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Shopify Bot Protection Blocks Bots with Leading Accuracy Rates

Is your Shopify ecommerce store suffering from bad bots? With IPQS, you can allow good bots from search engines and verified crawlers to access your site while blocking Shopify bots that place fake orders, register fake users, and impact your marketing budgets.

Shopify bot protection verifies every visitor to determine if they are a legitimate human consumer browsing your site or a malicious bot. Check human like browsing patterns and use the latest device fingerprinting techniques to detect bots with fake signatures or headless browsers. Shopify bot prevention works best when our plugin is also analyzing the IP reputation of each visitor, so risky connections like proxies and VPNs can be blocked.

Shopify Bot Protection

  • Block Shopify bots and stop competitors from hurting your store's revenue.
  • Perform advanced email risk scoring and deep phone reputation checks to verify users & orders.
  • Detect even the most complicated Shopify bots that mimic human behavior patterns.
  • Allow legitimate users to access your site while deploying Shopify bot protection across your entire store.
Enable Shopify Bot Detection

Additional Protection from Shopify Chargebacks

In addition to proven Shopify bot detection, this plugin will also make it easy to verify payments in real-time and detect suspicious behavior during checkout with Shopify chargeback prevention. Everyday, IPQS scores millions of transactions with chargeback prevention, designed to screen payments in over 180 countries.

Stop bots and competitors from harassing your site with easy bot protection for Shopify ecommerce stores. Once the IPQS plugin is activated for your Shopify store, the service will instantly filter bots and bad actors from accessing your site.

Protect Shopify PPC Campaigns From Bots & Click Fraud

If competitors are causing headaches on your site with malicious bots, they are likely targeting your PPC campaign budgets as well. In addition to protecting your Shopify store from bots, you can also deploy click fraud prevention for your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. Block fake clicks and malicious bots from wasting your ad budgets with invalid traffic.

Easy Shopify Plugin Setup

Adjust available settings directly in the WHMCS plugin to control behavior and scoring settings. Additional settings for payment screening can be adjusted through your IPQS account.

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Setup Shopify bot protection for your ecommerce store with just a few clicks. Sign up on IPQS to link your account with your Shopify storefront.

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