Custom Integrations - Retrieving Request Results By ID

This API endpoint allows you to retrieve results from previously requested Email Validation, Device Fingerprint and Proxy Detection API endpoints using the request_id from the original request. This allows you to store the request_id from any given API lookup and retrieve the results again at a later date.

Fetching Requests By ID


Request Parameters
Parameter Description Example Value / Format
key Your site's domain or the domain that requested this integration. REQUIRED
secret Your user's current secret created during the authentication process. REQUIRED char(128)
request_id The Request ID for the original API request. REQUIRED string


The result from this API should match up to the original request's result and will either be a Email Validation result, Proxy Check result or Device FingerPrint result. For detailed examples of the expected outputs for these result types check out the Email Validation, Device Fingerprint and Proxy Detection respectively. It's generally recommended to use the HTML version when displaying results to administrators in your application and to use the JSON version for additional background processing at a future date. The HTML version will come in a pre-formatted table similar to the screenshot below:

Example Code