How to Detect Google Voice & VoIP Virtual Numbers

Detect and prevent virtual phone numbers like Google Voice and anonymous VoIP digital numbers, which are frequently used for chargebacks, fraudulent behavior, and fake accounts.

Detect Google Voice & Virtual (VoIP) Numbers

How to detect Google Voice numbers is a trending search as their use among spammers and scammers are on the rise, and if you want to detect Google voice numbers to protect you or your business, we are the solution you need as our service allows users to detect Google voice numbers with ease and speed through real-time API lookups or batch bulk lookups.

Second to Google Voice, virtual VoIP numbers are a popular alternate among fraudsters and scammers, and if you are one of the millions of people that receive sketchy or spammy calls from these fly-by-night numbers, you can keep them at bay and off your line with our tool that lets you detect VOIP numbers with accuracy.

Identify virtual numbers and negate risk and scams with IPQS at your side, we are an industry-leading fraud-prevention and detection service that enables you to detect virtual numbers or other high risk phone numbers.

Fraudulent users frequently use virtual phone numbers so they can verify their account for account registration and verifying payment details. IPQS offers a suite of tools to prevent fraudulent account sign ups and fraudulent chargebacks.

Detect Google Voice Numbers

Detect Google Voice numbers with ease using our API that lets you validate phone numbers in no time.

Our phone validation service can identify Google Voice numbers and displays them in an easy-to-read report such as ‘line_type=Google Voice’, enabling you to save time and detect sketchy numbers.

Detect Google Voice and VoIP Numbers

How to Detect VoIP Virtual Numbers

If you've wondered "how to see if a number is a VOIP number, virtual, or real number" then IPQS is the perfect solution that can prevent virtual numbers from being used during registration or checkout. IPQS phone number intelligence allows users to detect VoIP numbers and identify virtual numbers with no hassle or headache using our cutting-edge, real-time number-detection solutions that enable us to provide accurate line type classification along with advanced ‘fraud score’ risk assessments.

Detecting VOIP numbers is easier than ever with IPQS as we show these numbers in a clean and simple, easy-to-digest report and are tagged with ‘line_type=VOIP’ for easy identification; swift reports, timely client support, and reliable validation is the core of our service that puts accuracy atop our priority list.

Validating users by their phone number is a simple yet useful way to determine the quality of users and transactions, and since phone verification is often considered the best first line of defense for reducing fraud and fake users, our VOIP number detection service can save you time and help deter costly risks. Other checks like reverse number lookups can help identify a name or identity associated with a phone number with our data appending service.

International Phone Risk and Validation Scoring

Verify phone numbers and detect Google Voice numbers with our phone number verification service that performs hundreds of syntax and reputation checks, it can verify a phone number from all origins and countries, and with speed and accuracy so you can spend less time detecting and more on growth.

Detect virtual numbers and employ IPQS to your defense to enjoy a range of perks, with us, you can:

  • See if a number has been ported or disconnected and see if it has an active carrier connection.

  • Enjoy accurate phone number intelligence and see if a number is formatted properly with proper syntax.

  • Bundle other services for maximum risk deterrence, such as email validation, email risk scoring, and VPN/proxy detection solutions.

  • Assess risk reputation, view abusive behavior history, and detect disposable lines and numbers, such as VOIP, Google Voice, and other SMS services.

Deploy Virtual Number Detection in Minutes

Detect Google Voice numbers and employ IPQS to your defense to safeguard you or your business.

Avoid the Risks of Google Voice Scams with IPQS at Your Defense

In the modern era, online and phone call scams run rampant, and while you may have heard of "warranty" scams or other types that often make the news, you may not be familiar with how Google Voice scams work or the methods in which you can protect yourself from them, let us enlighten you.

Google Voice scams are a real issue and are more common than one might think.

According to the Theft Resource Center and Federal Bureau of Investigation, nearly half of all received complaints are Google Voice scams though what is the Google Voice scam and what risks are imposed on those that fall victim to it?

What is Google Voice? Google Voice is a free app that lets users send and receive texts or phone calls using a digital phone number, which can forward texts or calls to another number.

It issues users a virtual number that must be tied to a real phone, of which, will receive the calls or texts the virtual number receives as Google Voice sends all incoming calls or texts to the phone that is linked.

Google Voice numbers can be used for free and like a physical phone which is why criminals like Google Voice as they are not only free of cost but virtual and nearly untraceable, which makes it easier for them to hide their identity and mask their location when conducting their clever but avoidable and detectable scams.

Here is how the Google Voice code scam works:

Scammers visit online marketplaces like OfferUp, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace though one trend among scammers is their targeting of those that lost a pet in which they will claim to have found the cat or dog and need you to verify the code they have sent to your phone before returning the animal to you.

Scammers call or text the number in the listing and inform the poster they are interested in the item or product but first need to have a code sent to their phone. If they get the code from the poster, they can then use the Google Voice number to scam and shift risks of the scams to the owner of the phone (you.)

Avoiding Google Voice scams is important as scammers that employ this scam successfully can:

  • Scam friends and family using your number.

  • Harvest sensitive info or data to steal your identity.

  • Bypass two-factor authentication on your accounts.

  • Establish new accounts using your name or number.

  • Compromise your online accounts via verification codes.

  • Commit crimes that can be traced and linked back to you.

VOIP & Google Voice Phone Validator

Detect Google Voice numbers with our phone validation service that is optimized to get accurate results from virtual numbers and phone line carriers worldwide; no matter the number, we can track it. Real-time VOIP virtual number detection can identify high risk phone numbers that indicate high risk applications, users, or payments.

Use our phone validation service and entrust our team that is always on standby to monitor validation rates to ensure users receive the best service and support the industry has to offer.

Bulk VOIP & Google Voice Detection

Validate numbers in bulk to verify phone numbers at once with the ability to monitor reputation analysis using Google Voice detection and virtual number identification. So how do we detect anonymous VoIP numbers? IPQS maintains the largest blacklist for VoIP numbers worldwide, including for services like, Onvoy, and Google Voice. In addition to phone numbers, you can also score an IP address or enable email address risk detection.

Budget-Friendly, No-Compromise Solutions

Whether you need to identify VOIP numbers or detect Google Voice numbers, do so with IPQS as we are a contract-free service and offer phone validation services at rates costing up to ten times less than industry competitors, whom of which can only strive to meet the level of service and support we extend.

Fresh & Accurate Data

Avoid false-positives and inaccurate results with our machine-learning algorithms that are overseen by a team of data scientists that score numbers using proven methods and practices; stellar support is our service, reliable data and results are our product, detect VOIP and Google Voice numbers with us today. This provides accurate phone number lookups for any country.

Risk Analysis & Phone Reputation

Detect Google Voice numbers, identify VOIP numbers, and detect any other type of number that has engaged in high-risk behaviors with our real-time phone number fraud detection for fake accounts, chargebacks, and fake user details.

Millions of user data points are scanned by our algorithm each day and any number that has a history of abusive behavior is blacklisted from our network right away, users also enjoy the ability to retrieve LRN carrier lookups and HLR lookup details as this displays the first and last name that is on the plan with the carrier.

Phone Validation Integration Support & Assistance

Detect virtual VOIP lines and Google Voice numbers with the help of our team that can help you upload files and setup the IPQS phone validation API. If you would like the aid of our team, feel free to reach out and we will get you setup for scoring users and numbers. You're only regret will be that you did not find our solutions sooner.

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