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Use the IPQS free phone validation tool to verify phone numbers with 99.9% accuracy to check if a phone number is real and active. Lookup any phone number with international phone validation that enables worldwide coverage. Retrieve important phone number reputation data points such as risk scoring, carrier name, line type (VOIP, landline, cellular), or status as a disposable phone number. Deep ping checks directly with carriers identify connected and disconnected lines to check if a number is real.

Upon performing a phone validation check, the phone reputation is also searched against abuse reports, spam, and reputation history across the IPQS threat network. Numbers associated with recent account sign up fraud are automatically blacklisted.

Free Phone Number Validator

Check any phone number to see if it's real and actively in service.

Integrate the Phone Validation API or Upload a Bulk CSV List

Validating phone numbers for registrations, payments, marketing lists, and overall user verification (such as AML/KYC) is an industry best practice to ensure your user data is accurate and up to date. Phone number verification also has an added benefit of limiting abusive behavior such as fake duplicate accounts and abuse from credit card chargebacks.

Verifying phone numbers can be performed with the IPQS phone number validation API which includes example code to make integration a breeze. Perform bulk phone number validation by uploading lists through the user dashboard in CSV format. Affordable pricing and enhanced lookup details provide better data and reputation insight than similar phone number verification services.

Detect disconnected phone numbers and check if a phone number is active, all with one simple API lookup. Improve user data and lead quality with accurate phone number lookups that check carrier and prepaid status. Identify if the phone number line type is a landline, mobile/cellular, or VOIP.

Learn about IPQS Phone Validation

How Does Phone Number Validation Work?

Upon searching with the phone number validator tool above, IPQS will automatically lookup the number against the country's number routing rules. A quick syntax check is performed to ensure the phone number is properly formatted and then matched against active line types. Once a match is found, the carrier details are retrieved and further analysis can be performed. Using data directly from the carrier (with direct carrier relations in over 75 countries), subscriber information and line status can be identified. At this point, it's possible to determine if the phone number is real, based on an active line connection or disconnected phone number status. Additional phone number reputation checks are performed to analyze abusive history. The phone number validation service can also identify a temporary or disposable phone number frequently used by fraudsters. Quickly analyze users and score leads with an overall phone risk score calculated for every number.

Using the phone verification tool in real time to verify phone numbers is a great way to analyze user quality or perform lead scoring. Ensuring This can be taken a step further for additional reputation checks with email address validation and proxy and VPN detection, for complete user verification.

What Phone Validation Lookup Data Is Available?

Using either the phone verification API or bulk phone number validation processing will return the number's associated country, dialing code, carrier name, line type, prepaid status, risk score, and overall validity as true or false. This makes validating phone numbers an easy process which can identify invalid or disconnected phone numbers that likely represent a fraudulent user with an inactive phone number.

Our partnerships with telecom carrier data enables our phone number validation tool to validate phone numbers across all regions, making it easy to validate phone numbers with excellent coverage rates. Geographic data can also be supplied from the phone validator tool such as city, state, region, time zone, and country. Additionally, retrieve do not call (DNC) opt-in status and enable TCPA scrubbing for your phone number lists.

Lookup Any Phone Number, Check Active Subscriber Status & Line Type

Validating phone numbers also includes line type detection and carrier lookup details. IPQS phone number verification provides insight into the true quality of the user by detecting invalid phone numbers and the subscriber status. Some carriers, especially among ported numbers or prepaid plans, can represent higher risk.

The IPQS phone validator tool will identify VOIP numbers since they are inherently riskier than wireless/cellular and landline numbers. IPQS phone number verification also provides access to millions of individual phone numbers which have been blacklisted due to excessive abuse, spam calls, and suspicious behavior patterns. Reverse number lookups can also expand these checks by providing the owner's name and details with a reverse identity check.

HLR Lookups & LRN/Carrier Checks

For most advanced telecom and voice users that want to verify phone numbers, we recommend our HLR lookup service & LRN phone data that can provide direct carrier details for number routing. Roaming status, carrier lookups, and line type checks, even for ported numbers, are fully available for most countries. Carrier lookups can provide important information for call routing, marketing compliance against litigators, lead scoring, and risk analysis. Phone number verification data can help verify a phone number is active and calculate an accurate phone number risk score based on recent reputation.

The mobile number active status can also be retrieved using more advanced telecom carrier data, which is available on request. Please contact our support team to learn more.

How To Check If Phone Number Is Active?

Active phone numbers and phone number reputation can play an important role in identity verification. To check if a phone number is real or active in service, use the phone number lookup tool above. The phone number validator will use real-time carrier data with support for over 150 countries, to ping the carrier and check if the subscriber is active to detect disconnected numbers and subscribers which have been suspended or cancelled their service. If the "active" phone number field displays "true", then the number is real, reachable, and currently in-service.

Active statuses can frequently change due to number porting. VOIP phone numbers carry a greater risk for disconnections or being directed to a voicemail greeting. The phone number validation tool incorporates these data points into the overall results, which are backed by direct phone data from major telecoms. Lookup further phone data details in real-time including "active" status using the phone number validation API, which can detect invalid phone numbers or suspicious lines.

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