ReCaptcha Alternative For Bot Detection Form Protection

Captcha alternatives can provide a better user experience with much better precision at detecting sophisticated bot behavior and unwanted traffic. Stop high risk users, bot form submissions, and abusive behavior that can easily bypass captchas.

Are your landing pages or web forms being attacked by bots? Are Google Recaptcha and other Captcha services still allowing bot traffic? You are not alone. Let's explore Recaptcha alternatives that can accurately detect bots and even prevent bots from submitting forms without using a captcha solution.

Google Recaptcha Alternatives For Bot Detection

captcha alternative bot detection

Most of the internet's more sophisticated fraudsters can easily bypass captchas. In a previous article we've discussed how to prevent bots from submitting forms. In this article, we'll be covering easy solutions for captcha alternatives with more effective results at detecting bots.

Using a mixture of IP address reputation and device fingerprinting, IPQS can accurately detect bot traffic with nearly 100% hit rates, without interfering in the user experience for your legitimate traffic.

Seamless Bot Detection to Replace Captchas

Traditional bot detection involves prompting puzzles and challenges to almost every user, which can drastically reduce the user experience, hurt bounce rates, and even the desire for users to return at a future time to the website. Unlike captchas which need to interact with almost every user to verify if they are a real human, IPQS bot mitigation tools process in the background without any challenge or request to the user. Signals and indicators about the user's behavior can indicate if a user is automatically browsing the site, engaging in non-human behavior, or even on a high risk IP address such as a data center, proxy, or VPN connection.

This alternative approach to captchas calculates a risk score that's shared with your website. Based on that value, you can choose an appropriate action, such as redirecting the user, blocking the user, disabling the form submission, and much more. The IPQS bot detection API can return the risk score in JSON or XML format directly to your backend, so the user never sees this score. Users are also completely unaware they are being profiled and scored since this process is completely behind the scenes.

More Captcha Alternatives

While we've discussed a proactive approach above to preventing bots without the ability for bad actors to bypass captchas, there are other solutions which can process the form data submitted by a bot. For example, a registration form previously protected by a captcha, may allow anyone to submit an email address, password, phone number, name, message, and similar content.

Pieces of the form data can be analyzed to detect if a bot has submitted the form. The email address can be scored through an easy API to process email risk analysis. Bots like to use disposable email addresses or even completely fake email addresses to satisfy basic email validation requirements. IPQS can easily detect fraudulent emails while also detecting fake phone numbers and virtual numbers using our phone validation solution.

Replace Captchas With an Alternative for Bot Detection

Can I Prevent Forms From Bots With a Captcha Alternative?

It's actually a much easier task to detect bots submitting forms than it seems. Using our suite of tools to prevent fake users IPQS can score IP reputation and device behavior before the user submits a form. Once the form is submitted, the data that the user has submitted can be analyzed through a variety of tools to identify non-human behavior, fake data, and invalid emails or phone numbers.

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