your site's domain or the domain that requested this integration. REQUIRED
secret Your user's current secret created during the authentication process. REQUIRED char(128)


Note: Only JSON responses are available from this API and this API should ONLY be called server side for security reasons.
Parameter Description Example Value / Format
message Description of the status of this call. May contain errors if errors exist. text
success Boolean result of if the request was successful or not. boolean
secret The user's new secret created by this request and used for all future authentication. char(128)
Example Code